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Hello everyone,
Am i the only one who cannot connect to discord?
I'm not able to connect to discord anymore. I tried to connect 1 hour ago and it asked me my password twice. Then there was an error message. Now when i try to connect it just shows me the screen "accept invitation" and nothing happens.

WIP / Re: Recreating Project: Final Fantasy VIII
« on: 2021-01-30 07:44:16 »
Hello YasinSafak,
I think your renders are beautiful!

What softwares are you using for modeling , texturing  rendering, camera matching, asset library maybe?

I tried to do the same area a while back:

It is fun to try to spot the differences in our renders.

I have a long time project to redo all the backgrounds of the game(900 backgrounds!). But i do that not seriously as it takes a lot of work to do all the assets and materials.

Troubleshooting / Re: No room for text in FF8.exe
« on: 2020-07-09 08:32:04 »
@Mcindus: RaW is not on this forum anymore. Anyway you can still use Hext files with the tool FFNx.

Hello Aavock and everyone.
I think you will have texture problems if you replace more than 2 characters by their highpoly models.
I found the same trick years ago but did not find any solution for the texture problem.
I hope you'll find a way around.
See reply#72 by myself.

WIP / [FF8 PC]Fields database
« on: 2020-01-18 19:26:24 »
Hello everyone,
I've been thinking about creating a database for all the elements contained in FF8 fields.
The idea is to list all the assets contained in all scenes and in the future to create 3d models of all these assets.
The database would also contain the camera location, focal length and orientation. I force all scenes to be rendered 16:9 :ex:3840x2160 pix for 4K.

So far i've documented 65 / 900 fields.
Total number of assets:192
Total number of materials:103

I need the help of the community. All field pictures can be found here (thank you Maki ;D ):

Pick a field in the list below and please describe the assets and the materials.
What is an asset?
An asset is an object or a character populating a scene. ex: boat, car, stone,peebles,raincoat
What is a material?
The material describes the aspect of an asset.
ex: shiny green plastic, rubber, wet cardboard

Here is the googlesheet : FIELD DATABASE

Here is what i have for the field bcport1a:

  • Environment type:Harbor
  • Asset list:
    ocean,honeycomb pavement,concrete floor,ships,brick wall,concrete buildings,flower pot,small wood bark,chains,iron barrier,barrels,big wooden roll, far island
  • Material list:
    ocean,concrete,galvanized iron,brick,leaves
  • Camera focal length(in millimeters):
  • Camera loc([X,Y,Z]in meters):
  • Camera rot([X,Y,Z]in degrees):

General Discussion / Re: FFVIII Remastered
« on: 2019-09-03 20:09:18 »
I wonder how they managed to have more detailed characters. I did not manage to do the same because of "fixed point precision". They must have rewritten the function that load the model into the game.

General Discussion / Re: FFVIII Remastered
« on: 2019-06-11 06:17:57 »
I think they have nothing for the moment. Even the fonts and hud have not changed. Although they managed to replace the characters heads, which is a bit tricky if you don't understand the format. I did nit succed on this point.

Hello people,
i am aware that some players use "key binding", so as to say people who use controllers that replicate the keyboard . I will start searching for a way to prevent the fingy error.

Completely Unrelated / HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019
« on: 2018-12-31 22:42:29 »
Happy new year from France everyone!

itsTaytay, can you copy the content of your config file here?
Your error happens when you use the keyboard or the mouse at the same time as your ps4 controller.
Another cause could be that your button config file maps to values outside the range [80,8B].

Hello Mcindus,
Thank you for the RaW explanation. I changed my first post with RaW instructions!
Regarding the icons switching to the finger icon when you press the keyboard, i am aware of it but i don't plan to correct it. In fact the bug happens because the game doesn't know which PSX icon to show when you press the keyboard. The patch is not supposed to be used when you use a keyboard at the same time as the controller.
If it really prevents people from playing the game i might think about a workaround.

Bonsoir everyone,
For some controllers the icons don't match the actual buttons on the controller, even if you change the properties in steam.
So i updated the first post with a new tool to associate any icon to any button on your controller.  See here :
It is an additional hext instruction list that you put in the same folder as "FF8_Buttons_**.txt". You must not change the name of the file.

Hello Silverkun and Iva_nfs,
What controller are you using?
The button patch is configured to work with a "plug and play" xbox controller. I don't have a lot of feedback from people using other types of controller, like ps4 or ps3 controllers, or any other brands of controller. For these other controllers you must use a 3rd party software. Maybe that is why it is getting strange results.

But if you don't want to buy a xbox pc controller you have to modify the patch file for every specific controller. I can't have a patch that works with every brand of controller,sorry.
When i have time to spend at home I will explain how to modify the patch to map any button to any icon.

