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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Edit for the FFVII Remix 2.5.1
« Reply #25 on: 2011-07-12 15:07:35 »
Given the fact that Apz has not released his new cloud I can only assume that the one you are linking is his old one which is not allowed to be distrubuted here. I am removing it from your list.


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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Edit for the FFVII Remix 2.5.1
« Reply #26 on: 2011-07-12 15:29:36 »
Thanks for taking care of that.  I definitely do not want to distribute contraband.
I've removed the link from my personal document too, so it won't creep back in.
That file isn't even used in this tutorial anyway.
If posting passwords is against the TOS or offensive to the original author, I'll remove them.
I don't want to include the revamped file list in the tutorial until it's passed all the tests . . .



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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Edit for the FFVII Remix 2.5.1
« Reply #27 on: 2011-07-14 11:41:27 »
Given the fact that Apz has not released his new cloud I can only assume that the one you are linking is his old one which is not allowed to be distrubuted here. I am removing it from your list.

Is there an updated cloud besides his?

Edit: In my previous post stated the leviathan fix did not work, that is false, it was an error on my end, it works fine.
Edit: it looks like the 150 change seems to have caused some parts of models to be swapped on certain characters and oversized on others given the order of installation. Example: overwriting x file will cause a corrupted file to be inserted that has a pointer to the wrong texture on the skeleton, or the 150 change causes certain characters to have a chunk of x piece oversized 150% off the character. The combonation of both due to the installation order causes some pretty weird crap.
Edit: Question - Is it possible to keep the remix videos ( the edited ones with the cool intro, sephirtoth, etc. Without causing a video issue on playback?
Edit: sound file 24 seems to work fine for me but 254 will not.
Updated - Bugged Models found so far:

Guy who works for shinra when they are done with the first mission on the train has a chest piece for his head.
Guy with the shop that has the tank in sector 5? has Red XIII's legs for his left arm.
Cloud in the Silk Dress
The general for shinra
the dog in the sector 7 area in the building around tifa's 7th heaven
Sephiroth - flashback where he thinks he is Zack a chucnk of sephirtohs gear is 150% bigger and in most of the story covers the screen. ( what is the Sephiroth ID? I can fix it and upload it. )
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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Edit for the FFVII Remix 2.5.1
« Reply #28 on: 2011-07-14 15:25:48 »
Strange . . .
In my install I don't have problems with most of those models.
I'm still on the 2nd disc, so I have a bit more to test.
I'm nearly finished with the Bootleg Automated Installer.
I'll start a new game and look for anomalies.
Did you install Aeris Revival and The Hardcore Mod?
As of .15, I've done very little testing with those mods installed.
They're still very experimental.

Upon quick inspection, most of the errors you describe are related to models from the Stickysock's REBUILDED pack.  This pack contains duplicate models that are broken.  I documented exactly where in the archive to find the working version of each model.
In the guide, I use HRC Resizer to enlarge model CTCC by 150%.  Make sure that HRC Resizer isn't changing any of the file names for model CTCC.

The installer will automate the whole process.  Do a fresh install of FF7.  Download the mods you want.  Put the installer in the same folder as the mods.  When it runs, the installer will extract and install all the mods it finds.

To keep the remix videos, just find the video you wish to keep the movies folder and make a copy before installing the FMV Restoration.  Install the FMV Restoration.  Then copy and replace the Remix videos you kept back into the movies folder.

I'll get it figured out!
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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Edit for the FFVII Remix 2.5.1
« Reply #29 on: 2011-07-15 02:53:00 »
Thanks for compiling all these information. Even if someone is not using the FFVII Remix, s/he would find it useful. Anyway I have some feedback/information/questions:
1. For new sfx, file 254 doesn't work because it doesn't have the correct bit-depth. Re-saving the file as ADPCM (with Audacity or similar program) will fix it, haven't checked if it works in-game or not though.

2. I'm seeing (or rather, I was seeing - since I'm reinstalling mods from scratch now) some NPCs with inconsistent size. Some are huge relative to Cloud although most are normal-sized. I'll post screenshots later.

3. Just some naming questions/comments:
a) isn't the user who who added to PRP dahfa instead of Dahl? Or is the latter his real name? 
b) And the rebuilded pack seemed to have been posted by squallff8 and not by Stickysock, but then maybe I have missed a post or two.
c) Typo in PRP - Rejuvenation, not Rejuvination
d) Tuffi battle model -> Yuffie battle model? (in first post)

4. Some suggestions:
a) Maybe instead of linking to threads/thread pages, you can link to specific posts? For example, for squallff8's rebuilded models,
b) Having the hyperlinks to files on the steps that uses them might be helpful. I like to see what the mods do before downloading all of them.
c) Bundling things together by theme - e.g. GUI overhaul, sound effects, field model, battle model, movie, music, bare-essentials - might improve readability of the post.

