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That document takes me back. I read through that some 15 years ago. It was the first time I learned of the MDef bug. I had never noticed before.

Bit confused, you tell me I'm wrong about something I didn't claim and then repeat the instructions I made about setting an animation to the attack's ID? The spell does need to be in the scene anyway, because the enemy needs to have the ID in one of the attack slots to set an animation to it; the attack data can be whatever, but it does need the ID to be in there somewhere.

You are correct. I read what you had entirely wrong. I thought you were talking about something else and I was getting distracted. Sorry for the confusion. The action in question doesn't directly need to be in the scene. It's a limitation of PrC that requires it to be there. That really should be changed. A great deal about that tool needs to be changed. I've washed my hands of it the way it is now and the new tool I'll eventually make will be way better.

@Sega Chief. That's not entirely correct nor do I believe that is the issue. Kernel.bin actions (player-accessible magics and E.Skills) are always loaded and don't actually need to be in the scene. Only actions with indexes greater than 255 look at scene data. That's the way it is on the PC anyway.

What I believe the issue you're having, Abashi76, is that you haven't set the animation of the actor you want to change the action from to react to the new action. It's the exact same issue that the Adamantaimai softlock has. It is actually trying to perform Cure, but it has no animation assigned to Cure so it doesn't work and the battle engine softlocks.

Go to the Animations and Formations menu of the enemy in question and change the dropdown that says Bolt2 to Fire2.

Not all instances of actors have to be the same. I have a theory as to why the are the way they are in the scene.bin file, but as far as the battle engine cares each scene is entirely isolated from all the others. Every actor in the game can have the same name and appearance and still behave entirely differently. There are some issues with some animations cooperating with certain actions, but you could replace every actor with the model of a Tonberry and have them do the "knife animation" for every action those actors do and the game would "work just fine".

Unfortunately, the AI Editor of both WM and PrC is sorely lacking in...consistent workingness. You shouldn't see a 22 in that code.

Why did Yuffie break? You need to be more specific. Did you verify the KERNEL.BIN's SLUT when you saved?

Instead of insulting "idiots", there are three things you can do that would be infinitely more constructive:

1. Listen to the "idiot" and keep an open mind. Unless they are saying verifiable fallacies as truths then they might actually be right and YOU might be the "idiot".
2. Teach them the truth in a way that can be independently verified by providing mutually agreed upon sources of authority.
3. Walk away. Some people will choose to NOT adhere to the above two directives and are choosing to remain idiots. If you've done the above two your work is done and you need to move on with your life rather than let the troll take over.

Exceptions to this are opinions. Everyone's opinions are valid. Even loathing and hatred are valid opinions. If someone doesn't like something you did they're not wrong, but neither are you (inherently) for what you did/do. Grow up and keep living.

I can tell you the addresses on the PC version (0xCFF45C). I don't think it translates directly to the PSX. That points to the data in memory that you're looking for. I think the memory structure it points to goes something like this:

0x0 - word; overall encounter rate
0x2:0xD - words; 6bit encounter chance/10bit formation value. There's a chance that these can be encountered "preemptively".
0xE:0x15 - words; special formations in same format as above. Checked first in order. I believe they are two preemptive followed by one back attack and one side attack. Those formations cannot be overriden by preemptive, but can go up/down in probability of encountering with preemptive materia.
0x16 - word; probably nothing. Likely an alignment buffer.

I don't buy into the whole "brand loyalty" mentality that the boomers were dedicated to, but EA does have a blanket-ban on my shopping list. I can't remember the last thing I bought that was EA. Mass Effect 2 was probably the last thing I bought on purpose. Some other things came in bundles. I've seen that Dead Space 3 is now on "Steam". In reality it's a proxy purchase through Origin apparently.

Eh-hem; FFXIIZA is still expensive even with the 50% discount. The port was handled so awkwardly that SquEnix have probably pushed it to the side hoping people forget the state it's in. After hacked license boards were "patched" (they weren't) and running like a yam on my laptop I gave up on it too. I guess IX is still the price it is because it's one of the most recent re-releases.