Team Avalanche / Re: Jusete´s field scenes
« on: 2018-09-13 18:28:56 »
Hello guys,
I'm also working on fields but for FF8. SoulEvan is disappointed because he hopes to learn how to work as a team on a big project. The graphical modders here are mostly inexperienced in a game or graphical project. We learn as we do. We can't tell when we finish a field because we do as we like, depending on the mood. There is no deadline, no budget, no quality criteria. That is why it is impossible to have a structured process on such a big project as Avalanche. That is the reality.
SoulEvan,sorry but on the team management side  you have to learn by yourself, and not here unfortunately.

About the size of the render, maybe it is not clear for everyone but as you double the size of a render you multiply by almost 4 the time to render. Ex: if it takes 10 min to render a 640x480 scene, it will take  40 min for 1280x960,  and 24h to render 7680x5760(8K).
You say it is to easily reuse them later when the norm is 8k. I think the quality standards in the future will be beyond what we produce today. So don't tire yourself with gigantic render, the quality will be outdated in 5 years.

From my small experience in rendering fields, do small renders (max 2048×2048) with an overall consistency in colors, contrast,shadows. Add some eye catcher details, big enough to be seen on 2048x2048 or even smaller renders.

Post here only small renders , it is very annoying to wait 10s for the picture to show. If the users want 8k scenes tell them to use an image upscaler ( waifu?).

Very nice Mcindus!
I'll modify the first post once i understand how works RaW. I'll also cross link to your seedreborn topic.

Support / Re: FF8 Character battle models swapping
« on: 2018-09-04 17:56:30 »
To exchange game models follow this tutorial:
See reply#72 by myself.

Support / Re: Question on FF8 Character mods
« on: 2018-07-02 21:46:06 »
You can easily swap low definition characters with higher definition character. You have to use deling.
The issue is that the textures of the environnement and npc will be  swapped.

Hello red,
Sorry for the late reaction,
Your reading program is ok for file. The rotations are written on 12 bits, which give you a max angle of 4095 for each rotation.
For some reason blender understands that 4095 equals 180 degrees. That means  2048 is 90 deg and so on.
In my code i don't do any conversion to radians or degrees. I read the raw value and apply it to the bone rotations in pose mode.

On the contrary the data is different in the mch file.
The mch only contains the bone hierarchy, their length and a T pose.
I still have big issues to find a code that creates a good T pose for all characters.Today i extract 2 bytes for each rotations then i convert to degree, then to euler angles.

Just so you know, you don't need the T pose to anim the character. That means that even if the  T pose is a total mess, the bones will magically anim perfectly in posemode.

Hello Fendera,
You can also use in addition this mod i created :
It really replaces the B1,B2,etc... by the existing psx buttons.
It works in conjunction with Mcindus textures.

Good to see you back kaspar!
I'm not showing anything because right now the code is a bit useless. I can import new model into the game but on screen all the vertices are messed up because of "fixed point precision" of the engine. Google the term on the net. In modern game, or even ff7 if i'm not wrong,the vertices are "floating point precision". That means that a fixed number of coordinates are allowed on screen . If my vertex is at coordinate (20.233 pix; 123.3 pix) then it will be snapped to (20 pix; 123 pix). That is the "shaky" effect of old psx games. Some emulators fix that issue (see PGXP).I would like something similar i could inject with dlpb tools.

My other issue is the size of the ram of ff8. I can increase the texture size to 256×256 (twice the actual size) but the new texture overlaps with other textures. So i tried to build a code that stores the textures somewhere else in memory. But the problem is still the same.

Hello red_evilspirit,
I used python in blender to import mesh, create a skeleton and import animation from mch an file. I don't intend to share my code for the moment, i'm still working on it.
But if you want to do your own import-export script :
-Read description of the format in the qhimm wiki:
-Gather data on skeleton format from Vehek: Search for his posts on qhimm you will learn a lot.
-Gather data from Xentax ( xna lara forum):

The mch format only holds mesh information and rest-pose data for one character. In each field you have a file which holds the information about animation for main characters and mesh+animation for NPC.

MCH format for skeleton is not the same as in the format. You need both files to rebuild the animation. The MCH format holds the length of the bones. The charaone holds the rotations of the bones.

German and Spanish versions released. See first post.
Mcindus, i don't know where is used the spacing information in the code. From B00 buttons i only copy the location, not the spacing. I think the spacing is done in the text. It doesn't adapt to the icon automatically.

ver 0.2 with Italian version released.See first post.

Mcindus, I'm relieved it works good with any FF8_EN version ;D ;D! I think i will release all versions tomorrow.
I'm also working on another patch to be able to use L2/R2 and Dpad on the controller; with the matching icons of course ;D.

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