5. About the automated installer, will it do things like unpack LGP -> insert files -> repack LGP and would you still need the tools that you listed? I am also trying to figure out how to automate the process but I don't know where to start. Can you give me some pointers or PM me your script so I can have a look?

Thanks again!


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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Edit for the FFVII Remix 2.5.1
« Reply #30 on: 2011-07-15 14:59:20 »
Thanks, I've already made quite a few changes based on your suggestions.

1) For the correct sound format, choose "Microsoft ADPCM", and 44100 Khz, 4bits, Mono.  I created a patcher that adds all the sounds I've found in the forums so far.

2) Not all of the models are sized proportionately.  The only way to fix this problem is to identify the problem in game, find the model file and resize it with HRC Resizer.

3) You're correct!  I've made all these changes.

4a&b) The links still need a lot of work.  I'll definitely use your ideas.
4c)Much of the order is based on how and when I discovered the mods.  Some of these mods require installation in a very specific order.  I'll explore grouping options that won't require a lot of retesting for compatibility.

When I began this tutorial, I had no idea it would grow this large.  I definitely need to cut the clutter.

5) The installer is a .bat file that you put in the same folder as all the mods.  Run the installer and it extracts the .zip, .rar and .7z files.; extracts the .lgp files; launches and installs all the mods; compiles the .lgp's and puts the game back together. 

The installer could use a front end.  Right now it works from the command line.

I think the cause of the model glitches you're experiencing is most likely that you've added files that belong in high-us.lgp, world_us.lgp or flevel.lgp into char.lgp.

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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Edit for the FFVII Remix 2.5.1
« Reply #31 on: 2011-07-18 07:24:12 »
Hows it coming?


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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Edit for the FFVII Remix 2.5.1
« Reply #32 on: 2011-07-18 14:37:40 »

i just want to let you know that you can find the content of "PRP_AddOnPack.exe" in the italian repackage installer called "Final Fantasy VII ITA Reloaded.exe". i didn't test those models from the setup yet but i think they will work ;-)

you can find this version here:


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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Edit for the FFVII Remix 2.5.1
« Reply #33 on: 2011-07-19 13:00:11 »
Last night, for the first time, the Bootleg script ran from start to finish with no errors!
Now I need to verify the install to make sure nothing is mangled.
Because it's not possible to control certain programs like WallMarket, Cosmo and ProudCloud with a script, I had to include a few sprinkles of already patched files.  The whole package is roughly 7MB.
The few files I included are:
   PRP Addon field and world models not already in the Remix
   Updated Remix .bat files to work with FF7Music Installer
   FF7MUSIC.ini edited to support FinalFanTim's OGGs and the Remix MP3s
   Alternate texture for Mike's Phoenix
   All of the new sound effects I could find in Armorvil's thread
   Resized CTCC 3.0 model from Squallff8's REBUILDED pack
   Cloud's leg renamed from Bloodshot's HQMB2
   Battle model changes necessary to support modified weapons textures
   KERNEL.BIN and kernel2.bin files patched to support all mod combinations

Getting the script to work with all the crazy file names is the trickiest part.
There's no front end, so preferences are set via the command line.
Run the installer as administrator for the default settings.
For a customized installation, start a command window as administrator and launch the installer with the command line options.
Right now, the installer accepts 7 options for customization.

Does anyone want to contribute a front end to this project?



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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Edit for the FFVII Remix 2.5.1
« Reply #34 on: 2011-07-19 20:17:15 »
So are you going to post the batch file :)? I actually prefer something that I can open up with a text editor to see what a mod or mod compilation is changing.


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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Edit for the FFVII Remix 2.5.1
« Reply #35 on: 2011-07-21 16:53:25 »
I cant wait XD


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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Edit for the FFVII Remix 2.5.1
« Reply #37 on: 2011-07-23 07:52:32 »
did you get m003 added?


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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Configurator
« Reply #38 on: 2011-07-23 14:20:38 »
Code: [Select]
Bootleg Configurator
Final Fantasy VII
 by PitBrat
2012.12.30 VERSION .040

Bootleg installs and integrates a customized selection of mods for Final Fantasy VII.

