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Troubleshooting / MOVED: Help plz!
« on: 2016-02-08 12:31:13 »

FF7 Tools / [PC] people.bin editor - Workers (v0.4)
« on: 2015-10-19 14:10:39 »
After I saw this thread, I decided to work on a tool to edit the people.bin file inside the cr_**.lgp file. You will need to extract the file from the LGP archive before you can open it. It's not complete yet, awaiting some feedback to improve it. Mainly the UI part is left to improve.

Download (version 0.4) and get Python to run the program.

Source code on GitHub

Many thanks to IlDucci for the format research!

This is a Python 3.x program, I'm pretty sure any version will work. The provided download is for 3.5.1, which most definitely works. 3.2.x should work too. 2.x will NOT work!


Known issue: The UI is ugly. It's not hard to figure out what does what, but the placement is not well-done. I can't figure out how to place them properly, so if anyone who has any experience with Tk can help that would be great. I would use Qt but Tk ships with any Python version and I don't want to have users have to install PyQt to make it work. So I used Tk.

Update 0.4 (December 9th, 2015): Add support for the special accented characters for different languages, and make the right-hand display show the line contents

Bootleg Questions / Bootleg is dead
« on: 2015-09-29 20:43:22 »
Bootleg is officially dead, and 7th Heaven is now the tool you want to use instead.

Bootleg is an extremely old project, its legacy code is a mess, and 7th Heaven is doing a much better job at what it's meant to do. I am going to briefly go over the reasons why Bootleg is dead.

- 7th Heaven has long superseded it;
- It's old, and has gone nearly 3 years without a single update;
- The old codebase is beyond hopeless, it's a wonder it even runs;
- I don't have time nor will to work on a project alone without any help;
- I prefer to focus on other projects.

Consider this an official notice from the only person that was still involved in Bootleg. I will now move to do other things. I may or may not remain active on the forums, but Bootleg is now an artifact of the past regardless.


Completely Unrelated / Happy Birthday, Covarr!
« on: 2015-03-01 14:48:23 »
Happy birthday to you Covarr, and have a great day!

Completely Unrelated / Anyone who knows Python and C++?
« on: 2015-01-02 23:32:02 »
I'd need some help from a programmer who knows both C/C++ and Python (preferably 3). I need a specific library converted in Python from C++, but that's nothing urgent. Alternatively, someone with enough time on their hands who knows C++ could help me convert it (I don't know/have time to learn C++). You don't need to be free right now, this isn't going to become necessary until many more months.

Thanks in advance!

Which non-playable characters do you think should have been playable? Why? Please expand who they are for those who don't remember.

Personally, I really liked Nida. Gets promoted as SeeD as the same time as Squall/Zell/Selphie, and pilots the Balamb Garden after they crashed into FH. I really liked him, and would have liked him as a playable character (on my first playthrough, I thought he would, since we were promoted at the same time).

What about you?

General Discussion / Anyone who has the 2012 version?
« on: 2014-09-05 18:39:54 »
I need some information from anyone who has the Square Enix Store 2012 version installed. PM me if you can help.

Completely Unrelated / The Ice Bucket challenge...
« on: 2014-08-21 20:15:41 »
... is one of the most stupid things that I've seen.

Let me elaborate.

The Ice Bucket challenge started as a fundraising activity (most of you probably heard of it already) to help research to find a cure for ALS. While it is in itself a good idea to raise funds, the method used could have been done better. Currently, people are wasting huge amounts of potable water, and for what? Literally nothing. That same water could be put to a much better use (although that's another matter, and won't be discussed here). If you really cared, you would simply donate money, you would not pour water on yourself. Basically, once someone nominates you, you have to pour water on yourself then give $10. If you don't, you have to give $100? Not is it entirely stupid, it's also disrespectful to people suffering from ALS. If you could ask 100 people who did the Ice Bucket Challenge "Did you know about ALS before this challenge?", at least 95 of them would say no. On one hand, it's good since it raises awareness, and that's always a good thing. On the other hand, it's bad since it means a lot of people are doing it to "fit in", which is a flawed and stupid concept (although that's again another matter which won't be discussed here), and not to actually support the cause.

Alison McDaniel on Facebook made a video, which can be summed up to say that you're supposed to donate money, and if you drop water on yourself and recording it, you're just being an attention whore. While I don't entirely agree with all she says, what I do agree with is the fact that you're not supposed to drop water on yourself "just because". If you do it, which I find dumb myself, at least donate a reasonable amount of money to the research.

And then, of course, there's the fact that you have to donate $100 if you refuse to do it. Wait what? So basically, if I don't want to do a silly challenge, I have to pay for it? Where's the logic in that? All it achieves is people dropping water on themselves to avoid giving a hundred dollars. In other words, it achieves nothing positive. At all. It doesn't show you care, it just shows you want some attention and don't want to give much.

