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Troubleshooting / No room for text in FF8.exe
« on: 2020-04-25 22:40:27 »
There are no problems with editing texts in FF8 menus (mngrp.bin, namedic.bin etc, areames.dc1), I simply edit strings and pointers to them, no problems with limited space.
At 874B58 of FF8.exe (2013) there text data for triple triad game, but right after it there is another file, can't overwrite that.
So what I'm supposed to do? How to fit larger data?
Sorry for noobish question, I'm not an expert at this sort of things.  :-(

Support / Re: Stretched Triple Triad textures
« on: 2020-02-09 13:27:34 »
Thanks for explanation, Xhris. Looking forward for your Triple Triad Remaster.

Support / Stretched Triple Triad textures
« on: 2020-02-08 15:09:06 »
While editing FF8 textures found out that text for messages during the game stretches ~ 15% vertically and shrinks ~ 10% horizontally in comparison to the corresponding .tim file:

As far as I know this behavior spreads throughout all versions of the game. I'm actually pretty puzzled, is this a bug or it's supposed to be like this? The workaround I use for now is just stretch and shrink text accordingly, but I find it's rather crude.

Thanks! Everything turned out much simpler than I thought. But as far as I'm concerned RaW does not support Remastered version and the question is still relevant. How Steam would behave if I edit FF8.exe?

Does it support 2019 Remaster?
The thing is that I never edited memory before and don't think I can pull it off. On the other hand there are plenty of software that can change text everywhere in the game. Texture replacing is as simple as copy&paste in Hex editor.

I'm currently translating FF8 and found that text and graphics from triple triad game stored inside the main executable. I'm curious about how Steam would behave if I edit executables from 2013 and 2019 versions of the game.

FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] Field editor - Deling (0.10.1b)
« on: 2020-01-10 07:18:12 »
Deling breaks .tdw files if you add them by import function. All letters become completley black with 0 width. Not a big problem though cause overwriting Deling's .tdw with original file fixes the problem but it's rather annoying.


Also letters added after the ® symbol (E4, E5, E6 etc) are not appearing in Deling dialog boxes. Alphabet of my language simply won't fit (already added letters from À to œ and D3-E1).


Another bug: sometimes if you are adding files into .fs archive (*. tex, for example) some of them become corrupted - game crashes after intro videos. You can tell that they're corrupted by viewing them in the preview window, it's just blank. I'm not entirely sure, but if I click on every texture right after adding them seems to be working solution by now. As far as I know this bug is not limited to texture files, some time ago I tried to replace one of the models, didn't work, crashed. FF8 Archive commander works fine, but it's very slow and inconvenient.

There might be a specific instance where that is the case, but in my version Doomtrain works fine. What disc are you on and where did you summon him? I'm going to have to hunt for those hashcodes. Thanks for the info!
Can't tell if that happened because I used Hyne to add all GF's on the first disk to check out your mod. Maybe if you receive him normally there's no such glitch.
The head of the Doomtrain looks normal but if you look on overall shot you can notice that every second carriage is transparent. I renamed those files and that fixed it.

You mistakenly named textures for Doomtrain the wrong way. "sum_dtbd1_13" needs to be "sum_dtbd2_13" and vice versa.

Actually, her eyes are supposed to open - but some of the smaller animations (blinking lights on Eden, etc) don't work with the current version of Tonberry.  In the next update of Tonberry with the new hashmap feature, this should be fixed - but that might be a long way off.
Is there any chance to get this fixed?
Great mod btw!

FF8 Tools / Re: [0.7b] Deling - a FF8 field editor
« on: 2013-05-13 12:37:55 »
What's up with hi-res fonts? Is there a specific tdw-table for them?

FF8 Tools / Re: [0.6b] Deling - a FF8 field editor
« on: 2012-04-28 20:29:21 »
What about support for custom font?

Releases / Re: [REL/FF8] Project SeeD (FF8 GUI overhaul)
« on: 2011-12-15 09:13:14 »
I've got a problem.
Small dots around the letters. I tried to play with resolution, preserve_aspect, linear_filter, fancy_transparency options, but there's don't help.
Any ideas?

I've got a boner.

You can find this kind of programs here

Thanks for answers.

I'm started a new game and founded that the "Unexpected: Zero count" message becames when Cloud appears and jumping from the train. It's says nothing to Barret, Jessie and Biggs . So, what can be wrong with Cloud?

Releases / Re: Customized Field/Battle Characters
« on: 2011-04-17 05:47:00 »
OMG, that's awesome. Can you do this kind of manipulations to the other main character models? Especially for the battle models.

Hello everyone.

I have a problem after instlling Chibi Reconstruction 1.5.
After loading savefile message in the corner says "Unexpected: Zero Count". I can't sleep with this.
Here log file
Code: [Select]
INFO: FF7/FF8 OpenGL driver version 0.7.10b
INFO: Auto-detected version: FF7 1.02 US English
INFO: NVIDIA Corporation GeForce 6600 LE/PCI/SSE2 2.1.2
INFO: OpenGL 2.0 support detected
INFO: Found swap_control extension
INFO: Max texture size: 4096x4096
INFO: Number of texture units: 4
INFO: Original resolution 640x480, window size 1280x1024, output resolution 1280x1024, internal resolution 1280x1440
INFO: FBO extension detected, using fast scaling/postprocessing path
INFO: Shader limits: varying 32, vert uniform 1024, frag uniform 2048
INFO: FFMpeg movie player plugin loaded
INFO: FFMpeg version SVN-r25886, Copyright (c) 2000-2010 Fabrice Bellard, et al.
INFO: FF7Music helper plugin loaded
initializing sound...
creating dsound primary buffer
reading audio file
loading static sounds
sound initialized
set music volume: 127
set music volume: 127
Entering MAIN
Exiting MAIN
INFO: C:\Square\Movies\eidoslogo.avi; mpeg4/mp3 640x480, duration: 0.266934
INFO: C:\Square\Movies\sqlogo.avi; msmpeg4/pcm_s16le 640x480, 29.970000 FPS, duration: 2.469136, frames: 74
set music volume: 127
set music volume trans: 127->0, step=60
Entering MAIN
set music volume: 127
Exiting MAIN
Entering MAIN
Exiting MAIN
Field Start
UNEXPECTED: zero count
Field Quit
Help, please.

Graphical / Re: [WIP] APZ's New Canon Cloud
« on: 2011-03-27 07:22:03 »
Um, any news?

Releases / Re: [WIP] Final Fantasy VII FMV Restoration
« on: 2010-11-24 09:16:45 »
I can translate this subtitles into Russian language. Will you render it?

Announcements and site development / Re: Forum upgrade
« on: 2010-06-21 16:33:41 »
Personal messages in russian language didn't displayed correct. Something with code page.

Archive / Re: Menu Reconstruction [WIP]
« on: 2010-06-18 17:21:47 »
Is it possible to add some background picture to the menu?

Troubleshooting / Re: FF7 Music problem
« on: 2010-04-20 16:31:14 »
Music is played only when I click quit the game. So I go into the game, load save (no music), go into the menu, click quit (music starts), click no. Is this normal?

Troubleshooting / Re: FF7 Music problem
« on: 2010-04-18 08:10:12 »
It's normal that I have no Aali's driver? I marked the commands that you said, created a folder '1 "on the C drive and moved the audio files there (in the program and corrected the path to" C: \ 1 \ "). No music.

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