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Graphical / Re: New Aeris/Aerith Death scene (video)
« on: 2012-10-31 00:35:23 »
Just because your not playing as the models doesn't mean there not ripped, I'ts not worth the risk
But when the models are ripped and then put into a video, what you have is not the models but still frames of the model.

So in the end, this is surely about as against the rules as posting pictures of Dissidia models in the forums. Or as watching that video on YouTube. Right?

Graphical / Re: Removing characters mouths?
« on: 2012-10-30 19:12:07 »
I don't have a list of parts, but I made a list of all the skeletons here. In Kimera you can edit each individual part (e.g. head) when loading up the skeleton file.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Fanboyism is a Mental Illness
« on: 2012-10-16 18:45:19 »
Make mention of a past member who hasn't been on site in months because he is the person you believe embodies everything that attacks your sacred game.
Not quite. You are known on that forum for your dislike of Cait Sith. And also for being a dick. And the "being a dick" part has nothing to do with your opinions of FFVII either.

Taking issue with anything anyone says about something you believe? Surely classic fanboy behaviour, right? DLPB, you don't like Cait Sith, that's fine, we get it. But someone liking Cait Sith or thinking he has value in the story does not make them a fanboy. People liking something you did not does not immediately make them a fanboy.

That is all.

Open FFVII, go to Continue, then edit the save at the screen (the one where you pick the slot). You can then open the slot, load the specific save file. You will then have to save this save file to permanently keep the changes.

But doesn't the latest version of Black Chocobo overcome this?

FAQs and Tutorials / Re: The Rules
« on: 2012-09-17 23:59:41 »
What annoys me the repliers to the people double posting, double threading, not searching etc.

Double posting seems to be something of an issue with some people, and I don't know what it stems from. I know I have seen users on other forums (and perhaps being one however many years ago) that believes higher post counts are important. But that doesn't matter, especially not here. It's all about only posting if you have something to say and can contribute something. And that's a separate rule. --But my main problem with the double posting rule is that it only gives people cause to derail threads and not post things that don't contribute something.

Double threads (in terms of creating a thread twice) is as simple as telling the user to use one thread and move on. Duplicate threads (as in someone creating a thread of the same nature) is as simple as linking to the user and telling the user to use search.

Avoiding conflict is often as easy as not responding. I don't know why people think it's helpful to respond to someone who claims to have used the search when you don't think they have (even if they haven't) and tell them they are wrong. How does that better anyone? If the person did use search, you start an argument. If the person did not? Then what? They lie, or they admit they didn't. In the former you get stupid arguments, in the latter you get nothing. Once the user knows the correct thread and they have been told to use search the thread is over. Even if the creator wants to say they actually did, it doesn't matter to anyone else anymore.

I also find it annoying to read people responding to threads saying "this will never happen". Sure, if someone has an idea that requires a lot of work to get done, say that it's not a simple task and unless someone is really interested in the idea and has the know-how it will never happen, but that is all that needs to be said. You don't need to argue. And if the other person expands on the original idea and doesn't make an effort to tackle the requirements suggested, you don't need to say it again. They already know. People can dream.

But it's all "don't be a dick" and "reporting posts" (instead of telling a user they're doing it wrong).

FF7 Tools / Re: [1.5] Makou Reactor - a FF7 field editor
« on: 2012-09-16 18:28:52 »
Is it possible to allow things copied from one Makou Reactor window to be pasted into another? Or can there be made a way(if there isn't already)? I am aware I can export field files, however if I then import them into the flevel.lgp I want to use the single script in it will replace the entire field file. I figure it would be possible to implement a system where scripts can be exported and imported.

But if there isn't such a function I don't mind re-writing it, it's not that major for me.

Edit: Also when I click the "Save" button on a background image, Makou Reactor crashes.

Edit2: Also seem to have a problem changing the third Z value on Walkmesh triangles. The other two Z values change while the third one remains the same.

I don't see why you're using such a roundabout way of doing this.
A much easier way is to add
"If key pressed start, if var x-x == 0, else
   disable random encounter
   assignment var x-x ==1
Activate random encounter
assignment var x-x == 0

voila, every time you press start you switch between encounter modes
this can be put in any main script, towards the end and works fine. no need for any items or materia or all that complicated stuff you have
The overly complicated stuff is because I was originally trying to have the effect in a Materia, and then forgot that I would no longer need to have the effect in a Materia if I will be editing all the field files anyway.

A benefit to using Materia is that Materia and equipment are what I go to tweak when I want something in the game changed. Although the Start button idea would make more sense. I'm going to do that. Thanks for the suggestion.

Eh, I'll just do that then. It somehow never came to mind that I can create new groups and don't have to add that kind of stuff into main.

For anyone interested, I've set it up so at the start of the game talking to a dead guard once sets V[15/32]'s 0bit to 1 (and you obtain Potion), talking to one again sets V[15/32]'s 1bit to 1 (and you obtain Potion), and talking to them again sets V[15/32]'s 0bit back to 0, and you obtain a new special No Encounters Materia, and at the same time this will allow access to the Materia option in the menu, and the menu will automatically open. Quitting then deactivates the option.

Then in a new script which will go into almost every field files checks that V[15/32]'s 0bit is 0 and that the 1bit is 1 (this tells the script whether the Materia was obtained or not); and then it checks the amount of NoEncounters Materia in the inventory and stores the number in V[1/71] (if equipped, it will be 0-- also if sold or trashed it will be 0 but I won't do that). If the result is 0 then encounters will be disabled.

I could have done the same with an accessory, and then it couldn't be sold or trashed, but since it's for personal use it doesn't matter.

Also I chose V[1/71] because I believe it's the last byte in a set of eight reserved for key items, but never gets used because there aren't that many key items. I would have preferred to use one of the unused bits in the byte relating to the Kalm Traveler but I do not believe it is possible to store a boolean value based on whether there is a specific Materia in the inventory or not so I needed to use an entire byte.

I basically want to create a no encounters Materia. But after looking in the kernel I realise that both enemy away and enemy lure use the same code. There are only two differences: one uses one stat-change (enemy away gives Luck+1), while the other uses another (enemy away gives Luck+2); and there is the other obvious difference of the ID they use. I am not sure how the game knows what to do with the Materia.

So instead I decided to just take the enemy away Materia and improve its functionality. A Level1 enemy away Materia has a value of 7, while a Level2 enemy away Materia has a value of 14.

However I have tried increasing this value to 254, 15, and 16... and nothing seems to make it work noticeably any better.

So what I want to know is: Is there a way to remove enemy encounters without having to edit all the field files. If not, is there a way to make enemy away more effective to remove a larger number of encounters. Any help would be appreciated.

I didn't notice the Left/Right Up/Down thing. I'll share my other findings here.

fr_e -- In the "chance" group script (I didn't write down which one) they change an 8 frame wait to a 1 frame wait.
lastmap -- In script 3 of group "AD3", it now uses script 1 of group "disp".

Such minor changes. I haven't played either of these parts of the game so I haven't "noticed" a change. Still have no idea about uutai1, nor why the frcyo filesize is so different.

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