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Completely Unrelated / Moron Police
« on: 2020-05-27 18:15:38 »
Last summer I discovered this album while being on a boat, chilling in the sun. It's called "A Boat on the Sea". Caught me by surprise, 'cause I know the old Moron Police and, while you can still hear some familiarity with the old stuff it's definitely more, uhm, mature. It's refreshing, happy and up-beat. I kinda get game-music vibe from it.

Really like this vid:

Gameplay / Idea for FF7 mod - low stats lvl1
« on: 2017-11-30 04:35:26 »
Ok, basically 2 ideas of low lvl mod:

1) Static. Level and stats set to 1. HP to 100 and MP to 10.**
2) Dynamic stats that increase very slowly. You'd level normally, but start at lvl 1, all stats at 1, HP at 10, MP at 5.***

You start with 1 of every armor, accessory and materia.
Excluded are armors you'd normally buy as the game progress. That is, iron bangle - crystal bangle (and a few others), as they would be rendered useless, and would net you some extra gil in the beginning.
Master materia excluded.
Enemy skill materia starts with all but damage skills learned. All independent materias with stat boosts will be buffed.

**   with 1): If levels are static, when you recruit certain characters they will get a higher level by normal means. Cait Sith and Vincent's stats will be higher than anyone else.
*** with 2): Same as 1, but you could edit the stat curves of each character to flatten out at a certain point to make everyone equal.

I'd personally prefer option 1. But as I'm a bit rusty at moding, and I want every character to basically have the same low stats. I can't recall if you can manipulate how the stats are adjusted once you recruit a character. Is it decided by field script? Looking at key places where you'd suspect the values to be adjusted, I can't find anything. One could just make a note that you'd want to avoid using Vincent and Cait Sith lol (same thing with exploiting W-item).

Are there similar mods out there?

Completely Unrelated / Funny mathematical proofs
« on: 2016-08-13 07:05:20 »
I didn't come up with this one, but can't remember where I saw it 1st. A simple google search would probably yeild many sources.

Anyway: Proof women = evil.

As we all know:
women = time * money.
Also, money = time, which brings us to:
women = money * money = money².

And you should know that money is the root of all evil:
money = √evil => (money)² = (√evil)²
Now just replace money² with (√evil)² and you get

women = (√evil)² => women = evil.

There it is. Solid proof.

Just for lols, don't get mad.

Funny yt channel:

foud yt vid of women = evil lol

Completely Unrelated / Archengeia the Lorerunner
« on: 2016-07-04 13:57:07 »
Just a recommendation for those of you who enjoy "deep" discussions (theories, lore, etc.) on fiction.

He got some very interesting FF "rumination" vids I'm sure many of you would enjoy.

Completely Unrelated / Overwatch
« on: 2016-05-07 15:35:25 »
Man what an addictive game... For some reason I decided to try it, and now I can't seem to put it down...
The odd part is that I can't really tell if it's a good game or not. Now, it's obviously not bad, but as it stands now it seems to be very limited in gameplay. It's in beta, but still, could use some more types of games. All there is now is defend or attack. Once you've tried all characters then that's about it. I guess the characters is the game's biggest selling point.

The art-style is fun though. :) Whatever that means...

General Discussion / Japan holiday.
« on: 2015-09-18 05:49:42 »
Me and a friend have considered japan as a destination as a holiday trip. Any recommendations? I could imagine hot springs and stuff.

Scratch holiday; its more like a getaway and have fun trip.

Completely Unrelated / Meet and Greet
« on: 2015-06-06 04:03:49 »
I'm thinking of taking a vacation to London this summer. How feasible would it be for a qhimm gathering in London? No obligations, just for fun.

Completely Unrelated / FF8 and drawing
« on: 2015-05-07 00:07:43 »
Just curious on opinions here.

There are tons of complaints out there regarding the draw system in FF8. What I hear over and over is that you HAVE to draw 100 of EVERY spell on ALL characters every time you find a new spell to draw. This is obviously false, and a bit exaggerated...

The core of the argument is more like:
Why wouldn't you be in the top of your game and have 100 magic junctioned to all available stats all the time. Thus you need to at least to draw 100 of the strongest magics you find. Like you would buy the best weapons in at any given time in, lets say, FF7. This makes the drawing system very tedious, and wastes time.

Recently I saw a "lets-play" that had this mentality. "Oh geez now I have to draw AGAIN". I sympathise with this mentality a bit 'cause the game itself kinda makes you think drawing is an absolute mandatory part of the game. Which is not true. Since there are more easy and efficient ways of stocking magic, like refining, I think the argument above fails.

