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Is there any progress made to this, dunno if maki has seen this but hopefully this can be worked on.

Got this working, had to change fire cross ability under ability commands in doomtrain by ticking the second bottom box and second last bottom box unknown flags same as renzokuken, then changed squalls limit I’d under character tab to 17 (fire cross) this allows me to select fire cross and he does the limit without having sub menu (where u click no mercy)

WIP / Re: Ff8 steam (2013) Seifer mod
« on: 2023-06-02 00:43:49 »
Got this all working have a playable Seifer in squalls place just need to edit file to add Seifers model to other fields and it will be finished.

WIP / Ff8 steam (2013) Seifer mod
« on: 2023-05-31 20:24:23 »
Sup everybody, I’m currently working on a mod to change squall to seifer, I have changed all models of squall and weapons to Seifers, and his portrait, though he still uses squalls sound effects and renzokuken limit. Anyone know how I might change his limit and or sound effects to Seifers.
I’ve tried using doomtrain editor to change his limit to Seifers but can’t change renzokuken through it.

Hi there hope someone can help, im trying to change squalls limit renzokuken to Seifers no mercy but only way I can do so is by changing limit ID under character tab to Seifers (17) but when I try using it in game I can select fire cross but doesn’t let me select no mercy (nothing shows up) hope I’ve explained it correctly.

General Discussion / Re: Ff8 steam Seifer battle model
« on: 2023-05-28 23:46:50 »
Figured this out -I renamed Seifers battle model file and weapon to squalls 2 models and all weapons and it worked lol he even does renzokuken as his limit ( though there’s only his weapon when performing it) only thing is he still has squalls sound effect and portrait. Thank u myst6re 🙏

There’s is a breakdown on wiki page for file but i can’t for the life of me figure out what offsets I need to copy.

General Discussion / Ff8 steam Seifer battle model
« on: 2023-05-25 21:23:52 »
Sup everybody, looking for a more permanent battle model character change, I know u can change battle characters through hyne editor but if I change squall to Seifer, whenever he leaves party and rejoins (when changed to another character) he goes in the inactive party members.
Also during the dream sequence the game will crash if squalls body is changed to another character. I would like to create a mod with a squall Seifer swap don’t know if this is possible. Any help is much appreciated :)

Releases / Re: FF7 Sephiroth mod and Zack mod with extras
« on: 2023-05-25 13:03:34 »
Ok so a little list of people to credit for there work.
Got the Zack field model from Pierre jsn  on nexus mods.
Zack portrait was from Amaranth-sparrow on deviant art.
The dyne portrait was done by me with help from pfs kun on deviant art.
I edited all field models of all characters.
Dyne, Reno, Rude, and Rufus battle models are from Jeets psx sephiroth and shinra mod, ported over by grimmy to pc version.
I created the Zack model but Quid? hex edited all the battle animations so big shout out to him.
Last but certainly not least a MASSIVE shout out to sega chief who showed me how to do ALL of this, wouldn’t have done it without him, Thanks Sega!!

Releases / Re: FF7 Sephiroth mod and Zack mod with extras
« on: 2023-05-25 12:41:08 »
Here is a link to qhimm discord server where bonez has created a category for my mods.

Releases / FF7 Sephiroth mod and Zack mod with extras
« on: 2023-05-24 21:05:13 »
Hi all just sharing a couple of mods ive put together with alot of help from Sega Chief and  Quid?.
first iro sephiroth mod is a cloud replacement with battle model and feild model changed to sephiroth with all sephiroths animations.
Second is a Zack mod with cloud changed to zack with soldier first class animations (all hex edited by Quid?) with a few extra character changes added in (dyne, reno, rude, and rufus) with battle models and all feilds changed.

Ok so seems u have to extract a file from a field with the character u want to use then hex edit the character and animations from one file to all the others u want that character model to be. I’m unsure what hex to take and add though.Also don’t know how animations would work for a character replacement.

Did u ever find out how to do this? I would also like to know how to do this for a character replacement mod?

Support / Re: FF8 Character Portraits Fuji Raijin
« on: 2023-05-19 21:35:46 »
U still needing these portraits done?

aw thats crap, im sure there would be some way to do it though, maybe it just a certain part of it cause i made a mistake with my rude to cait sith for one weapon on 1 digit and it was a magic attack sound, dunno which 1 though.

In proud clod enemy’s have 4 digits for there impact sound I just used the last 2
Vincent’s shotgun is the same as Rufus attack sound and animation

Thank u Quid I will try it out myself, I’ve never done it before but as u say I won’t learn if I don’t try,
As for the enemy attack sounds, I copied the impact sound of soldier 1st doom sword from proud clod and put it in my Zack attack sound through wall market editor and it works  :-D
Thank u quid uve been a real good guy to me really appreciate everything.

Oh and 1 more question, do u know if it’s possible to give playable characters enemy attack sound effects and hit marker/Tex?
I know I can edit player character weapons through wall market editor but don’t know how to add enemy sound effects only player character ones

I’ve also put together a Zack mod with the Zack u created, it has a few other surprise characters added and I’ve edited the flevel for said characters, would u like me to send u it, would love to give u something for everything uve done.

Well if u ever do complete ur sephiroth I would love to use him in my mod I’m using imperus sephiroth in my mod by meesbaker but with normal sephiroth model not coatless but uses clouds limits with no animations everything else is good I think.

Ah so it will make it easier for u to mod, that’s awesome m8 so uve been making it harder for urself this whole time by doing it manually lol I have something else to ask u, did u ever make a sephiroth battle mod, I have a version and I’ve edited every field in the f level to change cloud into real sephiroth with animations.

Oh does this mean u could do the animation of enemy’s exactly the same?

No problem quid and what does this mean could do some stuff u thought u couldn’t inside ab file?
N yeh uve been modding like a maniac, the amount uve done while still going to ur job is crazy lol
N well I’m glad I motivated u cause no one else could do what uve done I think, I couldn’t find anyone to do hexing until u, and I searched lol

I have a better body for Zack I can send u too if u want, I just like the soldier first body cause it looks old school lol

Yeh I made the Zack head with help from sega chief through kimera, it’s the Zack field model hair attached to the Kaldarasha Zack head I think but it could be better sega showed me how to go about doing it by deleting textures from field model head. N amazing stuff quid, uve been modding non stop for over a week I think lol I look forward to it, I wake up and look for ur messages LOL

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