1) Download all of the supported mods into a single folder (Bootleg fails if critical mods are missing).
2) Do a MAXIMUM INSTALLATION of Final Fantasy VII preferably to a non-system folder such as 'D:\Games\FF7' (Prevents privilege errors and missing mods).
3) Place 'Bootleg.exe' and 'BFE.exe' together in the folder containing the mods.
5) Run 'BFE.exe' for complete control of the Bootleg process.

An authentic copy of the PC game Final Fantasy VII
GPU with OpenGL and Shader 2.0 support and at least 512MB (recommended Geforce 8800 or better) (Intel GPU's not supported)
A minimum 17GB of free space for setup files

The final installation is 7GB to 9GB depending on mod selection.

For more information, consult the Qhimm forums:
A detailed list of mods with support and download links-- Bootleg_Mods.htm-- is in the Final Fantasy VII folder.
For the most current list of mods, consult the Big List of Final Fantasy VII Mods:

Place ALL of the mods in the same folder with Bootleg.exe.
Otherwise, use the /F switch to specify mod locations.

For help, issue the command 'bootleg /?'

bootleg [/C[#]] [/S[#]] [/P[#]] [/U[#]] [/R[#]] [/O[#]] [/N[#]] [/A[#]] [/V[#]] [/H[#]] [/L[#]] [/M[#]] [/K[#]] [/E[#]] [/T[#]] [/Z[#]] [/B[#]] [/J[#]] [/W[#]] [/Y[#]] [/Q[#]] [/G[#]] [/$[#]] [/@[#]] [/I "[image].zip"] [/D"[path]"] [/F"[path n]"] [/X"[path]"]