Also, comparing drawing 100 magics with bying weapons doesn't sound accurate. Try comparing it with leveling. The argument is: "Why not be as good as you can be in every given moment", which means that in every game you could level to max at the beginning of the game, you also should do that. But that is also not a fair comparison. I would rather compare it with, lets say, materia leveling. Or some other metagame part which is scalable.
For example: Maxing all materias you have before you finish the 1st reactor etc.

My point here is ultimately that I don't agree completely with this mentality, and don't understand why people bother when there are much easier, and much more efficient ways of stocking magic.

Recently I started playing FF8 again, and there is no way I'm drawing 100 of any magic. No, imo drawing gets obsolete pretty fast. Learn the refine abilities and the Card Mod ability and you don't have to worry about magic stock ever again. You don't even need to play the card game.

Or just use the booster if you play on steam lol.

Completely Unrelated / App ideas
« on: 2015-05-01 19:53:06 »
I'm hard pressed to create a smartphone app which would make me a millionaire. Are there any good ideas out there? PS my friend is an idiot!

Completely Unrelated / Shining
« on: 2015-03-19 12:58:11 »
Gonna see 'em live today in Oslo (with Periphery and Devin Townsend). My friend plays guitar.
Anyone else like stuff like this? By stuff I mean music.  8)

Completely Unrelated / I quit my job
« on: 2013-11-06 19:08:30 »
I'm drunk again, therefore I create a new topic.

Recently I quit my job. I've kept my part time job since college. May sound like a huge load, I know, but my part time job is that kind of work which boils down to: go to the movies with this guy once a week, or/and, take a trip with this guy here, and so on. I don't consider that actual work. More like... a time to relax? Anyway, what I'm getting at is that I've had a full time job and a part time job at the same time. For... hmmm, several years...

Even though my part time job can't be considered a job (imo), and my full time job have been something I've been struggling to get, ironically, I found my part time job more worthwhile; my full time job not.

Recently I quit my job and began 60% percent somewhere else, while I kept the part time job... I've never been happier.

Am I lost in my happiness? Is the money not worth it? Maybe I caught the hippie syndrome? Am I making any sense?

Completely Unrelated / Ohh yeah!
« on: 2013-10-19 01:32:59 »
What is the best scene from any rpg!??

Completely Unrelated / Who are you... Something useless...
« on: 2012-09-13 09:18:14 »
I laughed.

As I was reading Homunculus I came across this. Begin here and read the 2 next pages to get the point:


Completely Unrelated / Joe Hisaishi
« on: 2012-09-08 03:56:29 »

This guy is epic. You know, everyone's favourite Studio Ghibli composer: Joe Hisaishi. I'm talkin Nobuo Uematsu level here.

One of my favourite pieces are Kiki:

Completely Unrelated / Fun with google translate
« on: 2011-09-16 16:17:50 »
You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?

After a several translations back and forth, when I turned it back to English, I got this:

Code: [Select]
You have the right to remain silent. Or you can say, however, be used against you in court.
You will be able to talk to a lawyer. If you are a lawyer, you will be able to pay, who should be appointed by you. Do you know these rights come from?

And here is Hamlet's monologue:

Code: [Select]
Yes or no, this is a problem:
If the pain is psychological secret champions
Slings and arrows outrageous fortune,
Or take to the sea weapons
And finally the opposition to them? The sleep,
Again, for sleep to say we end
My heart pain, and a thousand natural shocks
The flesh is heir; TIS to play "
Humwomba wanted. Die, to sleep;
Sleeping, perhaps to dream - ay, there's a problem:
For the sleep of death what dreams may be because
When we pulled the deadly coil,
We must break - in honor of
This makes long-life disaster.
Those who are whipping the Beige Book,
To see strange, it was proud disdain,
The pain of love despised, delay legislation,
Place violence, abandon
Money is the patient must take
Although he still has
The needle is exposed? Who will fardels,
Tired of living under the heavy, sweet,
But the fear of something after death,
Of the unknown country, the state
Do not return, the puzzle
This makes our commitment, but we
We know no more than fly?
Therefore, all the coward conscience, so that,
Native resolution and color
It is not thought cklied o'er cast
Cork has a large
They put it on the wrong stream,
And lose the name of the action. Now the soft
Fair Ophelia! Nymphs in your orisons
Remember all my sins.

