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Bootleg Questions / Re: This error happen to anyone else?
« on: 2014-08-26 17:51:17 »
Yes it happened to me as well, but the videos work fine for me

FF7Voice / Re: FF7 Voices - assessing interest
« on: 2014-08-15 15:40:58 »
It seems like it would, but trust me, a stuffy nose makes a Quinton Flynn impression harder. It's a particularly odd brand of nasal that kinda wavers on and off, sometimes mid-sentence.
Hmm, yeah I tried recording myself on my phone it just sounded a little tacky - too much stuffed nose voice....... So what is the plan if this gets enough interest from potential voice actors, and assuming you get access to the script?

Oh it works perfectly now. I used that one program that deleted any trace of ff7, then I followed everything step-by-step. However the music was the only issue for a while because I installed anxious heart. So question (informational purpose only, I'm not having issues with the music): is it possible to run the bootleg without having FF7 music install? I noticed that the music_ogg folder in data is gone after ff7 music installs. It seems simpler to replace the ogg music files with the ones included with AH.

FF7Voice / Re: FF7 Voices - assessing interest
« on: 2014-08-15 04:57:02 »
I just stumbled upon this post now and am very intrigued with potentially becoming a part of this. I've actually practiced impersonating Cid's, clouds, Zack's, Rufus's, Tseng's, and red 13's voices. I think I'll post a video of them on YouTube within the next week or so. I can't now because I've got the sniffles ;) But that could actually be beneficial for Zack's and Reno's voices

I appreciate the large amount of work you have put in to making ff7 a much better experience and I sincerely apologize for asking dumb questions. I understand that you've been at this for years and you probably get annoyed as hell when you have newbs like myself asking trivial things about issues that arose from not properly following instructions.

But I accidentally run into these issues because I live in an area where I have limited bandwidth so I am unable to simply download every single mod, package and program. The first time I installed everything correctly and it worked fine, but the hard drive I had it installed on went out so I sort of got flustered and carelessly rushed through the installation on the new hard drive I got

Wait I got it to work. I changed the music plugin on ff7opengl from vgmstream_music.fgp to ff7music.fgp. At first the midi and sound fx wasn't working, so I opened ff7config and I tested all the sound drivers. Then I ran the game and it works perfectly now! Thank you for the help, I appreciate it

Okay so I installed and ran the installer, but I can't hear any music when I play. Nor any found fx like shooting or slicing

Oh my mistake, I had windows firewall turned on when I downloaded and installed it. Ill turn it off, download it reinstall and post the results

Good news, I adjusted the game resolution - made it equal to my windows resolution just as you suggested and the screen looks good as new! However I'm having issues with the ff7 music installer now. I try to run it but keep keeps saying that the installer is corrupted, even after downloading another copy and running it, with administrator privileges

The thing is that is exactly what the screen looks like when I'm playing. Its almost as if some textures simply aren't being loaded. I'll take a look at the file and let you know what I find out. Anything you want me to post to help you help me a little more?

You can use the Modify button to change your post instead of posting twice or thrice -Vgr

Here's what happens when I launch the game through boot loader

Can somebody please help me out? With my screen resolution issue during gameplay?

I didn't install any driver. I did a fresh start. I custom installed the 2012 remake, installed bfe and bootleg, downloaded all of the required mods for my settings. The entire process went well except a few things: when it came to ff7 music installing it said the installer was corrupted; it couldn't find gjoerulv.exe (hardcore mode mod); and in ff7 config under the graphics tab it shows everything as passing except for the "8-bit palleted textures". It says that it failed. And the screen still has this very blurry, low resolution when playing the game. Any ideas?

The install directory is FF7DISC1>Games>FF7>Final Fantasy 7. I tried modding with bootleg without game converter last time and the mods didn't install properly but I'll try it again. How do I do a vanilla install? Is that the same as custom install?

Hi so I got the game to work perfectly, with all mods and everything. But my hard drive started to go out so I moved everything to another HD but I had to reinstall everything. Im using the 2012 remake BTW, but whenever I use the game converter and test ff7.exe the game coloring and quality is terrible, almost like its 8-bit. Any idea why? I'm running Windows 7 x64

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