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Completely Unrelated / Paypal Scam
« on: 2012-03-13 02:02:31 »
As we all know, Paypal and Ebay are owned by same company and are a rip off.  However, paypal also has one other surprise for sellers because people have found ways to scam unsuspecting victims, and paypal don't seem to care.

This video is from someone who thwarted one such scammer.  I find his narration hilarious, especially 2:09.  Enjoy.

Completely Unrelated / [Rel] Replacer
« on: 2012-03-01 11:29:27 »
Replacer 1.2 is Here

Not sure really where else this would be applicable so I placed it here.
This is my bog standard little program for altering single or mass plain text files (it can use wildcard extensions too like txt, ini, rtf and html) in batch processing.  Although it is 1.0 I advise caution when using this as it can corrupt data if you don't know what you are doing.  I don't want to be held accountable for that :P As long as you read the readme it should be fine.

This cannot alter formatted text documents like word (if you add .doc; to settings.ini it will change the documents but completely cripple them).  It was created purely to edit text and especially config files.  I would be happy if people gave me some feedback.    Remember this was created by me for me.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Mini-game Fixes
« on: 2012-02-04 20:40:58 »

3-D Battler odds: FIXED (Reunion via script fix).

info: Programmer had limited knowledge of probability and made the odds of winning 3709-1.  Mini-game also has a bug after final round probably because no tester could actually get to this stage during testing haha.  New odds of defeating all 4 opponents is now around 300-1.
Code: [Select]
Solution: Script changes in flevel.
Easy clock minigame: FIXED (Reunion via script fix).

info. Japanese versions of the game default to a more difficult clock minigame found at Temple of the Ancients.  Originally, when you fail at this 3 times, it reverts to the version the west know as normal.  This fix restores the original game and programming which was deliberately disabled for the Euro/US releases.
Code: [Select]
Solution: Script change in flevel.
Rollercoaster framerate issue: FIXED (added to Aali's driver)

info:  Rollercoaster was running at 30fps and not 60fps.
Code: [Select]
Solution: Cap fps to 60 with Aali's driver.
Rollercoaster aimer issue: FIXED (added to Aali's next driver)

info:  Aimer was not moving at correct speed.
Code: [Select]
Change following exe values:
001ed679 = 05
001ed69a = 05
001ed6bd = 05
001ed6e0 = 05

Rollercoaster propeller super points issue: FIXED (Reunion.  Documentation on this thread)

info: Propeller on the Zeppelin gave upwards of 25000 points. Now gives 0 like later releases.
Code: [Select]
Solution: Change following values in  xbin.bin from coaster.lgp-

Snowboard framerate issue: FIXED (added to Aali's driver)

info: Snowboard was running at 30fps and not 60fps.
Code: [Select]
Solution: Cap fps to 60 with Aali's driver.
Snowboard easier PC time attack: FIXED (Reunion).

info: PC time attack had been changed from NTSC versions by making the times easier.
Code: [Select]
Solution: Change following values in ff7.exe-

Submarine issue: FIXED (Reunion. Pending).
info: Submarine mini-game is more annoying than later FF7 revisions (including ff7 international).  Turning,ascend/descend are 400% slower. Speed is 25% slower.  Enemy submarine counts are different.  Wire frame model is turned on with F2 and is white not green.

Let's start with the rollercoaster game

The minigame for PC version is broken.  There are a few issues, possibly created by the porting team, or Aali's driver or both.

1.  The PC minigame aimer is not correct, very hard to control.

2.  The animation is choppy (due to below)

3.  The game freezes temporarily on certain special effects. (like big space ship exploding)

I am guessing Aali can deal with 3.  1 and 2 exist due to the following:

1.  The psx game runs at 60fps.  The game advances properly by 1 each of those 60.  NO duplicate frames.

2.  The aimer for PSX moves 10 pixels for each frame in a uniform way.   (640*480, means 64 individual cursor points for X and 48 for Y)

3.  The PC is running at 30fps and duplicating frames to make the coaster run at the same speed as the PSX.

4.  The frame progression is not uniform.  It progresses by 2, then duplicates by 2, (instead of expected move 1 drop 1).