 /C[0-24]         0 = No Change
                  1 = Cloud Field Model - WITHOUT sword
                  2 = Cloud Field Model - WITH Buster sword (DEFAULT)
                  3 = Cloud Field Model - Wielding Masamune
                  4 = Cloud Field Model - Omni Cloud
                  5 = Cloud Field Model - Squallff8's Rebuilded
                  6 = Cloud Filed Model - Grimmy's AC Style
                  7 = Cloud Field Model - FMV with Sword (Weemus)
                  8 = Cloud Field Model - FMV Without Sword (Weemus)
                  9 = Cloud Field Model - Chibi Strife (NameSpoofer)
                  10 = Cloud Field Model - APZ with Sword
                  11 = Cloud Field Model - APZ without Sword
                  12 = Cloud Field Model - APZ with Sword
                  13 = Cloud Field Model - APZ without Sword
                  14 = Cloud Field Model - APZ Dark with Sword
                  15 = Cloud Field Model - APZ Dark without Sword
                  16 = Cloud Field Model - APZ Chibi
                  17 = Cloud Field Model - APZ Chibi
                  18 = Cloud Field Model - APZ Dark Chibi
                  19 = Cloud Field Model - BitzNCS New Chibi
                  20 = Cloud Field Model - PRP Classic
                  21 = Cloud Field Model - Chibi Reconstruction
                  22 = Cloud Field Model - Dahfa's Chibi
                  23 = Cloud Field Model - APZ Adjusted
                  24 = Cloud Field Model - Team Avalanche Chibi
 /S[0-5]          0 = No Change
                  1 = FFX Save Point (DEFAULT)
                  2 = CC Save Point
                  3 = Memories Save Point
                  4 = Team Avalanche Save Point
                  5 = Save Point with Balls
 /P[0-3]          0 = No Change
                  1 = New Style Phoenix Summons Magic (DEFAULT)
                  2 = Old Style Phoenix Summons Magic
                  3 = Customized Phoenix Summons Magic
 /R[0-1]          0 = Do NOT Install Aeris Revival (DEFAULT)
                  1 = Install Aeris Revival
 /O[0-1]          0 = Do NOT Install Menu Overhaul (DEFAULT)
                  1 = Install Menu Overhaul
 /N[0-1]          0 = Do NOT Use New Spell Names
                  1 = Use New Spell Names (DEFAULT)
 /A[0-1]          0 = Do NOT Install Team Avalanche High Res Graphics (DEFAULT)
                  1 = Install Team Avalanche High Res Graphics
 /V[0-3]          0 = Aeris Battle Model - No Change ^(DEFAULT^)
                  1 = Aeris Battle Model - HQ Aerith
                  2 = Aeris Battle Model - Sailor Moon Jupiter
                  3 = Aeris Battle Model - Whiteraven's HQ Aerith
 /H[0-11]         0 = Cloud Battle Model - No Change
                  1 = Cloud Battle Model - Classic
                  2 = Cloud Battle Model - The Remix APZ
                  3 = Cloud Battle Model - Grimmy's Hi Res (DEFAULT)
                  4 = Cloud Battle Model - Grimmy's AC Style
                  5 = Cloud Battle Model - FMV Cloud (Weemus)
                  6 = Cloud Battle Model - Strife
                  7 = Cloud Battle Model - New APZ
                  8 = Cloud Battle Model - New APZ Black
                  9 = Cloud Battle Model - New APZ Dark
                 10 = Cloud Battle Model - New APZ Mature
                 11 = Cloud Battle Model - Team Avalanche
 /L[0-9]          0 = No Change
                  1 = Kela51's Original V3 Limit
                  2 = Kela51's Blue V2 Limit
                  3 = Kela51's Blue V3 Limit
                  4 = Kela51's Blue V4 Limit
                  5 = Kela51's Original V4 Limit (DEFAULT)
                  6 = Mike's Flame Limit Texture
                  7 = Jinkazama2k7's Green Limit
                  8 = Mike's Blue Flame Limit Texture
                  9 = Mike's Flame Limit V2 Texture
 /M[0-12]         0 = Menu Background No Change (DEFAULT)
                  1 = Remix Menu Background
                  2 = Buster Sword in red by Felix Leonhart
                  3 = HD Buster Sword by Wren Jr.
                  4 = Midgar
                  5 = Friend's by Nikfrozty
                  6 = Cloud
                  7 = Simple
                  8 = Buster Sword with Glare
                  9 = Standoff by Milo Leonhart
                  10 = Standoff with FF7 Logo by Milo Leonhart
                  11 = Zendar's AC Buster Sword at Midgar
                  12 = Recko's Gold Hilt Buster Sword
 /K[0-16]         0 = No Change (Use Original Vanilla Kernel) (DEFAULT)
                  1 = Remastered - Kernel AI, stats and equipment from The Remix
                  2 = Scene Redux - Better Items to Steal
                  3 = Harder Items Easy - Items are Less Powerful
                  4 = Harder Items Normal - Items are Significantly Less Powerful
                  5 = Harder Items Difficult - Items are MUCH LESS Powerful
                  6 = Harder Items Easy + Scene Redux
                  7 = Harder Items Normal + Scene Redux
                  8 = Harder Items Difficult + Scene Redux
                  9 = Lost Wing - Complete Overhaul with Extensive Modifications
                  10 = Gjoerulv's Hardcore Mod - The Preeminent Difficulty Mod
                  11 = Mode Switching - All Mods
                  12 = Mode Switching - Without Hardcore
                  13 = Reasonable Difficulty - Not as Challenging as Hardcore
                  14 = Reasonable Difficulty + Harder Items Easy
                  15 = Reasonable Difficulty + Harder Items Normal
                  16 = Reasonable Difficulty + Harder Items Difficult
 /E[0-12]         0 = No Change
                  1 = DLPB's Hi Quality FMVs (DEFAULT)
                  2 = Bootlegged - Trojak's Enhanced with DLBP and Xion999
                  3 = Bootlegged - Trojak's Enhanced with Grimmy and Xion999
                  4 = Bootlegged - Trojak's Enhanced with DLBP and Xion999 and Rumbah
                  5 = Rumbah Complete - 1280 Smooth
                  6 = Rumbah Complete - 1280 Sharp
                  7 = Rumbah Complete - 640 Smooth
                  8 = Rumbah Complete - 640 Smooth
                  9 = Grimmy's AC Style enhanced with Leonhart7413
                  10 = Grimmy's AC Style enhanced with Leonhart7413 HD Alternate
                  11 = Bootlegged reworked with PH03N1XFURY
                  12 = Grimmy's AC Style Movies
 /T[0-4]          0 = No Field Art Mods
                  1 = Bootlegged: BlackFan, SL1982 and FacePalmer Field Art (DEFAULT)
                  2 = Blackfan over SL1982's over FacePalmer Field Art
                  3 = FacePalmer Field Art
                  4 = BlackFan over SL1982 without FacePalmer Field Art
 /Z[0-23]         0 = Avatars No Change
                  1 = Bloodshot's Transparent Avatars (DEFAULT)
                  2 = Nikfrozty's Crisis Core Avatars
                  3 = Nikfrozty's Alternative Avatars
                  4 = Full Portrait Transparent Avatars
                  5 = Milo Leonhart's 10th Anniversary Photographic Avatars
                  6 = Milo Leonhart's Demi Face Avatars
                  7 = Milo Leonhart's Demi Face Avatars V2
                  8 = Milo Leonhart's Demi Face Avatars V3
                  9 = Singular One's AC Transparent Avatars
                  10 = Zendar's Round AC Avatars
                  11 = Zendar's Round AC Avatars V2
                  12 = Zendar's Round AC Avatars V3
                  13 = Zendar's Round AC Avatars V4
                  14 = Zendar's Round AC Avatars V5
                  15 = Zendar's Round AC Avatars V5.01
                  16 = Armorvil's Eye Avatars
                  17 = Grimmy's AC Style Avatars
                  18 = Kula Wende's AC Style Avatars
                  19 = Nero's AC Style Avatars
                  20 = Nikfrozty's AC Style Avatars
                  21 = Aff7iction's Beautified Avatars
                  22 = MinMin's Avatars
                  23 = Recko's Transparent Avatars
 /B[0-1]          0 = Do NOT install Bunny Outfit for dress models (DEFAULT)
                  1 = Install Bunny Outfit for dress models
 /U[0-1]          0 = Do NOT Update Masamune
                  1 = Update Masamune (DEFAULT)
 /W[0-8]          0 = FinalFanTim's OGG Soundtrack
                  1 = PSF MIDI Soundtrack (DEFAULT)
                  2 = OCRemix Soundtrack
                  3 = Custom Soundtrack from the Remix
                  4 = Bootleg Soundtrack
                  5 = Anxious Heart - Original Selection
                  6 = Anxious Heart - DLPB Selection
                  7 = Anxious Heart - Fan Selection
                  8 = Anxious Heart - Professional Selection
 /Y[0-1]          0 = Do NOT Use Any CD Loader (DEFAULT)
                  1 = Use Any CD Loader
 /Q[0-6]          0 = No Change
                  1 = Grimmy's Cloud and Sephiroth Prelude Credits
                  2 = JordieBo's Prelude Graphics (DEFAULT)
                  3 = JordieBo's Dark Prelude Graphics
                  4 = JordieBo's Glowing Prelude Graphics
                  5 = Strayoff's Prelude Graphics
                  6 = Grimmy's Cloud and Tifa Prelude Credits
 /G               Custom Cloud Weapons [16 Digits]
                  0's = Millenia (Default)
                  1's = Slayersnext
 /$               Custom Avatars [Works with /Z-1]
 /@               Brat Code
 /I"[image].zip"  Vanilla FF7 Installation Folder as a ZIP file
 /D"[path]"       Valid FF7 install path enclosed in ""

