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The first version has been integrated into FFNx!

You can try it with FFNx v1.9.0.7 canary build.

Please enable lighting in the FFNx.toml settings file.
Also, enable the FFNx DevTools for playing with parameters such as light direction and color.

Hope you guys like it!

It would be great if a moderator moves this topic to the Release section, thank you.

Could we have a little update on the progress of the project please?  I find it incredible, but I can't imagine how much work it is! Is it a very complicated project to realize?

This is amazing !

Thank you for the kind words. Actually the PR has just been approved on GitHub so probably will be merged soon.  I'll update the topic as soon as a Canary build is release.

About the complexity of the project, as you can see in the PR above, it's almost 3000 lines of code and there is still a lot that could be improved lol

Thank you, I'm glad you guys like it!

I'm a little concerned about the source of light but this will definitely be quite interesting to test. Thanks a lot for your contribution!
Right now there is only one single directional light but it should not be too difficult to add support for point/spot lights. I think it would be cool to be able to save parameters such as light direction and color to some file format so that it can be customized per field/battle scene. I also read about the game already having some kind of lights (point lights?), so maybe we can use those because implementing a way to manually place lights would be a lot of work I think.

The light layer
Blending of 3D models
Reflections and refraction of surfaces.
Emission on magic effects.

Btw. do you know if skinned meshes are possible through shaders?

Thank you for the suggestions. I think I will currently focus on finishing the lighting mod but maybe once I finish I may see if I can help on those.

I am not sure what you mean with the "light layer", can you explain this? (I bought the game like a month ago but I haven't actually played it that much lol)
About blending of 3D models, I suppose that the problem is seeing back faces when doing alpha blending. A possible solution is using dither transparency if you don't mind the dither pattern.
About reflections, that would be cool but as you say it would require a way to specify what regions of the walkmesh are reflective.
About emissive magic effects, maybe a solution would be using HDR dds textures so that the effects have already the emission value in the texture. This would also probably need bloom and tone mapping post-effects.
About skinned meshes, do you mean doing the bone calculations on shader instead of doing them on the CPU? If that's the case I think it could be done.
Or maybe you mean using smooth skinned meshes, that would be difficult I think because the game seems to only support rigid skinning.

Dev Log

  • Implemented deferred draw calls for most scene models
  • Improved shadow map setup by setting frustum target to the scene AABB center
  • Implemented character field shadows by projecting 3D models into the walkmesh
    Walkmesh reference:
    Field camera reference:
    Spoiler: show
  • Implemented method that extrudes the walkmesh to fade out sharp shadow discontinuities
    Spoiler: show
  • Implemented field shadow fade out with distance from occluder to the walkmesh floor
    Spoiler: show
  • Added ImGui window for adjusting parameters and debugging
    Spoiler: show
  • Improved field shadows using the stencil buffer to assure that they are only drawn over the background






Cosmos Lighting is a FFNx mod that adds real-time lighting and shadows to the PC version of FFVII.

  • Real-time physically-based lighting
  • Real-time shadows through shadow maps
  • Field character shadows

Current limitations
  • Single directional light
  • Constant ambient lighting
  • Global material parameters
  • Field Shadows only apply to floor surfaces (walkmesh)
  • No lighting or shadows in world map mode

Known issues
  • Field shadows are broken during movies
  • Field shadow may look weird when the walkmesh surface diverges from the background geometry
  • Some field shadow occlusion artifacts with certain 2D tiles


The first version of this mod has been integrated into FFNx. You can try it with FFNx v1.9.0.7 canary build.

Please enable lighting in the FFNx.toml settings file. Enable the FFNx DevTools for playing with parameters such as light direction and color.


Thanks to everyone involved into making FFNx, specially its main contributors Aali and TrueOdin.
This mod would not be possible without their awesome work!


Spoiler: show

Team Avalanche / Re: [HD Remake] WIP Sector 5 slums
« on: 2015-02-12 03:11:20 »
Personally I'm not too sure about those, they're pen and pencil fonts, the cursive fonts I've seen so far are all brush fonts.

Yeah I agree, in the original renders it is more of a brush type of font. I just wanted to note that most kanjis in the original game are handwritten. Here there are some free brush fonts (sorry, sites are in japanese):

Team Avalanche / Re: [HD Remake] WIP Sector 5 slums
« on: 2015-02-11 13:51:24 »
I would also recommend to use a handwriting japanese font instead. I did a quick google search, you can download some here:

Keep up the good work  :wink:

FF7 Tools / Re: FF7 Game Converter -BETA-
« on: 2013-08-11 14:58:22 »
The probability is low, but if anyone can help me, I can try it.

For some reason I cannot reply to the PM. I only have the english version but since I´m living now in Japan and I wanted to play the original version I was thinking of buying the japanese version also. So I cannot help right now but if I decide to buy it, I´ll let you know.

FF7 Tools / Re: FF7 Game Converter -BETA-
« on: 2013-08-07 17:49:31 »
Any chances for this to work with the japanese version?   :-\

Releases / Re: Improved and added unshaded characters
« on: 2013-08-07 17:29:32 »
I recently started using some of the mods here and I have to say it is really awesome how much you guys have improved this game. One thing I noticed when using this mod is that Cloud´s hair color is different than the original (darker and kind of orangish). I don´t know if this is deliberate or not but I changed it back to the original one using Kimera. Here is how it looks:

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