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FF7Voice / Re: [FF7][Tsunamods] Echo-S Voice Mod
« on: 2023-03-02 13:19:08 »
I figured it out. I had the 30/60 FPS gameplay mod set to full 60 FPS, which has conflicts lol. Thanks for taking time to help, though.  :)

FF7Voice / Re: [FF7][Tsunamods] Echo-S Voice Mod
« on: 2023-02-26 17:07:41 »
Found a bug in Shinra tower 70th floor. There are at least 3 cutscenes here and they all play incorrect voice files.

I've been listening to these tracks and I've gotta say I think these are the best remakes I've heard so far. They capture the original, including a certain punchiness that other remakes seem to miss. I really, really like these.

Team Avalanche / Re: Project Edge (Jusete's field scenes)
« on: 2019-03-14 23:44:06 »
I need to build a new PC for gaming, but it's still a while out (other financial obligations at present). When I do if the specs are sufficient I'm willing to pitch in some time if it's pretty jasmer-proof and I can set and forget until it's done.

Since I also need something that can handle video editing better than my last rig it'll have decent CPU and lots of RAM.

Oh my gosh these sound amazing!

I like the artsy painting look these kinds of filters produce. These would go great with NinoStyle's character models.

Wow! These look great!

I peeked at your twitter link and my jaw literally dropped (I sound like a bad clickbait article now) when I saw one of the before and after sets. Absolutely fantastic.

Team Avalanche / Re: [HD Remake] jmp434 Junon remaster.
« on: 2018-12-12 12:02:10 »
New scene looks really good!


Has anybody tried Let's Enhance to upscale vanilla textures?

Team Avalanche / Re: Jusete´s field scenes
« on: 2018-08-31 01:59:00 »
So I have a question not at all related to any scenes/areas you guys are working on yet.

If you ever get around to Aeris' house is anybody going to fix the megahugegiant furniture downstairs? The countertops are face high, the handles on the hutch are over people's heads, it drives me nuts lol

Team Avalanche / Re: Jusete´s field scenes
« on: 2018-08-20 19:56:00 »
The Malboro smokes were cute. I lost it at Cactuar Park lol

I believe you're supposed to pick one. They all go about retexturing a little differently and look a little different, but I think the big world texture packs all cover all the same stuff. So the last one that loads is just going to overwrite everything else anyway.

Screenshots for comparison would be appreciated.

Seconding the possibility of uploading to Mega....

Team Avalanche / Re: Jusete´s field scenes
« on: 2018-05-29 04:59:13 »
Wow that looks amazing!

Team Avalanche / Re: Jusete´s field scenes
« on: 2018-05-16 20:40:03 »
So just out of curiosity, have you tried a recovery tool? Such as Recuva? I've had success restoring things after a hard drive failure and I believe it's still free.

There are other recovery methods for cloning a drive that's gone belly up. You might be able to get some of it back.

Team Avalanche / Re: Jusete´s field scenes
« on: 2018-04-19 16:24:07 »
These look fantastic, jusete.

I'm diggin the painting look.

Team Avalanche / Re: Jusete´s field scenes
« on: 2017-09-20 02:46:10 »
I think it looks great. Should go nicely with the higher detail textured character mods some people like.

Team Avalanche / Re: Jusete´s field scenes
« on: 2017-09-13 02:46:33 »
Love it!

So something I can't ever unsee when I play, some of the game's field scenes seem to have originally been intended to be smaller. Like Aerith's house, with it's enormous furniture. Any intentions of correcting the giant chairs and really tall counters? lol

Wow! That looks great!

Is this something one can do in GIMP? I'd like to try it out.

Just out of curiosity what is your process?

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