These are the reasons the PSX coaster game is easier to control the aimer.  The PC version is practically broken.  It is unplayable compared.

After this is corrected, the game should run properly. although there may still need to be a tweak to the Aimer movement X and Y values.  The first step is either restoring the game to the full 60fps or making frame progression work in the proper manner.

PAL users may note that it still seems harder, this is because the original coaster game for PAL runs slower at 50fps instead of the proper 60fps NTSC.

Releases / [FF7PC-98/Steam] Anxious Heart (A05 Final)
« on: 2012-01-30 15:44:18 »
Anxious Heart
For Final Fantasy VII

Download HERE
Donate HERE

Make sure that you are running the installer as Admin and that your anti-virus software is disabled.

Problem: PSF and Midi files are not a faithful representation of the original game music.

Solution: I have created looping OGG Vorbis files from the official OST. To make this pack a trade-off between quality and size, I have created files with a target bitrate of 192 kbit/s. The OST has superior audio quality to PSF and the original game. It is identical to the original Playstation audio, except that it is higher quality.

As well as the original soundtrack, I have included my favourite orchestral and fan-made arrangements. The installer comes with all needed files to work with FF7.


DLPB (Daniel Burke)
  Looping ogg, Normalizing, Editing, Installer.

Nobuo Uematsu
Original Soundtrack and Composer

Individual credits for the fan contributions are in the Readme.

Special thanks to Luksy who translated the OST names because, as usual, Square's translation service let us down.

General Discussion / Kondo v Beatles
« on: 2012-01-15 09:29:42 »
Rather than a FF rant...

 :-o  ;D

I think Kondo was a big fan anyway.

-I’m surprised it was your second year at the company. But it’s amazing that the songs you created at the time aren’t nostalgic melodies, they’re still playing an active role today. Seems that even Paul McCartney’s a fan!

Kondo: When McCartney came to Japan, I went backstage with Miyamoto and a few others, and when Miyamoto was kind enough to introduce me as the composer of Mario, Paul started singing the overworld BGM from the original game. It had been many years since its debut, so I was surprised he knew it, and really happy.

General Discussion / What Went Wrong?
« on: 2011-12-27 20:58:08 »

I wouldn't create mods for any other series, so what makes Final Fantasy different? And why has my love for it turned into frustration and despair? To answer this question, I will first need to explain a bit about my history with the series.

I first started playing games in the late '80s. My first console was the Atari 2600, and I knew from that point on that I had a close affinity with computer games. When I finally got a NES, I was stunned by the jump in quality compared to the Atari. I would come home every day from school and obsessively beat a given game.  I vividly remember spending insane amounts of time mastering Mario 1—going through the game multiple times until defeating the game was more down to memory than it was to skill.

These games are still great today.  Sure, the graphics are dated, but they're still enjoyable. You can really see and feel the effort that's been placed into them. I still rank Mario 3 as one of the greatest games of all time; it didn't need 720p, or any 'p', to be great (well, apart from the one that made Mario and Luigi fly). All it needed was solid game design and some catchy music. I am trying not to get to the crux of my argument before time, but you already know where I'm going with this. It is too obvious. Even so, it's necessary to explain WHY things are now the way they are. 

Before I owned a Playstation, I mostly played platform games, like Sonic and Mario.  I'd never even heard of an RPG.

So, my line to the Playstation was Atari2600 > NES > Megadrive > Playstation. Sadly, I did not own a SNES. Being from a poorer background I could not afford both SNES and Megadrive, so I had to choose.  I think my friend's Master System was the reason I ended up opting for the Megadrive. As much as I liked Mario, there was something new and exciting about the Sonic series. I don't regret the decision, because I think that the Megadrive had far more going for it game wise.  Due to never owning a SNES, I missed out on Final Fantasy VI. It's still a great game, and one that holds true to the classic Final Fantasy formula:  Graphics that push the system, a story based journey, great game play, great music, good pacing, and exceptional replay value.

