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If this tipic has already been handled feel free to reply with a link to said topic and put this up for removal

I have the version of FF7 that was downloaded from the actual square enix web site, some mods work and some dont.
The ones i've notices so far that are actively working are usually manually installed graphical mods, like APZ Cloud type stuff
But mods that involve installers specifically the sephiroth patch type mods they dont seem to either work or wont install (the not installing my be related to the fact that im running Win8)
Are there any edited or updated or modified (er) mods for things like the sephiroth patches that were made for the square enix version of FF7, there are no disks, its an online PC download

General Discussion / Final Fantasy 7 in need of Closure?
« on: 2011-05-01 22:41:17 »
My personal opinion is that with the secret ending at the end of DoC and the notion that Genesis considers himself a good guy, and may have had a revelation after seeing minerva upon his defeat at the end of Crisis Core, it would only make sense to me that there would eventually be a great gathering of all the surviving characters for a massive closure to the entire story be it a tragedy or a triumph. I want to hear you guy's opinions of this, or your own statements or feeling about the situation.


(Grammar and spell check fixes)

I will continuously edit this post as new questions come to mind. I recently used photoshop to change the color on a mod I obtained, but at the request of the mod's creator I will not screen shot edited versions of his work. I have Biturn open and I am about to convert this bitmap version of the texture file that I changed the color on and set the Outfile destination to my unpacked folder named "battle" in which I plan you LGP into battle.lgp and use this newly recolored model.

The question is; is there any specific information i should know before I do this to know that my texture will work correctly and not just appear as an all white Cloud model due to the failure to change something i missed before utilizing the change?

For example, does the amount of the color black in a texture have anything to do with its usability without incorporating the custom graphics drivers?


hm, never mind, it came out 100% perfect! :)

But I may come up with more questions later.

Like, while I rummage through the field folder to find it myself, dose anyone already know the name of the file that holds the texture or image that governs clouds field model. Also are the field model for maps the same as the field model for world map? Like, does editing the one file i find alter everything for that character in both world map and inside maps?

[Edit Add]

I watched the video where the guy uses Blender and makes the custom Shinra Soldier. One thing i noticed in particular was how instead of just moving the legs and feet, he just made mirror copy's of them and shifted them into place. Can Blender do that with battle models too? And if so which files would i use to do that. And if not, what program do i need to do this? To be honest, i'm completely overhauling someones cloud model to make it into a Zack :P
I have all the colors set, i just need to duplicate the left arm, mirror it and use it to replace the naked shouldered right arm that cloud has.

I understand that this will probably end in me having to completely re-texture his chest, but this is just an experiment. One that if it goes well i'll just give to the mod creator of the Cloud its based from the finished product and it will be up to him to release it or not.


What program would i use to dupe parts of a battle model, mirror it, and use it in place of another? i.e. Copying clouds left shoulder and using it to replace his plate-less right shoulder? :P

also i been searching for a battle-to-field converter since i last edited this post, and i found a guy who did it but he used the same model i used so he couldn't release it, is it against the rules if he tells me how he did it?

General Discussion / Cloud to Zack lazy remodel
« on: 2010-06-09 02:51:23 »
ok so, APZ said not to release or post a remodel of his model, so i wont. Issue is this; i'm a bit lazy with the fact that the photoshop work of turning his clouds hair and uniform black (because i'm not very skilled with photoshop) took me a long time. I'm not entirely sure if i have the patience to re-adjust the hair on kimera, and i cant get the model to load on blender for some reason.

*The Request/Question*

Would i be disobeying his wishes by asking someone to do the hair thing for me, and sending them my recolored version of his model to them for them to change the hair for me?

And if this turns out to be ok and not trampling on anything i should respect, is there anyone out there capable/willing to do this? I already did the rest of the work, and you automatically get a copy of this texture to use yourself by helping me.

but anyways, if this is a bad request just let me know, and i'll go ahead and just do it myself

General Discussion / Lost in history
« on: 2010-06-06 04:51:29 »
Anyone remember this little guy? lol

Troubleshooting / a few Yes/No questions
« on: 2010-06-05 22:29:41 »
I don't need any links to any tutorials, I don't want anyone to tell me how or even to point me in the direction of a thread.
I'm not about to say how many tabs I have open mentioning the Kimera program from me searching through these forums.
I'm not about to ask for a long winded explanation.
Just a simple yes or no for a few questions, don't want anyone to tell me how, I will figure it out myself.

This first image is of the APZ Cloud model for FF7 in the Kimera program.

