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Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Breaking a CPU
« on: 2002-06-26 11:05:05 »
My brand new GlobalWIN CAKII-38 came through the post yesterday, fitted it in. Turned me computer on, loaded Windows 98 after fully loading windows, I opened the start menu, all the text was square blocks. After closing the menu, BSOD. tried to empty recycle bin, lost the mouse cursor. Restarted. Tried to load Windows, "your disk may have bad sectors", skiped that, Windows just came up with endless BSODs. loaded up safe mode, emptied recycle bin, BSOD. Safe mode was running very very slowly. Click, 10 seconds later it done the action. After a while, the BSODs came back too.

Did my processor get crushed or damaged during installation of my processor? The night before it was working fine.


According to BT's website, I can get broadband in my area, NR1. It's the price for me unfortunately. I pay £5.99 a month for off-peak access. The 900~kb version of broadband is around £50 and the 500~kb is about £25. I aren't going to bother with the £50 one.

I've played on Diablo II a few times on B.NET and it's ok now that most people have gone over the Neverwinter Nights and Dungeon Siege, and I have 56k (UK version. Believe me, there's everywhere else 56k and UK 56k :roll:)

FFXI doesn't look like a Final Fantasy yes. This does not neccessarily make it a bad game. I don't know about any other FF player's minds but I've always wanted a FF with a community, like a guild system. Here's my wish list:
Join guilds, the guild becomes your 4-member-max party
A community with decent chat
Random battles
Random weapons spawn (just like Diablo II!)
Me to get broadband for the same price I get my dial-up!  :wicked:

Can I hear what everyone else wants in a FF?

General Discussion / FFXI
« on: 2002-06-11 09:13:19 »
I don't think FFXI will be very good at all. It's suposed to be Final Fantasy yetr it's not. If it was offline too I'd buy it. Also, if I had broadband. I'd definatly buy it. But I don't so I won't. Also, I'm hearing stuff about the server messing up which puts me off.

This file is a recording of what I heard from playing "instr2.all" on FF7PSX. It seems to be the custom instruments for OWA. The best config I could get was 22000hz and 4000b interleave.

This file is a recording of what I heard from playing "instr.all" on FF7PSX. I dunno what the hell this is but I do reckognise the "yahoo" noise which is in FF7s soundfonts. This is 22000hz with 9990b interleave.

The last is which is from Metal Gear Solid 2. The file being played is movie.something. I can't remember the extension. Again, I dunno what the hell is going on in this. I couldn't playback the files which were over 1gb for some reason. Analysis anyone?

EDIT: You have to paste the url into the address bar to get the link working.

General Discussion / Interesting...........
« on: 2002-06-04 18:11:47 »
FFTacticBoy: I know. I wasn't being sarcastic about my PS2. XBOX is s***e on a stick

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Ergheiz
« on: 2002-06-03 19:02:56 »
Speaking of beat-em-ups, has anyone seen screenshots of the new Dragonball Z gamefor the PS2? It looks so... simple. Compared to FFX, the graphics are hella shoddy. I think I'll pass on it and get Legend of Goku GBA game.

Was Erhgeiz released in Europe? I can't remember seeing it anywhere.

General Discussion / PS2
« on: 2002-06-03 18:55:54 »
::gargles with tongue hanging out:: Oooh. I think I should marry my PS2 instead. I already knew that the PS2's bandwidth was enoumous, but not THAT much. I'm glad that  people of your knowledge have clarified this for me, and everyone (especially my m8 who think his future XBOX is gonna rock. All I can say is LAAAAAAAAG!) He was complaining about lag on Blood Omen 2 on the PS2, I don't think he understands games have to LOAD!

Who manufactured the Emotion engine and the GPU?

EDIT: Also, I think he should look at the post above mine from Qhimm. Here John, here's your answer to why PC-converted XBOX games look better than the PC equivelent. Develepers have to cater for those without Athlon XPs.

Archive / PSXMC
« on: 2002-06-02 10:03:31 »
Yeah, those programs only extract the MDECs, and what Goku7 was talking about, the semi-MDECs, like when you first start to control Vivi, that doesn't look as decent as the others and has the Alexandria BGM. I believe you're right about this Goku7.

Archive / FFPSX/PS2 compression
« on: 2002-06-01 08:25:49 »
FFX: I finally got my copy of FFXPAL and the first thing I did were shove it in me PC, then I realise dit was a PS2 game. I was very tired okay! Weird, it said 5.4gb used, yet I could only see the root directory which had about 5mb. Are there folders in the NTSC version? BTW, the date on Modified on the SCES number was 21st of December 2001. Are we missing something?