Before I owned a Playstation, I mostly played platform games, like Sonic and Mario; I'd never even heard of an RPG. That changed on December 22nd 1997, when I first saw Final Fantasy VII. The only reason I chose it was because it had a nice cover and came on three discs; I recall thinking 'Three discs equals longer game'.  Luckily, that logic proved to be correct.  I received the game at the same time as the console, so it was my first Playstation game, too.  You can imagine my surprise having come from the Megadrive era.  I loaded the game to be presented with a cinematic opening sequence that just blew me away.  I had never imagined that that level of detail was possible.  But, even back then, graphics did not make me believe that Final Fantasy VII would be any good.  I remember being sceptical—especially about the random encounters (I escaped from so many that I had real trouble beating Materia Keeper  :P).   

But, somewhere along the way, it dawned on me that this game was the greatest I had ever played.  The story was great, the music was great, the game play was great. Hell, it even came with 2D mini-games!  I had never seen anything like it.  I was hooked for months.  I am not a believer in guides, so I discovered 99% of the game for myself, which was satisfying.  Every day was a new discovery—and THAT is what makes games last.  A new item, a new weapon, a new cut scene, a new super boss, or a secret materia cave.

When Final Fantasy VIII came out, I preordered it.  I had never preordered a game before and I was not to be disappointed.  It was no fluke-  I had finally found my gaming utopia.  Final Fantasy IX was great, as was Final Fantasy X.  It really did seem to me that the Final Fantasy franchise could not put a foot wrong.  It never entered my mind that a main release could EVER be lacking, or something I would not like.

That changed with Final Fantasy X-2.  You can't blame me really- I had been spoiled.  In the time from Final Fantasy VII to Final Fantasy X, I had also played and completed VI.  Final Fantasy was invincible.  I preordered Final Fantasy X-2 and didn't have a shred of doubt in my naive mind that it was going to be just as good!  I didn't even research it.  I had deluded myself into believing the game HAD to be great, even when I saw the gun toting slut on the front cover (it sure wasn’t Yuna).  I turned it on in wild anticipation, the same I had done with all the others, and...

What the f*ck!?  What the f*ck was this?  My jaw nearly dropped off.  I didn't say or do anything, I just stared with amazement at this joke of an opening.  And then I realized that the story was going to follow suit.  But perhaps it wouldn't... so I played 2 hours.  It went back in the box, never to be played again.  I talked myself into believing it was a blip.  Everyone makes a mistake, right?  After all, this was a sequel...

When Final Fantasy XII was released, like a true fanboy (which I was), I went out there and preordered that too without doing a shred of research  (again).  The game seemed like it was going to be just as good as the other entries to the series that I had grown to love, but when I reached the end of the game, I couldn't believe how lacking the whole affair had been;  from the brainless battle system right through to the one-line-wonder characters.  It was Final Fantasy in name only.  It was then that I started reading reviews and removed my head from my arse.  What did I find? Glorious reviews, generally.  I kept seeing, 'The story is deep!', 'The new battle system  really does away with the old, tired model' and 'This game is an inspiration!  Truly the greatest Final Fantasy!'  Absolute bollocks.  Anyone who thinks that about Final Fantasy XII is fooling themselves.  Mixed in with these fanboy ratings I saw a few that actually had the game to a tee.  They made it clear that if you were expecting Final Fantasy VI-X quality, you were going to be disappointed. 

I racked my brain for days wondering how anyone could conclude XII was a masterpiece.  So after Final Fantasy XII, I started thinking about possible reasons for the series seemingly going downhill.  It couldn't be the new generation console, because Final Fantasy X is brilliant.  I blamed the Enix merger for a long time.  Then I thought it was because the team that worked on XII was not the team that had worked on previous entries.  But no.  Any illusions I had that that was the real reason were shattered by more obvious money making spin-offs.  Final Fantasy XIII put the nail in the coffin for me.  There are many reasons why Final Fantasy has taken a spiral downwards, and I will discuss some of them now:

1.  Sakaguchi's disastrous Spirits Within movie, which was a massive box-office bomb.  I think it would be fair to say that Square as a company needed a lot more money, and that the games which followed took a turn for the worse due to that need for money.  The Enix merger, as far as I am aware, was necessary too, given the company was having financial problems.  So perhaps the Enix merger has become the convenient scapegoat?  I am not sure, but I personally think it did have an effect, even if you ignore Spirits Within.