So far I've picked up Tales of Vesperia and Darksiders III Deluxe (which is cheaper if you buy it in the bundle with the other Darksiders stuff). Considering other things too. Maybe FFVIII (I don't actually own my original copy any more :( ). Not taking recommendations because my backlog is now ~6 months long. :P

It's six of one and half a dozen of another the way it is now. We have dedicated boards for project types which are subdivided into games. You're suggesting boards for games subdivided into project types. I've thought we need to further divide the subboards into release, WIP and actual support of each of these categories. That way all releases can be found in one place not cluttered by people asking questions or WIP projects. I like the flow of the idea that you've got pictured

Code: [Select]
|-> Graphics
|      |-> Release
|      |-> WIP
|      |-> Support
|-> Audio

I'm voting yes for this.

You may have either too long of a string or an invalid character on either an item or a materia. I don't recall the limit (or even if there is one) and the characters don't work past code 240 or so. Double check your texts. If they aren't too long (16 for names and probably 40 for descriptions) then PM me.

Yup. If you're able to play the game you have that file. This file exists on all versions in the same location. You won't likely get it from the downloaded PS store edition without some unpacking which I'm not qualified to walk you through.

The ONLY file you should open is the KERNEL.BIN in the INIT folder.

Troubleshooting / Re: Mega-All removing functions
« on: 2020-06-17 19:52:10 »
This is why I always put copious amounts of addresses in my posts. So I can refer back to them and find what's what. :)

In this case, if you want to remove functionality to commands, you can make a similar change to 0x001CC3C3 from 7D to EB. This will bypass the command-level assignment of the mega-all. Combine with the change in that other post and there will be no modifications to commands.

Announcements and site development / Re: Forum upgrade
« on: 2020-06-16 19:15:49 »
Might I suggest more strict adherence to topic relevance? I believe a lot of the trolling and such could have been avoided if people had just stuck to discussion of the topic and not deviated into digging up past events or side projects. Personally, I see a lot of posts in the WM and PrC topics that ask more of how to do things with the tools (like asking for help on blocks of AI) rather than questions about the tools themselves. Such questions belong in their own topic.

I found it at one point. At least the base colors. I imagine the gradient wouldn’t be too far from that. I’ll have to take a look later.

Only the initial stats/equipment are hard-coded for Vincent/Cait. Their growth curves and limit data are pulled from the KERNEL because Sephy and little Cloud don’t have limits.

Karma is little more than a popularity contest. I think it was added in as a stand-in for "liking" posts. I don't believe it has any bearing in your ability to post or PM people. Don't think too hard about it.

General Discussion / Re: There's a FF7 Disassembly?
« on: 2020-05-05 21:02:35 »
Better question is how do I apply this disassembly and extract my own?

General Discussion / Re: FF7 Exp/AP Mod?
« on: 2020-04-29 15:29:14 »
PrC doesn't require Power Packs. That's specifically a WallMarket thing.

It would probably require a different model like Barret/Vincent use for their weapons because she'd have to hold it differently from a staff/rod.

General Discussion / Re: What on Earth is this mod?
« on: 2020-04-29 15:26:08 »
With all the hate Java gets, it's deserved and unwarranted at the same time. Java has some severe limitations due to the way it's created. It was designed to work in its own memory region that a lightweight VM manages. As such, it's lacking the robustness of some other languages like C#. There are pros and cons to each approach. Java's biggest pro is code never needs to be adjusted for whatever OS you want it to run on. You compile it once and it can run on nearly anything that has a jvm. With C# et al, you have to compile them in individual formats for various platforms (Windows, Legacy Windows, Mac, Linux, etc) and maintain different codes for each of them. Java also does its own garbage collection, but the vm can cause longer than necessary startup times and larger than necessary memory requirements. Java is also a little behind the curve when it comes to implementing what some would deem essentials. Lambda expressions (anonymous functions that return values) have existed in C# since version 2 back in 2005, but Java only picked them up in version 8 in 2014.

It really boils down to what you need a program to do. My preferences: Want to cross platform? Java. Want to read direct memory addresses? Anything with pointers. Need to get a grasp on how programming mechanics work? Scratch. Want to write a script? Python, Perl or Ruby (they're pretty equal for my needs). I started learning programming around 16 and I know several languages, but I'm always having to refer to the documentation for syntax and keywords (is "on" a keyword in Java or Perl? Does this language use "AND" or "&&"? etc).

