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Releases / Re: FF7 Crisis Core Upscale Project
« on: 2020-09-24 16:50:09 »
Ah, that makes sense! I believe you'd have to take every texture replaced carefully one by one which would take a very long time, yes. Maybe UMDGen could help. Still, at least an UI upscale would be nice, though. If someone is up to try this out, i'd be glad to test it out and also upload some screenshots with the result as i have the possibility to do so. I could give this a try but i lack the knowledge to do so :C

Anyways, thanks for clearing that up. Maybe someone will figure out a way to do this hopefully, as the PSP remaster is quite a comfortable way to play this. I didn't expect it would work this good.

Releases / Re: FF7 Crisis Core Upscale Project
« on: 2020-09-24 05:22:07 »
I'm not sure by how many are aware of that, but the PS3 could also do PSP emulation as a PSP remaster. So that bring the question, is it possible to use this project with a, say PSP2PS3 converter? Afaik, it should be fine as long as all of those textures are present inside the ISO, so in theory, there shouldn't be any problem. Could the textures be injected into the ISO and work correctly?

Thing is, that this emulator does increase internal res, so the game is basically rendered in HD, but the 2d elements, textures and UI are, obviously, kept the same. So this should work. It's just that i've no idea how to inject them into the ISO.

Sorry for the question that might sound stupid after all that was said above, but i'm really curious if Reunion will be transition to the ffnx driver, or given the last news will stay on aali, sadly?

Not nice of me to ask this also, but, any, at least approximate ETA for the next update? I feel that all this misunderstanding may have caused slowdowns in Reunion updates, but i've no idea how much, and this is what interests me.

Basically, in on other words what's the status with Reunion, and what to expect in the future?

If the save is bugged, there's nothing you can do about it afterwards? And is it the the only part where it can affect the save?

If your triggers are not recognised by the game, i suggest you using xinput plus for remapping controller buttons to your liking and having the triggers work.

Nice! Congrats on finally making this plan a reality! Hopefully everything will be stable from now on and the crashes that gave you headaches will be gone. Also, not entirely important question, but, will the switch with help button between L2 and Select button be optional at some point? Not that it's needed, but, it's kind of a habit having it mapped on select button. I had a thought about mapping the speed up toggles on L3, just like PS4 release, and returning help to it's default mapping, that being select.

Edit: Some of those PS4 icons would look neat too, like the X3 icon appearing when you speed up, but i imagine that's something that will be hard to do.

Any plans for adding the Honeybee inn cut content with the transition to FFxn driver? Or not sooner than R07? Also, will the transition still be R06 or will become R07?

Oh, and a quick question, does someone know if there's something that can make the "Load" option available at the status screen, or just make "Quit" go into the title screen, instead of closing the game. Does anybody know if this exists and share a link please?

I know there is a button combo that Reunion has which returns you to the title screen, but for some reason, it always led me to crashes which is why i tried to avoid it. At least in the past releases. I haven't tested it as much in the updates that came out since, but still having the "Quit" option take you to the title screen would be much comfortable to me.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2020-05-21 17:17:59 »
So, in short, basically NT's R06 version models (field and battle) are not important and can be replaced/deleted without fear of wrecking anything, correct?

I ask that because, for example, say if there's some new models added that could be important for the story or for battles that will just ruin the scene if the default ones are used. But basically, what i am trying to do, is to have none of models NT has, because my field and battles models are already moded, which i want to use effectively with NT.

Sorry if the question seems a bit obvious, just want to make sure everything works :D

Edit: Basically, what i did is take all the models from NT in Direct folder, and merge them with (Model_overhaul) base models of Reunion without replacing them so it would have also the files that were only present in NT, and afterwards deleting them from Direct folder, so NT would be accessing them from Reunion files, not it's own. I'll see if it works this way so i can have Kaldarasha's models working with NT this way, hopefully.

If my understanding is correct [take with a HUGE boulder of salt], flevel.lgp is actually built by the installer based on what options you select during installation. Using someone else's flevel.lgp may not work or might cause other bizarre issues.
Right, it was then i remembered there were certain setting the installer has to build during installation, thanks for your help though.

ah strawberries yeah you'll need a special build of Makou too.  forget it.   await R06g
I see, thanks anyway, for now and in general.

Sorry to ask, but if someone does edit that bug with Makou in flevel.lgp, would you be so kind to upload it please, i've no experience with it, so i'm afraid not being sure in what i'm doing if i try to fix it myself.

Please do this if you've already done this, and this won't take your time at all in doing so, i don't wanna waste anyone's time with it, so if you already have flevel.lgp fixed, i would appreciate a lot if someone uploads it. Thanks in advance!

All with DLPB's permission, of course.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2020-05-21 05:29:25 »
Can custom models be used straight from reunion? Say if i delete all the models from the mod folder just to use the ones that were installed in my default reunion folder before (i'd especially want them to use for 60 fps battles), will there be no issues?

also, is there any incompatibilities or bugs involved with reunion? I have installed mods with models, fields and world map textures, as well as battle textures too, will those be conflicting with New Threat?

I have a general idea which folders to delete, but then, if doesn't cause any issues, which folders i'd have to delete in order to have field and battle models looking the same as they did in Reunion, without New Threat installed?

Nice! So do these have to be modified in some way to work, or you just past them into reunion directory and it will work?