I bet one can get plenty of laughs from this.  ;D

Completely Unrelated / At least 91 killed in Norway.
« on: 2011-07-23 10:59:22 »

There was a bomb explosion and a killing spree. Apparently 1 right wing extremist is caught, but survivors from the massacre say there were more than one person shooting. The one caught gets the full extent of the law: 21 years in prison, which does NOT suffice if you ask me.

The reason is not "official" yet, but he (they) was attacking a ant racist youth gathering.
I live approximately 1km away from the blast, and I felt it pretty hard.

FF9 Tools / [PC] Save editor - Memoria (
« on: 2011-03-07 17:23:30 »
v0.6.3.1 is available. Download below.

  • Editing character stat, equipment and abilities.
  • Change party members, Gil, Items and other party related stuff
  • Card editing.
  • Import and export features.
  • PSX memcard handling. Change region. Copy/paste/delete blocks.
  • When editing *.dat and/or *.sav keep in mind that this must be considered experimental. BACKUP YOUR FILES!

New in
  • Fixed a bug on item-editing.
  • Known bugs/issues: Setting abilities (magic stones) only works like it would in-game (if I'm not mistaken). Meaning setting all abilities won't work, most likely. Also setting Cardattack/def values to max will cause the card to reset when they lvl (255->0). Try setting these values a bit lower to avoid this.

Known bugs/issues in newest release:
  • Exporting/importing blocks makes an undo-redo push even if you did not export/import anything. This does not mean it's unsafe to export/import.
  • Try to avoid switching to full screen or restore down when editing cards (card tab active). It may cause lag for a while. It's better to do this while another tab is active.
  • As mentioned in version history, Card and ability (magic stones) editing isn't 100%. Setting passive abilities doesn't seem to register (2016 release only).
  • Preview of *.dat and *.sav files will not be updated in-game.
  • Successful thefts editing on 2016 release doesn't seem to work.
  • Probably more :P

For non-steam/android/ios users:
I want feedback on design etc. But more importantly you can help me figure out the savemap. I included an unknown-values-report form. Open a .mcr file with FF9 data and push F10 (Properties) (PSX files only).
As you can see it will find offsets which values are unknown and compare 'em, and report 'em IF they are different. This way it can be quite easy to figure out the unknown data by loading a game, do minor changes, then save to another slot/block.
The radio buttons which makes sense to use are:
Characters Only (Checks unknown data in characters only).
Block, no character data (Checks all unknown data not related to any characters).



For Windows. .Net framework 2.0 required.

If your characters heals enemies when attacking, it's because they have the healer ability on. This cannot be undone in game as the healer ability is not visible on all characters. In Memoria goto character tab -> magic stones -> Uncheck healer.

Zande (CRC, Savemap)
sithlord48 (memory card file info)
Armorvil (for naming the app)
MaKiPL (for help on the 2016 rerelease.)

I'm working on a FF9 savegame editor (anyone got a good idea for a name  :P). I need some help understanding how the psx memorycard works and where the data is. I've tried some searching with some luck. But lets see if I've gotten the gist of things. I've worked on a .mcr file.


When I open a .mcr file with a hex-editor, the header -0x80 bytes- looks like this:

Code: [Select]
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? .... ?? ?? ?? CS
4D 43 00 00 00 00 .... 00 00 00 0E

Question1: What do the "??" represent? Are they even important when making a save editor (pointers etc)?

The last one being a checksum, the bytes are XORed 'til the end of the header.

Then the header for each slot follows, 0x80 bytes each (if I got it down right). The checksum is on the last byte and is calculated the same way. Here are the 1st FF9 saveslot header on my card:
Code: [Select]
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? [<---           Region/DiscNr code           --->] [SlotNr]
51 00 00 00 00 20 00 00 FF FF 42 45 53 4C 45 53 2D 30 32 39 36 35 30 30 30 30 30 2D 30 30 00 00

?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? CS
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 77

Question2: What are the "??" here? Specially the ones before Region/DiscNr code. Nuber of slots to use?

Region/DiscNr code + SlotNr are read like this as a string:

Code: [Select]

I'm guessing this means PAL disc1 code stuff, and that it is slot nr 1 (read as 0. The 3 last bytes here are slot nr, so no need to include 'em further).

Below is what I've read testing saves from all discs. And I'm pretty sure I'm correct.