7th Heaven / Re: Is a one click launch possible?
« on: 2020-04-27 21:24:49 »
The issue is with Windows UAC, the bane of many.  There are ways to get around UAC, but they don't work with the batch, or at least I haven't figured out a way to get them to work together.

Have you tried this?

Troubleshooting / Re: YARRR! Error.
« on: 2020-04-17 21:19:32 »
06:30:04|ERROR|SeventhHeaven.Classes.GameLauncher|Error code: YARR! Unable to continue. Please report this error on the Qhimm forums.

Very trolly.

They aren’t the first company that did this nonsense and they won’t be the last. There’s some weird legal issues that prevent them from making the modifications themselves and allow them to take 3rd party mods if they credit them appropriately. If they did not credit the author, that author CAN sue them. However, there is probably some weird line in the EULA that allows them to do this clearly exploitative and otherwise illegal action. It sickens me that game companies will make these awful decisions and don’t regularly get punished for them.

It doesn't matter if god played it - the story is what the original writers intended - not what a localizer on a tight deadline accidentally made happen.

It actually happens a lot. Once region's canon is another regions apocrypha. It happens all the time in literature (and anime). My wife is studying this right now and could lecture both sides of the issue. The simple answer is "there is no definitive answer". A translation CAN be considered a separate work if done independently which essentially creates unique works, but can be considered a "canonical translation". When done in collaboration with the original author the translator usually has little to no freedom of expression and must approve any and all changes to the original intent. These cases don't firmly apply to the original English translation of FF7. It's more in the category of "if it isn't wrong, don't fix it". The only thing SE did retcon in FF7 was Aerith's name. Only the original translation calls her "Aeris", but that is no longer her canonical name. Same thing about changing Japanese Tina to English Terra in FF6. Every mention of her later still calls her Terra. That is her English name. Did changing it have any purpose? Did it preserve some deeper meaning? Would reverting it reveal something we didn't consider before? Did Woolsey think Tina was just too boring as a primary/MacGuffin character's name? I digress. The story as it is presented to us is what was delivered as the "canonical English story" regardless of how much sense it makes, how much more is revealed (or is better) in the original source or who actually wrote what. A few spelling mistakes were corrected in the PC port, but the ones that remain uncorrected are still part of English canon.

I won't credit either party involved in the script writing of the original to be literary experts. When translating the original work there was probably not a lot of thought given to subtext and implications other than "we need to make it to the next scene". It's the difference between "Let's eat, grandma!" and "Let's eat grandma!" One is a call to a meal, the other is suggesting cannibalism. Same goes for the writers of modern vidja games. The writers of this game just wanted an excuse to make flashy effects and provide visual orgasms. Time travel is lazy. Reviving dead characters is lazy. No one that is making a game to visually impress teenagers cares about plot holes or character inconsistency. Triple A game companies ONLY make games to make money. If people buy it, it's not the companies' fault if the customer doesn't like the games' story. As long as the game plays as intended the company does not care.

Now then; If this game WEREN'T released as a FF7 remake (if Nomura could go back in time and release a completely reskined version with names and locations being different) would everyone be hating on it? Objectively no. This game is not poorly made (at least it hasn't been exposed for being poorly made yet). It's the authors telling us to accept THEIR extension of an already established universe that people are losing their minds over.

Troubleshooting / Re: need a save or two
« on: 2020-04-08 03:51:04 »
Someone once supplied a very well organized archive of save games at all sorts of places for exactly this purpose. There’s a topic dedicated to it if you search for it. I’m on my phone or I’d find it for you.

Support / Re: FF7 always have specific battle team mod
« on: 2020-04-06 14:11:52 »
Sort of, but it would be complicated. You'd have to have something hooked into the battle-prep and menu open methods and change the values in the party lineup before the battle starts or menus open then change it back once the battle is over. You could have a database of which parties to use at specific times if you check the gamemoment variable.

Actually, after writing that it doesn't seem too complicated. I just don't know how to do it. :)

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