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Releases / [FF7PC] Multiple models - Philman Releases
« on: 2015-04-25 00:50:13 »
Hello Qhimm users

I'm here to gift you with 2 releases:

1-Red XIII Weapons (They were never modeled so now you can use them for sure ingame)

Ingame Screenshots:

Red XIII Weapons

EDIT: It should work now with Kaldarasha,kela,and cmh models of Red XIII with no problem.

Install: Just copy rwaa and rwda of the respective model you use then copy the files in Weapons folder (all of them inside your battle.lgp files).

2-New Mono Drive + Scrutin Eye Models


Mono Drive + Scrutin Eye

Animated Style Avatars:

Animated Avatars

Menu Overhaul Colored Tabs (R03c ver,but should work fine in older versions too  ;D)

Mo.Colored Tabs

Cloud and Tifa ver.2 (for those who aren't happy with Dissidia Ones)

Cloud And Tifa Ver.2

Opening Movies!!!

Eidoslogo.avi (Square plin,I mean...intro)

sqlogo.avi ( intro)

Completely Unrelated / Psn Trade (Games and dlc's)
« on: 2014-04-20 00:29:53 »
Hey guys

I have things in psn account i would not care to share with someone that can be interested on it

Final Fantasy xii-2: coliseum bosses + clothes for serah and noel (Don't have all dlc clothes,but still is better than nothing,pm if you want complete details)

God of War: Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta (HD)

Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers: Training outfits

I'm looking to get other dlc's for Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers,or other games in trade

Hi friends from Qhimm Forums!

Today i will give a fast tutorial of how convert battle scenes to use them in battle.lgp.

Only use this if you are sure the battle scenes in png don't work for you,i don't recommend this for anyone but some people have problems and need the battle scenes working in lgp.

what you need:
1-Battle Scene Enhacement
2-Gimp (i'm using 2.6)
3-Kimera (i'm using 0.93)
4-Patience (it depends in how amount of battle scenes will you convert)
5-Memory (it costs much memory converting the textures to .tex file and the new **aa file)

Well,first find the the .png file of the battle scene,and open with Gimp (i will use Mt.Nibel texture like a example)

Now go to file tab and select new and be sure of preserve image size.
Select advanced options and change back color to transparency.

Now copy the image with transparency by press the right mouse button-edit-copy...and paste in the new image.

When the image is pasted it will got some lines,don't worry,go to file and save as...
Give a name to the new image or put the same name of the png (in that case the png name is: STAGE03_T03_00.png)
When you are saving the new image be sure of put .bmp in the name,this change the extension of the image to bitmap.
When you are finishing to save the new image a tab will appear,click in advanced config and be sure A8 R8 G8 B8 is checked in 32 bits,like this.

Now it's done,but we need go to kimera.

Open kimera and find the **aa battle scene file (in that case is ojaa)

Of course if you will convert a battle scene you will need convert all textures so here the trick (STAGE**_T**_00)
T** = Texture + Number (in zangan or kimera)
Click in show texture options and click in change texture and replace with the new texture (for this i changed only the texture number 3)

when you replace all textures of the battle scene click in SaveModel and put the **aa name.
Put in battle.lgp files,compile,enjoy.

That's all friends...Bye!

Hello Qhimm users!

Well with a bit of patience i was able to turn Felix Leonhart and magochocobo battle scenes to work in Aali's Custom Graphics 0.7.8 (i think can work with down versions too!)

To install,just decompile battle.lgp using lgp tools or highwind,and put all files what is in the folder inside the rar for Felix Leonhart battle scenes inside the folder of your battle.lgp files,recompile put again in data/battle and enjoy.

for magochocobo battle scenes i splitted the scenes (da chao,ancient city,nibelheim mansion,etc.) in folders so you need go inside each folder in the rar and put in the battle.lgp files

To recompile is better use lgp unlgp program (recompiled in 10-15 minutes with battle scenes)

Felix Leonhart Battle Scenes

magochocobo Battle Scenes

I'm having problems to upload screenshots so i just have these.

PS: Make backup of Nibelheim Mansion before put in the files of battle.lgp,this scene have a texture problem sometimes.

Thanks:kela51 for upload these screenshots for me,Roxas for your support and of course Felix Leonhart and magochocobo for the good work on Battle Scene Enhacement.

Archive / [WIP] Ruby Weapon Retexture Project
« on: 2011-02-05 23:01:18 »
Hello guys!

i am making a retexture of ruby weapon.

in game screenshots.

hey guys.

i'm playing my ff7 normally but now i go to nibelheim and finally i see the flashback showing zack dialogs and zack die.

well i have a simple question...have anyway to put videos in this part? i want put 2 or 3 videos showing zack (okay i still need make the download but i have the link of the site to download the videos i want)

Troubleshooting / help (mesh2rdm)
« on: 2010-10-11 06:01:43 »
hey guys i'm using mesh2rdm to (well its obviously) and when i'm export the files i have the png texture files and one strange rda file.but i don't know what make with this rda file so anyone knows what is it? :(

and when i import the obj (finally i got it) my blender show errors (if you guys want i can pick the error message and post)

and thanks obesebear to post what shows what i make wrong  :) :) :) (the post is old but helped)

Troubleshooting / KH2 import question
« on: 2010-09-04 15:11:43 »
hey guys i need your help...i want import only for me (upload is ilegal) the kingdom hearts 2 models of cloud (AC),Tifa (AC) and Yuffie (AC),i already dump but are 3037 files and only i need is 3...anyone knows exactly what is cloud tifa and yuffie models from kh2?

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