2.  Sakaguchi leaving. A lot of things happened in the time between Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, but I think it would be silly to dismiss this as inconsequential.  Sakaguchi was the father of Final Fantasy, and must have had a large influence- especially in guiding the flock.  Final Fantasy was his baby, and he wouldn't have wanted it to become a cash cow.

3.  The merger.  Again, as I said, perhaps this is too convenient an excuse, but there can be no doubt that the games after the merger are lower in quality.

The current predicament may have been caused by greed to a large extent, but I think the biggest problem is the fact that people have bought into the Final Fantasy brand.  I was open minded enough to jump off the train when I realized the games were never going to get better, but others have continued to buy into Final Fantasy.  It has sent the company a clear message that they can do as they please.

Nothing would possess me to buy a game like Final Fantasy XIII.  The only good thing I can say about it, compared to Final Fantasy VI-X, is that it has better graphics.  And that's it.  XIII has awakened a few from their fanboy stupor, as more have been willing to give the game a negative reaction in reviews, but it still hasn't sunk in for some.  I don't know how anyone can become this stupid.

Final Fantasy continues to sell enough that 'Senix' are making a large profit, and if they can do that by pumping out spin-offs, graphic-fests, or remakes- they will (provided the remakes are easy to make, of course).  Simply put, they are not only getting good sales from the fps generation of gamers, they are getting support from fans of the series who should have cast them aside after Final Fantasy XII, like I did.  You cannot blame Senix for continuing to laugh in people’s faces when they are doing as they please, with no repercussions.  They know that Final Fantasy XIII was negatively received compared to the other games, they have even made statements that the western gamers 'don't get it'.  But we do get it.  The thing is... they don’t care.  And they won't care until people kick them in the pocket.

I know all too well that the Final Fantasy games after X are lower in quality.  I know this to be true when I see mini-games disappearing, towns disappearing,  exploration disappearing, a literal gauntlet play through, quantity of things to do disappearing, dialogue becoming verbose and ridiculous, character development becoming amateurish, and stories becoming convoluted and nonsensical.  I can see these things.  I can demonstrate these things.  They are not my imagination. One of the most laughable things I have seen people doing is making excuses, such as: 'Oh well, I didn’t really like towns' , 'I didn't really care for NPC' and 'I didn't even play mini-games'.  Am I the only person who realizes how useless that argument is, and how stupid it sounds?  Senix are turning an RPG series into a dumbed down shooter-type series.  The player is becoming an inconvenience to their graphic orgasms.  They are selling out the same fanbase that got them where they are in the first place.

And it isn't just Final Fantasy that has this problem-  Resident Evil, Command and Conquer, and Metal Gear Solid, have all gone worse in recent years.  They are all about dazzling the audience with graphics, and to hell with quality game-play or decent pacing.  Who cares, right?  It sells.  I despair at the number of people who have been sucked into this and buy these games on the back of nostalgia.  They are deluding themselves like a religious fanatic would his religion.  Nothing changes when one votes for the same political party, and nothing changes when one continues to buy a game on the back of graphics, hype, fanboyism, or nostalgia. 

I know there are a number of people who genuinely like Final Fantasy XII, XIII, MGS4, Resident Evil 4/5.  They can like them all they want, but those games are a shadow of what came before.  They are lacking in the very things that MADE them what they are.  When one tears out engaging puzzles, suspense, and a haunting soundtrack from Resident Evil- it isn't Resident Evil.  When one makes a game a heap of nostalgia with 100 lengthy cut scenes,  rips out all the fun sneaking aspects, and makes it a near first person shooter- it is no longer Metal Gear Solid.  When one sacrifices tactics and brainpower, for graphics and explosions- it is no longer Command and Conquer.  And when one f*cking well rips out what makes a jRPG a jRPG, it is no longer what I fell in love with. 