Notice the image of Cloud is in full color and all of it's glory and wonderful detail that APZ placed into it (good work sir I enjoy using this model during gameplay.)

This next image is of what happens when I double-click the head of the model.

Notice it's in wire frame and that there is no color.

I may or may not have a second question, but the main question is as follows:

Is it possible to view the head of the model in this sep. window with full color and detail as the full model.

Yes, or No.

Please and Thank you.

I repeat; Do NOT tell me HOW to do it.
Just tell me if it's possible to do so.


2nd Question:

If it IS infact IMPOSSIBLE to do so from this method

Am I correct in assuming that one must open a different file completely to view JUST the head that would open in full color?

General Discussion / Interesting Items =]
« on: 2010-06-04 22:37:56 »

Troubleshooting / Patches not full cooperating
« on: 2010-06-03 22:18:40 »
ok so, this morning it was working perfectly

i had the APZ cloud with the Kula Tsurugi and i then tried to patch over everything
with the scorpious zack thing so i could just replace the battle model with the APZ cloud and Kula Tsurugi... then somthing freaks with my exe, it began to crash upon loading the save files, and even when starting a new game...

so from my old (possibly screwed) backups, i re-installed the game.

I started with clean everything now. The game ran fine, no more crashes.

threw the 1.02 on there, the chocobo patch, started it again, all is well.

Then i throw in the scorpious zack patch, i load the save game i backed up
b4 uninstalling it the first time, and on the save file i see the redone icon of Zack
(as what should be there cuz i had just installed the zack patch). HOWEVER...

upon transitioning from the black screen to the place i had loaded to... my sprite
wasnt zack... I open my menu and wha'da'ya'kno i see a picture of zack staring
back at me with his green smile (green to the world not green in color)... last time
i patched this game on my XP (which im not running win7) the patch fell in
perfectly. My field sprite was Zack, WM was Zack, Battle was Zack, menu Icon
was Zack.... there were no loopholes >_> so why is my field sprite still cloud >_>
if the patch did wat it was supposed to do and obviously loaded Zack >_>

this is the same issue i had when trying to load the AC cloud model it just wouldnt
show up, it was regular old effing cloud >_> and first try with the sword, it was
also the same ole bull >_>

Troubleshooting / Final Requests for a While (i think)
« on: 2010-06-03 12:19:46 »
I need a link to one of the programs u guys use to reskin the model/make new models for FF7

also i need a link to a patch or somthing for this Zack field model :

and has anyone worked with APZ about making a Zack head and a recoloring of his Cloud battle model? to make it with
the same clothes that his model has just with a similar quality zack head?

and if no one has can somone get APZ in here so i can ask his permission to use his model to create one myself, learn his techniques and make
a Zack battle model based on his Cloud model so that i can use/release alongside his

in a nutshell i want the original Zack field model + a Zack battle model similar to APZ Cloud model

end goal is to use these mods combined with Kula's First Tsurugi - Ultima Weapon replacement (which i already have) i just had
the vision in my head that the combined mods would look totally epic cuz i've just recently used APZ Cloud model and its texturing and
look fits VERY well with Kula's First Tsurugi, and i just want to use Zack in Clouds place with similar quality. =]

i say final request for a while (i think) because after this im gonna start trying to do my own stuff for the forum community instead of just
mooching and using everyones stuff with no return to the people i kno its out here for us to use as a gift but im starting to feel bad
that its so easy to obtain and im not giving back anything in return =/


this is my inspiring image, i paused the game randomly during Deathblow and i got this and thought

"hey, it would be cool to black the purple/blue (how ever ur eyes see it =p) parts of his uniform and put a similar quality zack head on there =p"


i didnt cheat the stats/hp+mp cuz i like to watch him do limit break attacks with that sword
makes it worth getting the follow-up attacks fairly lol, and plus, that swords replacing the ultima weapon
why would i need to cheat his stats when hes gonna mow through any noob enemy anyways heh =p

[Edit 2]

Also i'd kill to kno if theres a way to swap attack sounds (for example: i wanna switch Sephiroth's or the Masamune's cut audio)

[Edit 3]

Nvm, i have wallmarket, i just have to figure out how to use it to swap the attack sounds