Code: [Select]
PAL disc 1 = BESLES-0296500000
PAL disc 2 = BESLES-1296500000
PAL disc 3 = BESLES-2296500000
PAL disc 4 = BESLES-3296500000

Question 3: How do the NTSC codes look like, and are there other versions (Spanish, German, etc)?

It would be great if there only were 2 versions of this: NTSC and PAL.  :-D


Here I could use much help. I dunno what the stuff from after the last slot 'til the beginning of save-data is (offset 0x800 - 0x1FFF). Before the 1st save-data, starting at 0x2000, there seems to be another header equal to the 1st one in the file. I guess it doesn't matter much though, as it's mostly just 0x00 bytes.  :roll: I'm guessing it might be something to do with games which use multiple slots. Or not...

Anyway, here are the data I've found by searching the web and analyzing saves. Each save block are 2000h bytes long.

Code: [Select]
0x0105: BYTE    Level;          // Party leader level
0x0106: BYTE    Name[8];        // Party leader name
0x010E: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x010F: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0106: BYTE    Location[28];   // Name of current location
0x012C: BYTE    Gametime;       // Gametime (expressed in tenth of a second)
0x0130: BYTE    Gil;            // Total amount of Gil

0x0ee8 | 00 00 00 00 = 0         // Number of Gil

// ============================================================================
// Final Fantasy IX | Savegame | Character Stats
// Start Pointer: 0x09d0
// End Pointer: 0x0EDF
// Block Count: 9
// Block Size: 144 bytes
// Total Size: 1296 bytes
// ============================================================================
0x0000: BYTE    Name[8];        // Character name
0x0008: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0009: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x000A: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x000B: BYTE    Level;          // Character level
0x000C: DWORD   Experience;     // Total amount of experience ?
0x0010: WORD    CurrentHP;      // Current amount of HP
0x0012: WORD    CurrentMP;      // Current amount of MP
0x0014: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0015: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0016: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0017: BYTE    CurrentMS;      // Current amount of magical stones
0x0018: BYTE    MaxHP;          // Max amount of HP
0x001A: BYTE    MaxMP;          // Max amount of MP
0x001C: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x001D: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x001E: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x001F: BYTE    MaxMS;          // Max amount of magical stones
0x0020: BYTE    TranceLevel;    // Trance Level
0x0021: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0022: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0023: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0024: BYTE    Speed;          // Speed (total value incl. gear bonuses)
0x0025: BYTE    Strength;       // Strength (total value incl. gear bonuses)
0x0026: BYTE    Magic;          // Magic (total value incl. gear bonuses)
0x0027: BYTE    Spirit;         // Spirit (total value incl. gear bonuses)
0x0028: BYTE    Defence;        // Defence
0x0029: BYTE    Evade;          // Evade
0x002A: BYTE    MagicDefence;   // Magic defence
0x002B: BYTE    MagicEvade;     // Magic evade
0x002C: WORD    2nd HP max;     // Max HP with Bonus
0x002E: WORD    2nd MP max;     // Max MP with Bonus
0x0030: BYTE    BaseSpeed;      // Base speed (excl. gear bonuses)
0x0031: BYTE    BaseStrength;   // Base strength (excl. gear bonuses)
0x0032: BYTE    BaseMagic;      // Base magic (excl. gear bonuses)
0x0033: BYTE    BaseSpirit;     // Base spirit (excl. gear bonuses)
0x0034: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0035: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0036: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0037: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0038: BYTE    Status;         // Status bits.
0x0039: BYTE    Weapon;         // Equiped weapon
0x003A: BYTE    Headgear;       // Equiped head gear
0x003B: BYTE    Armgear;        // Equiped arm gear
0x003C: BYTE    Armor;          // Equiped armor
0x003D: BYTE    Addon;          // Equiped add-on
0x003E: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x003F: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0040: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0041: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0042: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0043: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0044: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0045: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0046: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0047: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0048: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0049: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x004A: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x004B: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x004C: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x004D: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x004E: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x004F: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0050: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0051: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0052: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0053: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0054: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0055: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0056: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0057: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0058: BYTE    Unknown;        // ???
0x0058: BYTE    AbilityAP[48];  // AP for action/support abilities
0x0088: BYTE    Support[8];     // Support abilities equiped