People can like these 'new' games all they want, but don't tell me I should accept it, or see it as normal, or god-forbid- an 'innovation'.  It isn't.  It is just a simple, easy way for them to make money, and your enjoyment comes second.  Now, the usual response to this is to point out that all companies care about money, and whilst that is true, there used to be a decent balance.  There used to be a striving for creativity and quality.  That balance has firmly shifted to the money side, and it is as plain as a pair of tits.

I have also realized that the next generation consoles have had a huge effect on the quality of games being released today.  Once upon a time, graphics could be a talking point, but not usually a game seller.  The media the games came on, and the power of the system itself, restricted what could and could not be done.  Final Fantasy came on three CDs because of the FMVs.  Those FMVs had to be carefully chosen for specific places, and the game had to have more going on than just video sequences.  The graphics could not carry the game, they could only enhance it.  Likewise, a DVD did not allow the game designers to do as they pleased with Final Fantasy X. 

But then 50GB Blu-Ray discs and powerful processors arrived.  Now you have a company that can do as it pleases-  Amazing sequences can be so frequent that they end up thinking less about design.  The term here is 'art from adversity', and this is a key factor in what is lacking in today's games.  A company has to have responsibility when it is given that much freedom.  It isn't as easy as you might think.  It takes a balanced individual to realize that, sometimes, more is less.  Hideo Kojima certainly doesn't realize that.  He thinks that when you have a 50GB Blu-ray disc, it's really just a challenge to see how much of it you can fill up, even if the end user has to then spend half of their time installing compressed data from the disc.

Finally, we come to the 'professional reviewers'.  When I saw that Metal Gear Solid 4 and Final Fantasy XII had gained so much praise, I naturally wanted to know why the professional reviewers missed massive, glaring issues with the games.  Frequently, I see a tactic of completely ignoring the story in a story-based game, or filling up the review with verbose waffle.  The only conclusion I can make is that either these companies are infested with fanboys themselves, or are scared of a negative backlash, or are in the pocket of big business.  Possibly all 3.

What reviewer can gloss over the story like it doesn't matter to an RPG?  What reviewer can give a game 40/40 or 10/10 when there is so much wrong with it?  Very few games are '10/10', but most of these 'experts' don't have the balls to mention any of the issues, and the fanbase parrot along nodding. It seems that graphics, and the brand name, will get you far even with the professionals.  Just slap in dazzling graphics, call it Final Fantasy, and watch it sell like hot cakes.  Don't bother giving me a full, impartial break-down of how you arrived at those insane scores, instead, crap out verbose waffle about graphics, innovation, style and presentation.

Those are the main reasons I see for the demise of Final Fantasy and other game series.  The phrase now is 'Quick buck. Don't give a f*ck.'  Final Fantasy has become a victim of its own success.


See I understand the basic stuff like, chance of guessing all 52 cards in a deck is 52!

But this problem, I don't quite understand.  Remember the FF7 Wonder Square 3d battler?  Well, it is purely based on luck.  According to sources, the format to win EACH POINT (first to 10) is

round 1, girl :  50% chance of win, 25% loss, 25% tie

round 2, wrestler:  33% for each outcome

round 3, afro:  25% win, 25% tie, 50% loss

round 4, spaceman:  25% win, 75% loss

Now obviously these are based on individual points.  What I need to know is how to calculate the overall chance of winning (you need 10 points to win).  I need detailed explanation of how that works :) 

Also appreciate it if anyone can verify the above via script.  Anyone?   8)

General Discussion / Rides ze Shoopuf?
« on: 2011-11-08 02:43:33 »

FF7 Unified Model Installer
U03 is HERE

Pitbrat: Model information, model sorting and fixing, documentation
DLPB: Installer, maintainer
Grimmy: Additional model sorting and fixing.

