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Looking at my .exe with Libre, I can see nothing wrong with the attack.
Are you using the 1-3 or 2-1 version, just for curiosity.
And can you tell me whats the last date modified on the .exe you're using?
Furthermore, is this the steam version or the 1998 version?

Troubleshooting / Re: Battle Menu Transparency Messed up
« on: 2014-09-27 13:36:18 »
Don't I need to undo whatever the old MO did first or else I'll exponentially worsen the problem?

Nightmare 7 is delayed until further notice since the Reunion patcher destroyed my flevel and the backup was just another reunion flevel all the while I had no flevel option whatsoever tagged in the installer
I am not re-doing changes that took me about a 100 hours since my last upload anytime soon

I'll remove their gravity absorbing effect then. Defense breaking attacks such as Clouds limit and casting reflect on them so their gravity hits you will work as well

So the magic counter IS interfering. Hmmmmm. How do the flames heal themselves? With Fire 2?

Troubleshooting / Battle Menu Transparency Messed up
« on: 2014-09-23 17:24:29 »
With the previous version of Aali's driver, I had a nice and fancy transparent battle menu.
With the latest version, I get this. (And it actually get's worse than that, when the enemy model touches the battle menu)

Aali said it was a feature that was dropped because of Menu Overhaul, which not only I can't find on the forum anymore but I also cannot use a clean ff7.exe because I have over 200 changes hex values in there that I don't remember all and would be a legendary pain or close to impossible to replicate.

I would be happy just un-doing the transparent battle menu thing, even if I have to do it by hand, one hex at a time. If I can solve this by running MO over the .exe (and without completely screwing my current .exe) that would be great, too.

I tried installing the reunion MO over my .exe but while that fixes the transparency, I would have to re-do all of my custom edits, some of which I don't even remember anymore but still need.
Sadly, the hex documentation is a little over my head

Hm, odd. They are supposed to die with Gi Natak. I made them near invulnerable because I wanted to force the player to deal with the flames the entire fight and not just kill them all the time.
I believe I found the issue though. Gi Natak has a magic counter script which might override the death counter script and thus the flames don't vanish. Can you try and see if the flames still stay if you kill him with a non-magic attack?

Can you describe what was happening after gi natak died? did you try killing the characters that were posessed by the flames? If they weren't posessed, you /can/ kill the flames, it's just hard and you need a defense bypassing attack
Other than that I'll need to ask Sega if he can look at the AI and if something is borked there.

That sounds like a glitch alright. But that's odd, I didn't really change the flames AI or the AI part of Gi Natak that kills the flames
Did this happen only once? Were you permanently stuck in the fight?

Not enough money grubbing

I can see FF15 happening on PC if demand for 13 is high enough but KH3 remains very doubtful considering Squeenix isn't the sole say-so on what happens with it

The new story extends to the end of the Kalm Flashback. I haven't really had time to work on it lately

If you're asking if the story of the entire game has been rewritten, then no.
Not yet.

Shinra Tech
Avalanche studio
CLOUD gaming

is it the 1st april already?

Invisible glitches. Wonderful.
Guess I'll fix them as I go.
I stole a lot in my playthrough though, so I know most mobs are safe

Just because a game exists on PC does not mean it will be easily modable. Skyrim is build from the ground up with the intention of being modable. Several other games, too.
But Final Fantasy? No way in hell mods will even be sanctioned.

Oh boy, I thought I removed all of those. I have no idea how that glitch happens at all to begin with, considering it looks fine in proudclod.
It was only a Lixir you could steal so I removed the steal completely. If that doesn't solve it, I dunno what's wrong and I'll have to make a troubleshoot thread.

If it took you that long to farm the gil you could probably have beaten the bosses rather easily anyway since you were probably overleveled.

The enemy skill materia are where they were before (shinra HQ, junon, forgotten city)
I don't know if I changed the chocobo sage enemy skill to something else but I believe I did.

Buying the effect items is certainly one way. Maybe I'll make them more expensive since that's kinda exploiting the shop.

The first thing I thought of was "Cool, gonna get someone to rip me some models outside the forum because who gives a shit about copyright"
The second thing "Why did I let my brother buy two of those for our PS3"
The third thing "At least that means he can get 13-3 for free and I'll get him to spend those euros on xillia 2 instead"

Completely Unrelated / Re: Two Major Speedrunning Events
« on: 2014-09-14 22:26:39 »
SRL hosts *GDQ. This is a major event in terms of FF speedrunning and not just some YouTube team doing a let's play.
You can't add context after the fact to make it seem right. In terms of FF speedrunning, sure, it's major. In general, no, and that is what the thread said. (Technically SDA hosts GDQ, SRL is the livestream part of SDA)

Good luck with Gunners, Rufus, and Motorball; no save points between any of them although there might be one if you choose not to accept Tifa's help for the fight (not tested it). This advice might be out of date by now if revisions were made, but:

-) Avoid using magic against Hundred Gunner, or queuing more than one spell at a time; his counter hits the entire party quite hard.

-) Avoid attacking Rufus physically, his counter inflicts various status ailments (unless you use Cross Slash to paralyse him but I can't remember if he can be paralysed).

-) Avoid using your strongest attacks on Motorball at the start of the fight; he begins with a Peerless effect that you should wait out until it wears off. The Peerless effect is initially invisible until he is struck, so attack once to make the effect show up. Also, there's a row change on Motorball's deadly wheel which doesn't update visually I don't think; watch out for that as your party members will become more vulnerable to Sword Arm.

I added a savepoint after Rufus. I don't remember if I uploaded that flevel already but it's safer to get the new scene.bin and flevel from the first post (flevel from twitter)
Other than that, solid advice.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Two Major Speedrunning Events
« on: 2014-09-14 06:37:29 »
You need to work on your definition of 'major'
AGDQ, SGDQ and ESA are major events
this is just an event

Just download the flevel from twitter

Gameplay / Re: Can we get a mod with a playable Seifer?
« on: 2014-09-12 08:29:40 »
Do you mean a FF7 mod with Seifer or FF8? Because for FF8 you only need to cheat him back into the party

I'd definitely have a lot of use for something like this.
A. lot.

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