// ============================================================================
// Final Fantasy IX | Savegame | Item List
// Start Pointer: 0x0F20
// End Pointer: 0x111F
// Block Count: 256
// Block Size: 2 bytes
// Total Size: 512 bytes
// ============================================================================
0x0000: BYTE    ID;              // Item ID
0x0001: BYTE    Count;           // Item Count
0x1178: WORD    WINS?
0x117A: WORD    LOSSES?
0x117C: WORD    DRAWS?
0x119A: BYTE    Card Count?      // Number of cards in stock
0x119B: BYTE    Type Count?      // Number of card types
// ============================================================================
// Final Fantasy IX | Savegame | Cards
// Start Pointer: 0x119C
// End Pointer: 0x13F3
// Block Count: 100
// Block Size: 6 bytes
// Total Size: 600 bytes
// ============================================================================
0x0000: BYTE    ID? ;             // Type ID  (FFh = empty block)?
0x0001: BYTE    Arrow bits?;      // Bitmap representing arrows?
0x0002: BYTE    Attack type?;     // Type of attack (physical, magical etch.)?
0x0003: BYTE    Attack?;          // Atack Power?
0x0004: BYTE    P.Def?;           // Physical defence power?
0x0005: BYTE    M.Def?;           // Magical defence power?

I see there are some errors here (BYTE instead of WORD etc), but I'm too lazy to correct 'em. The bit length should be obvious in most cases.

Completely Unrelated / What ff3 class are you?
« on: 2009-11-16 01:06:30 »
I laughed a lot reading these class descriptions from ff3:
The red wizard description fits me best I think. I mean, I know a lot of things, and stuff etc. but I don't shine at it. I could take about any job and do a half decent performance at worst and a pretty good job at best.  :-D

FF8 Tools / [PC] Enemy editor - IFRIT (0.11C)
« on: 2009-07-30 03:16:55 »
Figured I could make a topic 'bout this one.
I made a program that can alter the c0mXXX.dat files from battle.fs from FFVIII if anyone are interested. I named it ifrit!  :evil: This proggy can not directly edit the battle.fs. At least not yet. You need to extract the files yourself (which can be done within the program). Ifrit can open files including c0m000.dat - c0m143.dat.

v0.11C Download here!
v0.11 Download here!
v0.10 Download here!

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.
Minimum screen resolution should be 800x600. Should at least be 960x600 though.
Please let me know 'bout any bugs (features  :-D). I know re-naming enemies may not cause desired effect.

New in 0.11C
Fixed a bug in renaming enemies.

New in 0.11B (beta)
File list fix. Adds bad files in file list to prevent opening of wrong files.

New in 0.11
Added greek character table (tools).

New in 0.10
Edit Devour, Cards, Various flags, Abilities and other unknown values.
More accurate stat calculation.
Extract and pack/create archive features.
The help file is NOT updated. :P Ifrit can open c0m127.dat, extract files, etc.

HOW TO EXTRACT AND CREATE BATTLE.FS (the actual archive used by the game):

To extract files with Ifrit, select tools -> Extract files...
Then select file to extract from (battle.fs in data folder usually) and destination folder for files. After that I suggest clicking "Extract 'Valid' Files". This will only extract the files Ifrit can work with. and must be in the same folder as the file you extract from (they are in the same folder originally).

To pack (create battle.fs), select tools -> pack...
Then select the folder which contains the files you've modded. Finally select folder to create archive in.
NOTE! When creating an archive (battle.fs) from a folder, not all battle files (from battle.fs) must be contained within that folder. If that is the case, the destination folder, in which the archive is created, must contain the files with the battle.fs, the and the battle.fl from the ff8 data folder. They don't need to be the original files, but must be valid/playable files. I suggest keeping a backup of the original files and your altered files (battle.fs, etc).

General Discussion / My complaints on FF7
« on: 2008-10-01 11:21:38 »
Although FF7 wants nothing less than to sanctify its depravity, I want this post to speak a language of reconciliation, not retaliation. Let's start with my claim that I correctly predicted that it would keep a close eye on those who look like they might think an unapproved thought. Alas, I didn't think it'd do that so effectively -- or so soon. If FF7 wants to be taken seriously, it should counter the arguments in this post with facts, not illogical panaceas, personal anecdotes, or insults. FF7 is right about one thing, namely that fear is what motivates us. Fear of what it means when ophidian exhibitionists start wars, ruin the environment, invent diseases, and routinely do a hundred other things that kill people. Fear of what it says about our society when we teach our children that you and I are objects for FF7 to use then casually throw away and forget like old newsprint that's performed its duty catching bird droppings. And fear of disgusting tin-pot tyrants like FF7 who create an ideological climate that will enable it to identify political and religious groups that are its political enemies and re-label them as "self-absorbed stool pigeons" in order to justify operations against them.