Troubleshooting / Battle.lgp issue
« on: 2010-06-01 19:27:27 »
again, if any mod/admin dont like the post proceed to direct me to the proper area and lock/delete this post

i got the Aali lgp/unlgp thing and i cant understand how to operate it

when i activate the application the cmd flashes open and close and then nothing

when i drag/drop the battle lgp into it it does the same thing with no results

so i tried returning to the LGP Tools

First time i opend the battle LGP with LGP tools it opened just fine

but now on the file it has a little golden colored lock and i cant open it =/

it says somthing Stream Read Error*

i tried re installing the whole game from scratch but theres still no love =[ </3

can anyone:

A: Teach me how to use the lgp/unlgp properly or
B: Tell me how to take this lock off my battle.lgp file

I am running windows 7
I am the only one who uses this laptop so i am the admin

Feel free to delete/close or watever u do if this has been previously addressed

the ficedula.dll is eluding my grasps and i cant locate a site with it

i've been to the ficedula home page and there was a thread that s/he left with a link of some sort to the cosmo
program saying that the libraries or somthing has a zip with the dll inside, but when i copy/paste the link into
my address bar it takes a big ole poop and fails to bring me to the site

inside that same thread another person offered that if somone that already has the dll will send it to him/her that
they would upload it to a site for ppl to download individually

no further post on that thread has been made and no new info (that i've seen) from ficedula has been posted

if anyone has this dll and can upload it to a site or mirror or ANYTHING that would help greatly because without it i cant
utilize LGP tools so that i can use some of these mods for my FF7 =/

again, if this problem has a solution (and not a wait) feel free to link me to the proper place so i (and im sure many others) can stop delivering dead links or old invalid posts from many years ago :D

and also feel free to remove/move/or post a sticky with a link to an upload of the ficedula.dll so that i dont annoy anyone with this post =]

i love this site and i REALLY dont wanna p.o anyone especially the pros :D



NVM found it :D

[Edit 2]

awe now i need the LGPPROP.DLL >_<

i got that

"Installation failed!
Possible reasons:
-Registry is corrupt
-LGPPROP.DLL was not found in the LGP Tools folder
-Could not write to System\ShellExt folder"

someone have a link to a thread/solution to this? D:

Troubleshooting / Final Fantasy 8 PC Version Debug room
« on: 2010-06-01 14:20:48 »
Im new to these forums so im not 100% sure if this is in the correct place, if not, feel free to move it

(to the point)

I've had both PC and PS versions of both final fantasy 7 and 8 for a long while now, and i've only recently been interested in modding and tweaking the games. I've only just registered for this site with an account but over the past few weeks i've been in and out reading threads to save me the trouble of hunting through google for some things.

That being said i kno that FF8 is extremely difficult to mod (compared to FF7 at least, i say this cuz i dont wanna insult any pros)

But being that there was so soon a gameshark code for the PS version of FF8 to allow the player to access the games Debug Room(s)

i was wondering if there is any kind of mod/tweak or anything of the sort out there to activate the same reaction in the PC version of FF8.

I've read the many threads of how difficult it is to manipulate and reskin the characters of this game based on this gamed "skin & bones" system (which i recently realized ALL of the lower [waist to foot] ratios of the bodies are too long lol) but im sure (if no one else has already come up with this very simple idea) that if someone could access the debug room it may (or may not =p) make this an easier task

but for sure, based on my experience using the gameshark on the PS version i've played through the entire game in my garden uniform (the blue and silver/grey getup not the SeeD Formal uniform) and the ONLY way i was able to do this was by experimenting with the Debug room's force location thing.

What i mean is, while ur in the debug room, u can set the toons (sprites, characters, watever) to be in their garden uniforms, and then force the game to start from a specific point. For example: I had played the game regularly up to the point where i activated the Mobile Shelter system in the garden PRE-NORG, but i had already played and beat the game many times b4.

So from the Debug room, i activated the garden uniforms on all the balamb toons (excluding Quistis) and from then on i was able to play through the game regularly with that outfit on all the way up to the point when ur in space, but when i took off the space suit i was back in my default clothes =p i just had to save the game, reactivate the debug room, and locate the force location for that point (or near it [after coming out of the space suit]) of the game and return to the balamb garden uniforms and just continue playing from there.

HOWEVER, there was an issue when i activated the SeeD Formal, i guess because there is a lot less freedom in the game on the PS version than the PC version, every time i would enter combat with the SeeD uniform or enter certain areas wearing it the game would just freeze, which is what im sure the pro's dedicated to rawking this game in SeeD formal are working on.

but the main major question (after much rambling) is:

Is there a way to access the debug room for the PC version of FF8 so that i can utilize the same thing i did for the PS version? =]

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