The following list is based on full models only and ordered by number of releases.
Model faces or hair, for example, are not included but authors have been credited
at the end. Pitbrat has done immense work with fixing and sorting a lot of these
models. Grimmy has also fixed and shaded numerous models.

Model authors

Phoenix Rejuvenation Project: 151 Field, 7 World, 6 Minigame (164)
Contributors: ice_cold513, Borde, Stormmedia, Angebleu, Grimmy

Squallff8: 140 Field (140)

Bloodshot: 9 battle, 1 field, 1 Minigame (11)
Grimmy: 2 Field, 4 Battle, 1 World, 2 Objects (9)
    Also shaded 51 other models
Mike: 3 Battle: 3 Field, 3 Magic (9)

Jinkazama2k7: 4 Battle/Field, 3 Field (7)
Dahfa: 7 Field (7)

Kela51: 1Field, 1 Battle, 4 Magic (6)
Aaiki14: 2 battle/Field, 3 field (5)
Costa07: 1 Field, 4 World (5)

Bootleg: 1 Field, 2 World (3)
Slayersnext: 2 Battle, 1 Field (3)
Megaten: 2 Battle/Field (2)
Exsoldier: 1 Field (1)

Anifiga: 1 Battle (1)
Kyo13: 1 Battle (1)
Millenia: 1 Battle (1)
Strayoff: 1 Minigame (full remake) (1)

*bear in mind a few of these releases are more involving than others.

Credit also for  model add-ons by Slayersnext, Asmodean and Stickysock.

Special thanks to Ficedula & Aali for lgp decoder/encoder
and Luksy for modified version.

Special thanks to Kranmer for testing.

We have a mish mash of models, authors and installers- some way out of date, and it is a nightmare.

One thing I could do to correct this was to create a proper installer and have total order, rather than total chaos.  And so, the Unified Model Installer was born.

I, Pitbrat and Grimmy worked together to bring to you the Unified Model Installer, to ensure all current legal models are put together in 1 neat package.  No more conflicts, no more worrying that the wrong models are being added, no more broken models,no more confusion or broken out-of-date installers.  No more messing about.  Life is simple.

Part of this project was also to document exactly which models have been done and which need doing.  The respective modellers are of course credited.  This project is for the purpose of bringing these models to you properly.  We are not the authors of these models.

If the authors refuse permission to add these models to our new installer, we will respect that decision but we hope they will work with us.


General Discussion / Updating 2 of the menu graphics...
« on: 2011-10-28 15:34:24 »
Anyone up for it?

The Gil graphic, and the Chocobo avatar.  I am not good with graphics I am afraid...  I have extracted the files from PSX game, and they are here >

The aspect ratio is out, but that can be solved.  I tried perfect resize and whilst this provides an improvement, it is still crap.

Ideally these need to be 4X larger.  maybe 8X in case I need to adjust.

This is a full list of text + offsets for the main game executable.  If you have ever wanted to change text in the game, this is for you!

View Here

I created this for use with a set of translation tools Luksy is making.

I do not understand the technical aspect of how the game arranges materia and items in FF7.  From what I can gather the matera and items have an ID and a table which tells it how to order.  Let's start with the materia.

In order to reduce the number of textures the game uses and to place the materia onto the correct texture (colour wise) I had to also alter the texture ID of the 5 materias.  These 5 ID's (1 byte each) are found at:


The problem is the game also uses these to arrange materia by colour.  So now when I choose arrange, the Summon materia is first on the list and others are not in the correct order as the original.

A way to change this via assembly would be helpful or I will have to be sloppy and alter the textures in adobe photoshop.  I have noticed 2 areas that seem to be most involved with reordering:

006CBCF3 and 0070e5da

It could also be that I am missing the point here and that the ID's I changed are just associating colour with materia and elsewhere there is code or table telling it how to go into the colour order.