FF7's tractates are a syncretism of insecure sexism and grotesque, contemptuous Bonapartism. So please permit me to appropriate and paraphrase something I once heard: "If the country were overrun by impertinent cozeners, we could expect to observe widespread discrimination in our daily lives -- stares from sales clerks, taxis that don't stop, and unwarranted license and registration checks by police." FF7 says that a knowledge of correct diction, even if unused, evinces a superiority that covers cowardice or stupidity. The inference is that FF7 has answers to everything. I'm happy to report that I can't follow that logic.

A central fault line runs through each of FF7's personal attacks. Specifically, if we foreground the cognitive and emotional palette of FF7's heinous, stingy machinations rather than their pathology we can enter vitally into its world. Why do we want to do that? Because I recently checked out one of FF7's recent tracts. Oh, look; it's again saying that it does the things it does "for the children". Raise your hand if you're surprised. Seriously, though, I cannot promise not to be angry at FF7. I do promise, however, to try to keep my anger under control, to keep it from leading me -- as it leads FF7 -- to introduce a zeitgeist of scapegoatism to our society.

Believe me, I certainly don't want to give FF7 a chance to force square pegs into round holes. For many reasons, too many and too complex to go into here at this time, I must say that if I recall correctly, FF7's claims are becoming increasingly illiberal. They have already begun to make a cause célèbre out of FF7's campaign to call for a return to that which wasn't particularly good in the first place. Now fast-forward a few years to a time in which they have enabled FF7 to seize control of the power structure. If you don't want such a time to come then help me evaluate the tactics FF7 has used against me. Help me help people see FF7's sullen hariolations for what they are.

FF7 always demands instant gratification. That's all that is of concern to it; nothing else matters -- except maybe to make bribery legal and part of business as usual. I tell you this because censorious hypochondriacs thrive on hatred rather than love. That's the sort of statement that some people claim is vindictive but which I believe is merely a statement of fact. And it's a statement that needs to be made because FF7 spouts a lot of numbers whenever it wants to make a point. It then subjectively interprets those numbers to support its tricks while ignoring the fact that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Of course, if FF7 had learned anything from it's predecessors, it'd know that if it honestly believes that some of my points are not valid, I would love to get some specific feedback from it. Like a lion after tasting the blood of human victims, FF7 will destroy any resistance by channeling it into ineffective paths.

Any meaningful analysis of the situation must allow for the fact that FF7 is out to offer hatred with a pseudo-intellectual gloss. And when we play the game, we become accomplices. FF7's holier-than-thou attitudes are perpetuated by an ethos of continuous reform, the demand that one strive permanently and painfully for something that not only does not exist but is alien to the human condition. FF7's conjectures are based on a technique I'm sure you've heard of. It's called "lying".

I want to draw two important conclusions from this. The first is that avaricious unilateralism is not new, and the second is that it is more than a purely historical question to ask, "How did its reign of terror start?" or even the more urgent question, "How might it end?". No, we must ask, "Which of the seven deadly sins -- pride, envy, anger, sadness, avarice, gluttony, and lust -- does it not commit on a daily basis?" There aren't enough hours in the day to fully answer that question but consider this: I unequivocally hope you're not being misled by the "new FF7". Only its methods and tactics have changed. FF7's goal is still the same: to harm others or even instill the fear of harm. That's why I'm telling you that the tone of FF7's propositions is eerily reminiscent of that of inane scapegraces of the late 1940s in the sense that what really irks me is that FF7 has presented us with a Hobson's choice. Either we let it ridicule the accomplishments of generations of great men and women or it'll create a world sunk in the most abject superstition, fanaticism, and ignorance.

While disruptive suborners of perjury claim to defend traditional values, they actually leave helpless citizens afraid in the streets, in their jobs, and even in their homes. In purely political terms, FF7's claim that the media should "create" news rather than report it is factually unsupported and politically motivated. However much FF7 may deny it, if it is incapable of discerning the mad ramblings of complacent doofuses from the wisdom and nuance embedded in a sage's discourse then I seriously doubt that it'll be capable of determining that when it hears anyone say that any correspondence between what it says and the truth is purely coincidental, its answer is to bring discord, confusion, and frustration into our personal and public lives. That's similar to taking a few drunken swings at a beehive: it just makes me want even more to exemplify the principles of honor, duty, loyalty, and courage. FF7 decries or dismisses capitalism, technology, industrialization, and systems of government borne of Enlightenment ideas about the dignity and freedom of human beings. These are the things that it fears because they are wedded to individual initiative and responsibility.