Question, does the ability to have miss Cloud's model altered depending on the wig requires modyfing the original english reunion, or is it already included?


Thanks for this mod.  I played the Remake recently, and it got me hankering after the original and best story.  I bought the Steam version and modded it, and it is all working fine.  However, I wanted to be able to speed up the game so I don't have to sit through summon animations, chocobo races, etc.  I have read that this mod allows you to do this, but I cannot for the life of me find the key combo online or in the mod text files.  Can anyone help me out?

Assist + Switch button is Fast-Foward (Select + Square by default)
Assist + Confirm button is Skip FMVs and certain sequences. (Select + Cross by default)

Do note that if your 60 fps battles are set to interpolated (mode 2), the fast forward function wont be working for battles. Also, this should be written down in the help file that come with the installation. See help file, hotkeys section.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] ZomiPlayFont
« on: 2020-05-15 21:03:49 »
There's a bit of rough edges in the numbers. Is it yet to be fixed or intended?

Edit: Ok, nevermind, i think it's the transparency i messed up on my own so there's nothing that needs to be fixed, everything is perfect and i figured it out. By the way, as i said before, amazing work, and it just keep getting better with each update!

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] ZomiPlayFont
« on: 2020-05-11 03:31:41 »
also the blue icons for the weapons/armor/accessories on this same file as the border are the icons that show up in shops/inventory, and they are bluish and pixelated instead of normal

I believe they are never intended to be shown.

Releases / Re: [FF7 PC] [Tsunamods] Arranged Soundtrack
« on: 2020-05-06 02:06:17 »
You're welcome!!! Glad to be of help!

Is there any issues with using this driver with Reunion? Honestly, these crashes are getting more often than not with mods installed, but i'm not sure if it will work correctly with Reunion if i switch to dds. Meawhile i'm stuck with PNG, but yeah, wish i could do something about those crashes, at least make them appear less.

I've had a report about this too but all honesty... I have no time to test it and I think upgrade is the solution.  XP is unsupported and obsolete.

Ah, i see that's a known issue. Understandable, yes. Only a few would want to install it on XP, and then if you think about it, Reunions is more like meant to make life easier on modern platforms, not just Beacause, it makes sense. Thanks anyway!

Is there a problem with Reunion running on WinXP machines? I have an old laptop connected to a CRT, figured i would try to play the game oldschool style, but that laptop is running WinXP professional, x86, of course. So as i know, there is no architecture limitations, as i've tested both Win10 x86 and x64, and both ran flawlessly, but when i try to run the installer of Reunion under XP, it says that it's not a compatible x86 program, no idea why this happens, is that supposed to happen?

Also, same with just copy pasting the entire folder. ddraw does not let the game to boot, and crashes on startup.

Which version of Reunion are you using? Does it happen without SYW pack? I believe you are using R06d, you have to upgrade to R06e, this was a known problem.

I didn't create this thread to argue or debate at all, neither did i say anywhere that it was "essential". I think i agreed enough that it was more for that "purist" feeling fulfillment, and nothing more, as well as the given example was more of an idea about it, like i said, not a statement, 'cause status indication is indeed essential, a lot more than that submenu. Importantly, it's not that i obligate anyone to invest that time for the sake of me not pressing the button by creating this thread, it was more of a "let's see if anyone agrees with me on that" and perhaps has the knowledge to do that, 'cause i don't, though i wish i did. If someone decides to invest it eventually, it will be on their own will. Maybe i'm the only one around here who thinks this menu is needed, and only interested people will prove that otherwise. So, if someone is, it's their will to make that possible, if nobody is, then nothing happens, since i lack the knowledge to do that. So no one loses their time either way, even if it does take a lot of work.

You likely knowing the HP before you even opened the menu to heal by the way is a fair point to be honest, though makes me want to ask, why then the developers bothered with their time to add that sub-menu?

Gotcha, thanks!

A genuine question... why is this needed when you can use Switch from any menu to display this info?

To be fair, it is not, though at the same time, why would you even need the status name written to you on the UI (when you press that switch button), when you can see it on your character model (He glows green when poisoned, for example). While the example given right now is different in priority, it bears the same idea, just to make life a bit easier and save you the hassle (not that it is!) of pressing the switch button. Also making the menu look a bit neater.

Also, there is another question of being faithfull to the original. It was on PS1, why wouldn't it be here? Why would the developers go on their way to make that menu? It feels then like the game has cut something, not added. And when a certain mechanic that was broken was removed, it can be alright, but in the OG the menu was there for helping, and worked perfectly. So there's also some of the "purist" feeling going on here, to be honest.

I hope it was enough to explain it.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] ZomiPlayFont
« on: 2020-05-01 12:16:36 »
Any plans on doing the numerals in the same style as your font? Not that Avalanche's 2.1.0 is bad, it does it's job, though it feels different a bit, so for consistency, would be nice to have the numerals from you too! Even the brightness of the font and numerals are a bit different, if you take a better look at it.

I believe what make your font be closer to the original art, was making it square-ish, while Avalanche's is a bit more round-ish, if you know what i mean. Same with the numerals, they're just too round and they stand out because of it, while original PS1 font (And Reunion's, that are practically original ones), and numerals were, again, more square-ish.

The battles where the numerals stand out the most, actually. They're too clean, a bit cartoonish i would say.

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