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It's gorgeous. And I love new icons for status defense and elemental defense!

IMHO, maybe could be a good idea to also add 2-3 letters text below icons for junction and status. It's not immediately clear what an icon is for, if you are not a FF8 "pro"
For example, you could add a tiny "str" below the arm icon in Status screen, and "hp" below that heart icon in Junction screen.

Or maybe not below, but above or inside the icon. For example, the "HP" text could be inside the heart icon, instead of below.

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VIII - Graphical Update Mod (WIP)
« on: 2019-02-13 16:08:22 »
Pretty sure you already know it, but I report it anyways.

The (not so) Beautiful people of Deling City
Spoiler: show

I agree with Merglasch. Tbh, I thought it worked that way also on vanilla game, but after his post, and after some gameplay footage I watched, I realized my modded FF8 has huge text boxes. Way too much. Both in battles and dialogues.
Probably, is an inevitable cons for have interface retexture.

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VIII - Graphical Update Mod (WIP)
« on: 2019-01-31 16:08:53 »
If you still need other language files, and can kinldy explain what files I have to send you, or how extract by myself, just say it.

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VIII - Graphical Update Mod (WIP)
« on: 2019-01-31 12:55:46 »
I have no idea tbh, I just take this stuff one day at a time, and I clearly don't work on it every day, then the next I might work on it non-stop for 2-3 days. If you locate a screen that is clearly broken, especially game-breaking. Making me aware of something like that I would likely look into it and try to fix it asap, I would react similarly for a screen that is clearly not done well and you see it all the time, and it's just driving you nuts. I would look into fixing that one as well as long as someone complains about it. But as for setting a 'date' for anything, I have no intentions for anything like that.

I'm not so much into the game, and the problems encountered are things you already know.
The missing support for non-english languages
And the "wrinkle" effect on some backgrounds, like the one here (I suggest to see the image in fullscreen).
Spoiler: show

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VIII - Graphical Update Mod (WIP)
« on: 2019-01-30 20:08:22 »
wow that's pretty cool, thanks for posting this for me :)
You're welcome. Any update planned in the next few days?

Hello, Mcindus. I have a little problem. I have Antimicro tool, and so I'm using HID version of Xbox setup.
The game still shows generic button prompts, called 1, 2, 3, and so on... This until I press something.
If I press a button on my controller, then it shows the retexture with Xbox buttons. But when I release the button, generic prompts comes back.

To summarize: game shows Xbox buttons ONLY in the time I'm pressing a button on the controller.

Obviously I'm using latest Tonberry and italian version of SeeD Reborn. I also tried to use the hashmap in the archive of this mod, but without success.

EDIT: I tried Main version of your mod, and it works better. Xbox prompts are showed also if I don't press a button.
The only problem, is the infamous A+R shown together.
And it doesn't show LT and RT triggers. In the HID version, are showed as L and R stick. In the Main version, aren't showed at all.

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VIII - Graphical Update Mod (WIP)
« on: 2019-01-28 19:15:06 »
As long as that list of files you gave me is accurate, and I have no reason to think it isn't, then it's really just a matter of collecting the files together, they won't take too long to upscale. I just gotta set a couple of hours aside to do it is all.
Yes, just these files and an hashmap for italian, but I guess we can use the one from Project AW.

I wanted to help you with vanilla italian texture files, but I can't find them. In my "textures" folder there are only modded files. So I suppose vanilla files are encrypted and compressed elsewhere.

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VIII - Graphical Update Mod (WIP)
« on: 2019-01-28 18:30:08 »
Ya, it's likely the first thing I'll try. Aside from some quiet hero lurking in the background who suddenly posts the files for me to just 'click' on like you did showing me which files to change, I can't think of any other method to get what I want atm and I'm assuming at this point that my 'hero' card has already been pulled and likely won't see another. But, if that fails, I'll have no choice but to wait patiently and rely on the generosity of someone else to post the files I need.
Really, it takes less than 5 mins to download with Steam.
Even if I want to help, I don't even know how to find and/or extract these original files

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VIII - Graphical Update Mod (WIP)
« on: 2019-01-28 17:30:49 »
Oh thanks, I was about to do the exact same thing actually, still waiting on the downloads to complete. Unfortunately it still doesn't help with the fact that I don't have the original files which I'll need to do the upscale on. I can resize these ones, but they'll be 'off' probably.
IMHO, the faster way to have original files, is to change game language on Steam. It downloads about 400mb of files every time you change language. It's not so much if you have a decent connection

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VIII - Graphical Update Mod (WIP)
« on: 2019-01-28 17:14:47 »
I compared all files in "textures" folder of version ENG and ITA, of Project AW, with an app called WinMerge, and here you can see the results.
In the folder BG, you can see there are a lot of subfolders with ALL different files between the 2 versions.
In the folder EC, there are only 2 subfolders with different files. I don't know why 2 files are greyed
In the folder TE, there is just 1 subfolder with 1 different file.