For items, it shouldn't be much of a problem to alter the tables so that "By name" works with my re-translated names and not the originals.  I can probably find this on my own but we will see.

Any help appreciated.

Completely Unrelated / Since when...
« on: 2011-07-20 15:07:15 »
did Chocobo's have belly buttons and arms???;D ;D

The chocobo looks like it
enjoys eating the Greens.{END}
{CHOICE}Tickle his feet
{CHOICE}Tickle his stomach
{CHOICE}Tickle his neck
{CHOICE}Tickle his belly button
{CHOICE}Tickle behind his ears
{CHOICE}Tickle under his arms{END}

I guess it is a translation error?

Troubleshooting / break 9999 blah problem?
« on: 2011-07-08 04:13:44 »
Yeah just testing here with the break 9999 HP mod, does anyone else get some weird things happening when using the HP <-> MP materia?

You know the one that the credits scroll on at the start?  It is in data/cd/cr_us.lgp in the PC version but where on earth is it in the PSX?

I have checked everywhere and extracted a few LZS too.  Tried Psicture and winripper but came up with nothing?

I need it so I can fractalise it for the credit screen update.  I know I had it at one point!  Any help appreciated.

The values for the coordinates of main character are around here at run time:  CC167D memory

However I haven't got a clue how it works. Makou reactor mentions X,Y,Z and ... triangle ID?  All of these seem to be linked to the walkmesh of a particular field map?

Does this mean it is impossible to work out where you are on screen with this system without knowing and seeing the walkmesh?

If anyone can shed some light on the workings of this coord system I would be much obliged.

Completely Unrelated / We Just Aren't Prepared...
« on: 2011-06-10 08:32:38 »

For Zombie attack.  Contact your local council, governors or mayor (unless he is from Raccoon City) and make sure that YOU are prepared.  Better that, than becoming Leon Kennedy.

Sorry people.  I must repeat myself a 3rd time, and in light of the now more professional atmosphere here, perhaps someone can shed some light on this issue.

When in field, using Fraps, the fps drops to like 27-28 fps when recording.  I have tried everything I can think of, including different systems but it always stutters as it never achieves the full 30.

FF8 does.....

Given ff8 does work as intended I can't see this being a sorely Fraps issue... 


fraps 3.4.4 seems to fare better in terms of fluid movement...  doesn't seem to be jittery like the older fraps, although the fps is still saying it is dropping to 28.

edit 2:  nope.  When the recording is viewed back it jitters.  For some reason fraps is losing 2 fps when recording and that seems to be regardless of system.  At least, with me it is.

Apparently the tabs in dialogue are created from the space value.  A normal tab is 4 spaces (E1 function), and a selection tab is 10 spaces (E0 function).

I have tried to locate in the executable the whereabouts of the code that decides whether it is 4 or 10 spaces etc.  I need to be able to change this so I can directly affect tab spacing.

Anyone have any idea where it is?  There has to be a place in code that looks up the data in window.bin for the space value and then does the math on it.  Ive tried tracing what accesses the space value but came up with nothing.

Any ideas?

Completely Unrelated / Anyone play chess?
« on: 2011-05-26 03:04:36 »
If so maybe we can start a  little tournament here ?  8 players minimum, first to 2 games up to the final.  We would have to find somewhere to play like Yahoo, but it would be pretty cool.

Anyone up for it?


In the competition so far: 6 Minimum needed: 8


Completely Unrelated / A test of human intelligence
« on: 2011-05-22 13:12:52 »

This certainly wouldn't be a good ad.
Robert Fitzpatrick, a retired transportation agency worker in New York, said he had spent more than $140,000 (£86,000) of his savings on advertisements in the run-up to 21 May to publicise the prediction.

After 1800 passed and nothing had happened, he said: "I do not understand why... I do not understand why nothing has happened."

"I can't tell you what I feel right now. Obviously, I haven't understood it correctly because we're still here."

You daft idiot.  You haven't understood religion is man made either.  That would be a good start!