Whatever should be true of statutory and often ephemeral enactments in human jurisprudence, the fact remains that there is undoubtedly a judgmental dimension to FF7's ideologies. Or, if "judgmental" is too narrow of a term, perhaps you'd prefer "peevish". In any case, when a friend wants to drive inebriated, you try to stop him. Well, FF7 is drunk with power, which is why we must reveal the constant tension between centripetal and centrifugal forces of dialogized heteroglossia resulting from its belief systems. More concretely, FF7 makes a lot of exaggerated claims. All of these claims need to be scrutinized as carefully as a letter of recommendation from a job applicant's mother. Consider, for example, FF7's claim that we're supposed to shut up and smile when it says demented things. The fact of the matter is that if I had to choose the most hideous specimen from its welter of shambolic gabble, it would have to be its claim that the sky is falling.

If tribalism were an Olympic sport, FF7 would clinch the gold medal. The underlying message is that FF7 has allowed itself to become a spokesman for the same point of view shared by craven busybodies, dysfunctional carousers, and pestiferous grafters while masquerading as an outspoken radical bucking the system. As FF7 matures morally it'll eventually grow out of its present way of thinking and come to realize that there's an important difference between me and FF7. Namely, I am willing to die for my cause. FF7, in contrast, is willing to kill for its -- or, if not to kill, at least to throw us into a "heads I win, tails you lose" situation. Now that I've told you what I think, let me end this letter by stating that I fully intend to bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the current debate. Let FF7 tremble. And though the heavens fall, let there be justice.

Completely Unrelated / Need a good Patch program
« on: 2008-04-27 21:10:25 »
I need a good patch maker/install program. I have Patch Maker but the exe file gets huge. Are there any better that also are free /without that damned trial version)? Thanks in advance! (I know I just can google. Too lazy!)

EDIT: Seriously...? no one knows??

Archive / my new FF7 enemeis youtube.
« on: 2007-11-27 12:11:07 »
This is fun! :-D Made lots of new enemies. I've made this thread to let you see 'em, he, he. I know JC has been made before but i just couldn't resist.

Jumbo Cactuar
Junon Patron
Sand Worm
Locke, Venus & Theo 1/3
Locke, Venus & Theo 2/3 -Bevare! Poor audio
Locke, Venus & Theo 3/3

Sorry, bad image quality...

More will come.

DOWNLOAD v1.0.7.2

Older version if new one fails (The version only includes a fix for restoring backups):

Youtube channel

For windows. Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. Your computer should have it, unless you never update (if the program runs, you have it). Info/Downloads .Net framework.
The program should be more or less compatible with Wine on any other OS.

Select the ff7 data folder and which files to patch. It's easy.
If it's your 1st time patching you should pick all files, unless you don't want new bosses, equipment tweaks etc. (see the "info" in the patch application). On updates after v1.01, there is no need to patch battle.lgp.
flevel.lgp was updated last in v1.0.5.
Worth playing on new updates? The experience will most likely be very similar, but read the notes and decide for yourself.

Works with re-release (2012), steam release and original release (the 1998 release for the PC). There is an option in the program where you can select what release you have. If you use Kranmer's new-to-old patch on the re-release, then select the "original (1998)" option.

Original (1998) release only:
To fix the MDEF bug in the game I would suggest using Aali's custom graphic driver.
Mdef bug fix by NFITC1 and dziugo. Get it HERE!.
How to use it is explained HERE!

Re-release and STEAM:
You must select the language you play with, or else the game won't be patched. Click "Detect" to find your right language.

new in / (01.05.2019 / 11.04.2020):  : Restore backups fix. No gameplay changes.

Files updated in 1.0.7: scene.bin, kernel.bin and kernel2.bin.
new in 1.0.7 (30.08.2018):
  • Minor enemy tweaks (scene.bin).
  • Bizzaro Sephiroth Shock no longer ignores defence, but is stronger (NERF).
  • Purple materia cave boss has less HP.
  • Odin is a lot more reliable.
  • Added MonoMod as a mod option.
  • Buffed some "useless" equipment: Tetra elemental, Tough Ring, Circlet, Championship Belt, Minerva Band Escort Guard.

Now also contains a new mod called MonoMod. Read the "MonoMod" tab under information on what it does.

new in 1.0.6s (27.06.2014)
*Added the "Adjust for STEAM" button. No files updated for actual gameplay. Forgot to fix the "1997" type-o.

