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I feel like an idiot, but i cant find a clear answer to what seems like an obvious thing anywhere.

I want to learn to hex edit ff8.

My first goal is a simple patch to the exe, simply changing a single value to another one.

Problem is, i cant even figure out how to start. All the readmes and the comments here seem to assume that you already have the exe in a instruction list text file that you can then manipulate, but how do i actually get a .txt from the exe in the first place?

Releases / Re: [FF8PC - Steam] Succession Mod (v.1.0)
« on: 2022-07-05 15:50:08 »
Just a quick question in regards to compatibility with ragnarok:

You mention several times to install ragnarok and then overwrite with your "field.fs files"

would this be ONLY field.fs, or all three of field.fs,, and field.fl that would be needed for the overwrite?

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.91)
« on: 2020-08-14 13:37:28 »
Ruby spawns after after a certain number of random battles are fought and/or fields are visited once Ultimate Weapon is killed.

That double-boss in Nibelheim should have been fixed as of the latest patches. Are you on the current version?

I am on the current version as far as i know. This occurred the day before yesterday, and the file was started two days before that immediately after updating. if it was patched out at some point after the 12th of august then it may be that, but otherwise im updated already.

as for ruby weapon ultimate weapon had been killed and had probably fifty or so battles on the overworld before trying to go after him, at which point he was not there. If the threshold for battles fought is higher than forty or so after ultimate then you can just ignore that bug and ill try again after more fights.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.91)
« on: 2020-08-14 05:35:05 »
A couple more bugs

Spoiler: show
ruby weapon did not spawn for me at all but the other weapons did, not sure of the cause.

In nibelheim path to reactor the first time in the room with the pipes where you fight the boss blocking the right side of the screen(atm I think) the boss stays there after defeating him allowing you to fight him a second time after which he disappears. You get sp for both battles having me end up with 5/4 upgrades for each character. Game type B.

Also you mentioned Junon league being disabled for this build, is that for both game modes or just B?

As for the feedback for game mode B after finishing it, medgar is excellent. Content past midgar is a little sparse particularly once you get the highwind.(which was somewhat the case in base game as well but what was there was pretty good.

Spoiler: show
As for suggestions to pad that out, perhaps take the optional things and tie them in to mandatory quests? Things like ancient forest, materia caves, weapon fights, etc. Apart from that small sidequests for each of the towns could help there as well to make the game world seem a bit more alive. Perhaps tracking down zack's last mission details for his parents, helping Marlene in kalm, putting Seto to rest in Cosmo canyon or perhaps rumors of another of red 13s species surviving (to explain the kids he has in the final cutscene), Junon league eventually for junon, a quest to earn the villa in Costa del sol etc just small things like that.

As for possibilities for more drastic changes if you felt you wanted to go that route, eliminating the ending cutscene and using scene work to replace it could lead to interesting possibilities with different outcomes or if possible even clipping the final fMV to only show certain parts to craft a new narrative. At one point in the story some background 8nfo was leading me to speculate the story may have changed to be cloud and sephiroth being competing prototypes rather than a master and clone setup, which could be an interesting path to go down. Perhaps dr gast having escaped and created cloud as an anti sephiroth weapon through elmyras DNA being infused to create a jenova cell vs ancient cell situation. At another point it seemed almost as if sephiroth had been rewritten to be less psychopathic and seemed like the possibility was there of him joining the team in the fight against jehovah which could also have been interesting, but of course a lot more work. Just ideas if you decide to change things further.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.91)
« on: 2020-08-13 11:47:18 »
To add on to the previous post (about don corneos mansion on return to midgar) ill relate my experience in case it helps pinpoint something you want to fix.

Spoiler: show
I just finished gathering the last huge materia, and most recent major story event was mideel collapse.

Returned to midgar after obtaining sector 5 key (for sector 7 door apparently?) went through midgar talking to people, obtained premium heart, headed to corneo mansion out of curiosity. Upon entering im in a dress and the events above play out. at the moment he is to choose a person animations freeze and im able to run around. after leaving the room im back in default clothes and can proceed. World state seems to revert back to post corneo section with npcs such as honeybee inn manager and man in the tube returned but no actions can be taken with any of them. upon attempting to leave midgar through the door i entered the "lets go" prompt plays along with dialogue from barret and others but with no models on the field and at the moment it would normally allow party selection the game softlocks and must be reset. glad i didnt save. This all occurred on game type B if it matters, which is what confused me at first as i never went through the dressing up section previously since it was replaced with the tournament scenario.

As long as im here a couple questions:

Spoiler: show
 * I have yet to find the junon league and am concerned i may have missed it or it is not there for some reason. Have i just not found it yet, is it not accessible yet, or has a bug occurred?

* Im debating on starting over with a no upgrade run just to see any differences and i dont need much detail, but are there any differences that occur if you choose not to interact with mr smiles or would it just be a self imposed challenge with an identical playthrough?

Apart from all that im really enjoying mode B, Gives a fresh spin on the game that lets me enjoy the game like its the first time even though ive played through the base game upwards of 20 times. So far its really well put together especially in the aspect of making aeris feel like she belongs in the story events and game in general instead of just being added back in.

I am curious though if you have any plans for further modifications after this release is complete, things along the lines of redoing the dialogue and swapping models around to create a new story that is even further from the base game. perhaps even with a variation with a different main character such as vincent or sephiroth with different events using the same scenes.

Along with that is the new threat mod for ff8 still on the table or has it been dropped, and if it is still in the works do you plan to have it be as in depth as this one with the changes or more just a surface level change story wise with updated mechanics and difficulty?

Thank you very much for the effort put in for this. we will see if i can manage to do it.

thanks for the interest, even if it doesnt pan out.

are you using any specific program to access these? nothing i tried allowed me to even get into the data of the file, only letting me see header info and other useless things.

Not a hundred percent necessary but im not the only one that plays on this pc so having it be something to opt into instead of always on would be ideal. Also the convenience of being able to toggle it on and off via steam controller is nice.

Thank you.

is there an easy way to edit a .p file?
i have no programming knowledge or whatever this might be, and realize now im out of my depth on this. ive tried a handful of programs and different things and cant seem to get to anything that is not useless information or encoded gibberish.

im poking around with LordPE atm but i dont really know what im doing tbh.

Going off the rules page i think this question belongs here, let me know if im wrong.

ff8 2013 PC steam version.

ive searched around and havent seen anything regarding this so im hoping i can get some help with this, if its even possible.

This version of the game has built in cheats activated with f-keys such as the assist function, which grants always full hp, always full atb, always limit break. essentially what im looking for is to change this cheat function but still have it activate via the f2 button. im trying to isolate this assistance cheat to ONLY grant always limit.

ideally this would be to split the three functions to three different keys, or to move the other two functions (hp and atb) to combine with the 9999 damage cheat making the f3 key grant full atb, full health, and 9999 damage. honestly most of that is not necessary and i would easily settle for being able to delete the "always full hp, always full atb" functions entirely leaving only "always limit"

so to recap the goal is to take the current cheat function of f2 and remove everything EXCEPT limit breaks, while still having it activate and deactivate via f2.

im kind of lost on this as its the first time im looking into things like this outside of mods, and the few bumbling attempts ive made to experiment to achieve this have obviously been unsuccessful.

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