Sad that such a devout Christian as Robert Fitzpatrick spent $140,000 on publicising something that can't be prevented. Surely a good Christian should have spent that money on helping his fellow man?

Another reason that I'm somewhere North of sceptical about religion.

DLPB and Luksy present:

The Final Fantasy VII Retranslation Project

Donate HERE

The non-dialogue documentation is now Here
Remember this is updated every now and then. 

Current release: R04

Please note that English canon items, character names and American spellings can be selected in the installer.   That means Moogle, Phoenix Down and so forth can be retained by selecting to keep the older localisations.  See the readme.

This project is automatically merged with the Menu Overhaul Project. In other words you download the installer there to install the Re-translation.

For a detailed explanation of this project, please read this

Progress Report:

flevel and world_us.lgp
Total maps: 706
  • No text: 17
  • Non dialogue: 122/122
  • Debug: 0/13
  • Dialogue (by map): 395/554
    Dialogue (by size): 837KB of 1357KB (61.7%)

    Total: 4
  • ff7.exe: Completed
  • Kernel.bin: Completed
  • kernel2.bin: Completed
  • scene.bin: Completed

    Message from Translator Luksy:

    “Obviously this is opinion, but in going through just the item, monster, magic and location lists etc. we have what we think is good enough evidence to support our claims.

    Please keep any discussion on topic as much as possible, we will take any criticism or suggestions seriously as long as it is honest.

    Why a re-translation:

    • The original English translation suffers from grammar, spelling and context errors and mistranslations. 
    • A lot of the errors point to a rushed job with little communication with the original authors. 
    • Many of the errors miss out on specific references to people, places and mythology. 
    • Some errors slightly alter the plot; one or two, severely.  Some errors have been adopted as canon by SE, and some have been modified in later media.

    What we intend to "fix":
    • Items, spells, places, monsters and people for which we have good evidence as having been incorrectly translated, or modified for a western audience, will be restored. 
    • All dialogue will be checked for translation and context errors and modified as necessary Grammar and spelling mistakes in the dialogue will be fixed. 
    • Any error that has been adopted as canon does not preclude it from being changed due to the reasons in the first list.

    What this project isn't:
    • A literal retranslation from the Japanese (aside from certain names and items etc as mentioned above). 
    • An attempt to rewrite FFVII or to warp any of its original content. 
    • An attempt to prove that we somehow know what the original creators wanted for every single byte in the game.

    If there's anything there you do not agree with, please copy/paste and give us your thoughts.”


    Manager, Research and Documentation
    DLPB (Daniel Burke)

    File editing
    DLPB, Luksy (touphScript)

    Main Translators (Dialogue)
    Luksy [554/554 maps]

    Translation contributions (Dialogue)
    Defade [26/554 maps]

    DLPB, Luksy, Michael Baskett

    Translators (Non Dialogue)

    Scottish dialect
    Prince Lex

    Non-Dialogue Quality Assurance
    Luksy, Defade, Herman, Ragnarok2040

    Hian (Jap)

    Script Programming Consultant

    Also thanks to all others who have contributed work, suggestions or corrections, including
    Defade, Herman, Covarr, Ryushikaze, Gemini, L.Spiro, Hitoncheir, TeridKane, Idcrisis, Timber, nikfrozty, Idec Sdawkminn, NCS,  idl12,  Halkun, sl1982, Glitterberri, Kawaii Ryûkish, Stickysock

    Qhimm and the Forum


    touph Script

    also used in testing:

    Black Chocobo



    All non dialogue completed
    world map dialogue completed
    Normal dialogue up to first train.


    1. Tweaks to non dialogue.
    2. Dialogue up to Shin-Ra Building.


    1. Tweaks to non dialogue.
    2. Dialogue up to Kalm


    1. Massive overhaul of dialogue and non dialogue.
    2. Dialogue up to Junon.

Completely Unrelated / What A Plank.
« on: 2011-05-16 08:03:02 »

Planking...  what a very descriptive word for this and most net crazes.  And why is there always 1 idiot who has to do it somewhere with a high risk of dying?

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