Files updated in 1.0.6: scene.bin, kernel2.bin.
new in 1.0.6 (22.08.2012):
  • Fixed file errors in scene.bin and kernel2.bin.
  • Fixed a possible crash in shinra HQ.
  • Minor enemy tweaks (scene.bin).
  • Updated the dragon in the materia caves to reflect the Mt. Nibel Dragon.
  • Compatible with re-release.

Files updated in 1.0.5: scene.bin, kernel.bin, flevel.lgp and ff7.exe.
New in 1.0.5 (19.10.2011):
  • Fixed Seph's AI (again(?), kernel.bin)
  • FF7.exe will be patched for limit breaks. Each level 4 limit ignores defence.
  • Summons are a bit stronger (kernel.bin).
  • Command Counter is in the blue materia cave (flevel.lgp).
  • Minor enemy tweaks (scene.bin).
  • The Mount Nibel Dragon's AI is heavily tweaked. Easier to escape from early on.
  • Fixed the "Pick Install Folder" for 64 bit OS.
  • Fixed some bugs in 3 Northern Crater fields (flevel.lgp).
  • A new "Restore Backups" button.

What it does:
Basically boosts the game difficulty. This mod mainly strives to refresh the gameplay by sticking to the original settings, BUT it also tweaks some enemy AI, spell effect, equipments, etc, for different reasons. For instance, there are quite a few bugs in the AI and field scripts. Most of these have been fixed (all I know of). Also, many equipments, spells and enemy skills are useless, gets obsolete and/or are overpowered or cheap. Thus some equipments and attack effects are tweaked in an attempt to balance things out. With the above said, keep in mind I try to keep all things as close to the original as possible while refreshing the gameplay. I don't want a new FF7, I want a refreshed, more difficult FF7.

This mod also add some new enemies and bosses to the game. Basically at every summon materia there is a new boss.
For more information, click the "info." button in the patch application.

Stuck on a boss?
Sega Chief over @ Youtube have uploaded a neat boss play-through that includes this mod.

Possible issues (for moders):
The patch will not overwrite files in battle.lgp. If you have added new battle models to battle.lgp, models with same names as mine will not be touched. This will make the game likely to crash when you encounter these models in-game. To avoid this, simply rename your models. My models starts with name sn**, and ends with ud**. Which means you can start at ue**.
This will only be a problems if new models were added to battle.lgp, not replaced.

Scene.bin, kernel.bin, kernel2.bin and several field files in flevel.lgp will be overwritten. To avoid inconsistencies with any translation project you may want to not patch kernel2.bin. The field files overwritten by this patch usually don't contain much dialogue (See the log file (after the patch is done) to see which files inside flevel.lgp that were overwritten). For more info.on the files: read the info. in the patch app (click info.). 

There is a new boss here if you haven't picked up that materia yet (Omega):

Thanks to:
Qhimm forum members.
M4v3R: Scene Reader and Scene Edit.
Lord Ramza: Scenester
Squall: Hojo
Borde: Kimera
Synergy Blades: Meteor
dziugo: 9999 Limit Breaker (for testing purposes)
NFITC1: Wall Marked and Proud Clod
DLPB and luksy: For spotting file errors
Christian Maas: Hex-editor XVI32
And myself for awesome handsomeness!!

Troubleshooting / Scene.bin FFVII trouble. Wierd stuff
« on: 2007-06-10 18:59:30 »

I recently edited my scene.bin file from FFVII. However weird stuff happens at the end of the midgar arc boss fights.

First of all, the Specimen fight (Sample:H0512, just after Red XIII joins) is now just against a single enemy: Zenene.
The elevator fight is vs Sample:H0512 + 3x Sample:H0512-opt.
The Rufus fight is the elevator fight, but instead of heligunner Sample:H0512 is the second enemy here.
The Motor Ball fight (after the infamous Motorcycle mini-game) is the Rufus fight.
So is all the fight in the marsh near the chocobo farm, instead of the Midgar Zolom.
In the Mythril cave I encounter the Midgar Zolom or the Motor Ball.

It seems that the game ignores one scene between 112 - 114, 'cause the game crashed once in a fight whirl before the elevator fight (vs the Brain-Pod, Zenene or Vargid Police)

I used Scenester to edit the scene file and Scene reader to unpack the original scene.bin file.

Can someone tell me what the main bugs (if any) with these apps are? Would appreciate it (I recall reading there was some bugs with the element editing, but not the severety).

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