FFIX: While extracting the soundtrack to Devil May Cry and GTA3 I thought I'd try opening FF9's .mbg files into MF Audio. I couldn't find the correct interleave so it sounded like a hiss. Hmm, I then open it in Hex Workshop. The first line of E:\Seq05\mbg107.mbg read: "RIFFd.0.CDXAfmt ........8.XA" According to MF Audio, WAV: Microsoft RIFF: Uncompressed PCM. I was unable to select it. I could only select RAW PCM/ADPCM. Why does it say CDXA formatm as well? All the stupid extractors say there are NO XA files on the FF9 disks. Help!

Also, remember, these .mbg files were in the MDEC directories.

Archive / "Revision2" DLS update preview!
« on: 2002-06-01 08:11:36 »
Sounds good. You said it was a remix of The Extreme? Would this be from FF8? It doesn't sound like FF8 though. Jari's Timber has good guitar samples, yours is equally sweet. Does anyone know some good dedicated FF remix sites?

I never knew there was so much ugliness involved in the video card business. Once, I had the the choice of a Matrox Mystique or a Righteous 3D (3Dfx Voodoo chipet).

GeForce4's are really that pants? What are the memory set ups for the 4200? Are you saying that the quality of general rendering or the FSAA is bad?
I like the way nVidia chipsets crunch the numbers. Good speed. Good quality. I used to think that 3Dfx Interactive - as they were known back in the day - were the only decent manufacturer. When 3dfx started making their own PCBs I thought they'd never stop, but look where we are. I knew I had to look elsewhere for a card. The nVidia GeForce2 Pro in the PCZone magazine got a 93% review, and I had money to spend  :lol:
Now I never think I'll stray away from nVidia. I always thought other chipsets apart from 3dfx displayed colours wrong and didn't look unlike the 'best'. How wrong I was!
Anyway, ATI have problems on some games. I'm sticking to nVidia until a real good contender comes alone. IMO, Matrox should stay at their new home 6ft under  :lol:

Jari: After I get my drivers liscence (I start lessons soon!) I'm saving up my not-so-hard earned cash for a Ti4600. I just love that sound of that Accuview. Still, a Ti4400 is good enough for me. Is that the model with Accuview too?

Aaron: If you're getting an Athlon XP. Make sure you've got the case. Get a nice brand named one. Don't get an overclokers one. Mine barely keeps mine cool with all the fans going. the noise it produces doesn't make my DVDs pleasant to watch  :(

I have heard of the ALi chipset. I didn't know that they were still popular. What mobo are you using Ficedula?


I'm not sure if it's Win9x only. It happenned to me when I installed the 4-in-1 drivers for my MSI K7T266 Pro-R. After autoexec, you could only hear Windows loading, couldn't see it. Also, the last screen of autoexec is like double vision.
It's a shame there isn't any decent chipsets except VIA for use with an AMD processor. I've heard of Irongate but isn't it AMD's own make?

I remember seeing graphics like this before. I go it when I has Anisotropic filtering turned on to level 2. I think it's Tap 16(?) I'm always usinf the 12.90 with my GeForce2 Pro, because changing Detonator drivers with a VIA chipset installed can be fatal to your system, especailly my sensitive setup. But, anyway, back to the subject, downloading RiveTuner is the wise thing. I have RC10 I believe it's the latest. Fildleing around with the settings can help. But be careful! Do you have a GeForce3 Seph3D?

Archive / Nice Qhimm
« on: 2002-04-25 08:38:59 »
Smooth. Is there still an ability to edit to forum look?

Sounds like it's a success. Were you saying that it hapenned in a SNES game on Windows XP? It wouldn't be suprising. All they need is to get one memory address wrong and you're screwed. To bad I can't a get a decent copy of Windows XP to try it out on, I don't suppose any one could help me out?   :wink:

Sorry mate, I can't see anything. Just a white page. Does it have to take a while to load? It shouldn't take a long time for it to load on this connection.

No, we have progress, it's got a little red X in the middle of the screen and saying "Unexpected error" in the status bar.
Anyway, keep it up.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / FF9 *.IMG Archives
« on: 2002-04-10 19:10:00 »
I was trying to run it in Borland C++ Builder, I don't think the college has Visual C++, but I could look.

General Discussion / FF7 Remake info
« on: 2002-04-10 19:04:00 »
At my college, City College Norwich, we get our connection through the university and it is hyper quick. I get like 800kb/s.

Whoa, I just looked at the screenshots! You guys are doing great! Fice, the engine is looking fab. At least the field scenes are filtered now  :cool: Will you be making your own field scenes or using the previous ones?

General Discussion / FF7 Remake info
« on: 2002-04-09 19:33:00 »
Will this be availiable to download or distributed by burnt cds? I'm wondering if I should take a cd to where I have access to a T3 connection

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / FF9 *.IMG Archives
« on: 2002-04-08 19:46:00 »
I know this topic is dead and buried but I took it to college where they have C++. Where are the project groups? Where is the GUI? Or is it a console app. I can't get it working.


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