That's it. They should be the only different files between English and Italian version. And, of course, the added hashmap for italian version, and you can find it in italian version of Project AW.

Spoiler: show

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VIII - Graphical Update Mod (WIP)
« on: 2019-01-28 16:11:41 »


Yes, the signs and signposts in the game, are localized for every language the game supports.
Oddly, even installing only English version of Project Angel Wing, and your mod, I still have italian signs. So they are not overwrited from texture files of Tonberry.
You can see attached images in the spoiler. In full screen, They are much more blocky and pixelated than they looks in these pics.
You should ask FatedCourage, the author of Project AngelWing. He managed to retexture signs for every language. In fact, his mod is available in different languages.
I'm not an expert of modding, but maybe you can download English and Italian version of Project AngelWing, and just compare the archives to see what are the differences.

Spoiler: show

Using Project AngelWing italian hashmap, things are a little bit better, but there is this glitch here.
Spoiler: show

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VIII - Graphical Update Mod (WIP)
« on: 2019-01-28 12:18:32 »
Looks like they finally approved it.

GUM v0.0b Download
Yes, thanks, it's a very huge improvement compared to other, still gorgeous, similar mods.

I just wonder if I can play with italian texts, but english ingame signs.
I tried different combos with your mod + angel wing eng/ita textures and meshes, and seems I just have 2 options:
italian blurred signs or, deleting angel wing ita mesh, I have english hd signs but with some glitches, like the menu in the main hall of the Garden.

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VIII - Graphical Update Mod (WIP)
« on: 2019-01-27 20:46:18 »
Still not approved on Nexus :/ But they have 1000 skyrim mods per hour, to be approved, so....

Hey man! Great job! I would like to know if you need some help in order to release your italian version of the mod. I'm not familiar with tomberry or hashmaps (I learn quickly if needed) but I'm good with Photoshop if you want.
^ ^
Congratulations again, hold on!

It's coming very soon. Just wait a few years.

You can probably use this with the older version of Tonberry just fine.  It uses the same codes and textures folders as SeeDReborn.  Just make sure you install SeeDReborn FIRST before you install the XBOX mod.  If you have continuing issues with the text or mods in the game, you can delete/reinstall the sy folder from SeeDReborn and then apply this mod.  Currently, only the 'newer' versions of Tonberry are compatible with other languages other than English.
I don't use SeeD Reborn, because it's not in italian, but I tried to use just the SeeD Reborn hashmap file, and now it works also on Tonberry 2.04.

The Steam version of Final Fantasy VIII has some annoying features, that force you to use keyboard/mouse also when you use a controller.
- Just after you push "play", you have to skip an epilepsy warning screen.
- When the game is launched, you have a screen about control binding, and you have to press X on keyboard to go into the game.
- To quit the game, you have to press ESC on keyboard

Is there a way or a mod, to avoid these screens or just bind a controller button, without use external tools like xpadder etc..?

Do I need any hashmap file if I use Tonberry 1.5?

Sorry.  Life hasn't been so great for me lately, and I haven't had any time to work on the mods.

My old version of the Italian version was mostly lost, but I have the beginnings of the pack in the works... please bear with me.  Mi dispiace, amici.

This is not a problem :p I just wanted to have an update. Just that.

If it was easier, I might make it by my own.
Good luck for bad things happened.

Does this need to be installed over the old Tonberry 1.5, or in a totally clean installation? And we need old hasmap 1.3?

Because with this new Tonberry version, the xbox button mod, seems to not works.

I wonder what happened to the Italian language, too. Would like to try this with the PSX controller buttons mod :wink:
e chi lo sa.....

This seems to not works with Tonberry enhanced 2.04, but only with older versions of Tonberry

Hello mcindus, thanks for your great work.
What about the italian version "coming very soon" many months ago? Can I help with it in any way?

Thanks Mcindus!! This is the mod I was waiting for.
A little suggestion: Post on your SeeD reborn page about this mod. I bet many people(like me) are waiting for news on this mod, on that page

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