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Releases / for Japanese only
« on: 2020-05-10 05:14:16 »
It is a mod for Japanese people only.
All are modifications of the lgp file.
 ● lgp / unlgp  (Created by Aali)

 ● char.rar (Modeling is Kaldarasha. Size adjustment is mine.)
 ● jflevel.rar (Model changes and adjustments are mine.)
The size of the character is adjusted for both【jfleve】and【char】.
 ● battle.rar (Created by FelixLeonhart、Magochocobo、Bloodshot、Team Avalanche)
For the other images, I made a high resolution image in【waifu】and modified it further.
 ● Unshaded-Models- (Modeling is Kaldarasha)
Used for battle and field models.

Hello, I'm Japanese. So I am remodeling without using a custom driver.
Please watch the video and use it if you like it.

1、battle.lgp. which remodeled all scenes. Change to tex file.  
・Battle scene creator: Felix Leonhart, Magochocobo, Bloodshot, Team Avalanche 
 Others have made high resolution with waifu and further modified it.

● Correction of high resolution image
・Common to 19 scenes : Removal of black parts, sharpening or blurring processing.
・Reactor1 Entrance (os**),Reactor5 Entrance(pv**),Reactor(oq**), Reactor (rn**): Floor slippage 
・Corel(pq**), Corel Prison(rq**) : Miniaturize fence, house color
・Coal Trains(qz**) : Sand and wheels

Do not upload full lgp files here. It is against the rules - sl1982
tex file (background only)!2L42Ragb!3iZTMXF7XQSA_OIps2xgVpfECKV2BiZ_bgHpKjS7u9Q

2、Avatar of upper body only
PNG file (.png)!vSIiFQSZ!Aqik9KHximpdjHogUmjG1-bp5Ev0Vk-o747VagVq4dQ

3、Corrected movie whose sound is out of order. (correct sound, correct subtitles, image not yet modified)

 Can battle.lgp be uploaded without receiving permission from creators?

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