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FF8 Tools / [PSX/PC] init.out editor - Quezacotl (v1.0.0)
« on: 2016-09-07 11:58:15 »
I was tired of hex editing init.out so i decided of doing an editor for this as well   :-P

Quezacotl is an editor developed in C# for the FF8 init.out, this file is loaded when starting a new game.

Thanks to Maki for his help with text, Melchior1 for allowing me to use his Quezacotl image and to myst6re for the documentation of the save format and Hyne.

This software requires .NET Framework 4.6 to run.

Feel free to send a donation if you want, creating software takes away a lot of free time.

Hello! Myself, Maki and JWP are happy to finally release Doomtrain!  ;D

Doomtrain is an editor developed in C# for the FF8 kernel.bin, it can edit most of the data section present in the file.  :evil:

It's important to say that as this is the first public release it's possible a few bugs are still present, but we did our best to fix everything wrong we saw.
If you find a bug please report it in this thread.

Download Doomtrain v1.0.0
Download Doomtrain v1.0.1

alexfilth: coding and a little bit of reverse engineering.
Maki: coding.
JWP: helping me with a lot of stuff, coding and the vast majority of the reverse engineering.

FF8 Tools / [PC] mwepon.bin editor - JunkShop (1.0d)
« on: 2016-06-17 21:39:08 »
JunkShop is a little editor for the file mwepon.bin, this file contains the informations about weapons prices and the items necessary to modify them. The file is inside menu.fs.
It has been tested on the PC steam edition and it should also work on the PC2000 edition. It requires .NET Framework 4.5.2 to work.
Let me know if you have any issues.

Download JunkShop 1.0d

1.0b released:
- prices are now multiplied by the editor itself;
- the button for closing the about dialog is removed, to close the dialog click anywhere on it.

1.0c released:
- Nicer GUI;
- Improved open, save and exit code;
- Added a status bar;
- Fixed a small issue with items list;
- Price values can only be changed with arrows, to prevent users to input values that aren't a multiple of 10.

1.0d released:
- Deleted some unused leftover code.

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