But then all of this is my opinion, and then there are the people who go all "You're the one who's stupid, Ice Bucket is a great way to raise awareness and it shows you care!" because there will always be someone who will disagree with you, no matter what. So I know some people are going to disagree, others will agree and some will stay neutral.

What are your thoughts?


We are now recruiting people with various skills to help develop the next release of Bootleg. PitBrat is busy with life and can no longer work on the Bootleg, and so he agreed that the lead be passed over. What we are looking at is people who can provide something to Bootleg, be it by programming, testing, debugging or something else.

If you are interested, please send a PM to both Vgr and EQ2Alyza.

The Bootleg Team,
Vgr & EQ2Alyza

Edit: Now looking for user helpers for the current release.

Bootleg Questions / Bootleg's Sprinkles
« on: 2014-06-09 23:19:37 »
We decided to release Bootleg's Sprinkles, a bunch of files included in Bootleg and used when installing some mods to make them work together.

Note: This is not user-friendly. It was not meant for public release, but we decided to put them up for people who would want some files in them.

This is only for advanced users, use at your own risk, make backups!


Link Mirror 1 Mirror 2

Thanks to EQ2Alyza for providing the mirrors.

This thread is for all the feature that you would like implemented. We will take them all in consideration, but it's highly probable some of them will not make it into Bootleg for numerous reasons, namely the amount of work needed versus the benefit it would provide.

Current features requests:

- Uninstall and reinstall options
- Internet links to auto-update the mod list
- DrLilo's 'No Chibi' FMVs
- Bloodshot's HD Battle scenes
- Kaldarasha's new Cait Sith model
- cmh175's Red XIII model
- Knights of Migdar/Cloud of the round if released
- DLPB's latest Anxious Heart
- DLPB's latest Menu Overhaul
- DLPB's Beacause
- Aali's latest driver
- Changing installed mods without needing a full re-install
- Screenshots for all features
- Materias pop-up in "Models" tab shows the same as Potions
- Shred Final_Fantasy_VII_Remix_v2-5-1_Installer.exe and use only required files
- Get rid of duplicates (Orange colored files). Make them more "unified".

05.25.2014: Added 5 Graphical mods requests -suggested by Scrat
05.25.2014: Added 3 more suggestions -suggested by Scrat
06.19.2014: Added 4 more suggestions - suggested by hgdagon

This thread is to log all current bugs of Bootleg, to give us a better chance of fixing them. Please make sure the bug currently exists, and is caused by Bootleg and not a mod.

When reporting a bug, please precise what it is and how to reproduce it.

Current known bugs:

Bug: HQ Highwind always installs, regardless of the option chosen.

State: Cause known

Note: Code doesn't return after simple highwind install, so HQ always installs last.

Bug: Field Cloud Without Sword (Bloodshot) will install Field Cloud With Masamune on the world map.

State: Not looked into

Bug: Red XIII Avatar doesn't display correctly (seen in Wutai). -reported by shockmanz


State: Not looked into

Note: Probably mixed texture with save point's "red.tex". Does renaming fix it? To check.

Bug: Aeris Revival [compatibility issue]

State: Not looked into

05.24.2014: Added Red XIII avatar bug.
05.27.2014: Aeris Revival compatibility issue

Just thought I'd share this with you :P

I was wondering if anyone knew how to extract the files out of the PSX discs. Anything I've tried did not yield any positive result.

Completely Unrelated / FFVII hates me...
« on: 2013-08-15 15:20:38 »
So I was simply grinding in Mideel with Cid, Yuffie and Caith Sith (because Slots) aaaand...


Completely Unrelated / People are stupid
« on: 2012-12-04 22:48:25 »
Yeah, I know I'm stating the obvious. But seriously, people become more stupid everyday. And I'm not talking about babies.

I know some boys in my entourage whose brain is under their belt. And it's just stupid. And then one of them I knew went after some mentally-disturbed girl. Said girl is what, 14 years old? The guy in question will be 20 soon. And nobody says anything. What has this world become? Someone tell me, I'm lost here.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / FF7.exe data
« on: 2012-11-28 13:59:24 »
So I am beginning to write a program to edit FF7.exe's data. I need input to know what is what. I can already know some data (text, for instance) but I don't know of any pointer, or any modifier for items in field, for example. This thread would serve as a place to put all data known about the exe. I know there are limits and shop as well, and Bosola could possibly put some of these here. Of course, the wiki is also helpful. I'll try to update it whenver I get an interesting information.

Its eventual source (because I barely began to code it) will not be open to everyone. I will only share it with knowledgable people who I know can help me (namely NFITC1 and Bosola). It will be written in VB.NET (so 3.5 .NET framework will be needed). But before I can do anything, I need data, right? ;D

This will also be my first real program in VB, so I will need input. And possibly help.

I'll post any data I find both here and on the wiki.

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