 /F"[path n]"     Mod source path enclosed in ""
                  Repeat for each mod path to add
 /X"[path]"       Temporary folder where the magic happens (REQUIRES A MINIMUM 17GB FREE SPACE)

EXAMPLE: bootleg /C0 /S1 /P3 /R1 /O1 /N1 /A0 /D"D:\Games\Final Fantasy VII" /F"C:\Downloads" /F"D:\Downloads"

The example installs the Cloud field model without a sword, FFX save point,
Mike's customized phoenix, Aeris Revival, Menu Overhaul, new spell names
and Mike's limit texture while searching for mods in: C:\Downloads,
D:\Downloads and the Bootleg start folder.

Bootleg.exe must run with administrator privileges and will request administrator access.

Place Bootleg.exe in a folder with all of the FF7 mods.
If a mod is missing and you do not explicitly disable it during setup, strange
things will happen. All mods must reside in the folder with Bootleg.exe and
have the exact filenames from the Supported Mods list.
Use the /F switch to specify additional mod source paths.

Only apply Bootleg to a fresh maximum installation of the English 3 CD-ROM version of Final Fantasy VII.
Install Final Fantasy VII to a non-system folder such as 'D:\Games\FF7' to prevent privilege errors and missing mods.
Installing Bootleg WITHOUT The Remix-- Final_Fantasy_VII_Remix_v2-5-1_Installer.exe-- will result in missing game files.
Please disable any virus scanning software before running Bootleg Configurator due to a potential conflict with some mods.
Close all open FF7 files and folders before starting or Bootleg will fail.
The mods must reside in the same folder as Bootleg.exe and have the exact filenames in the Supported Mods list.
Use the /F switch to add mod search paths for mods not in the folder with Bootleg.exe.

NOT YET Supported Mods (To Do List):
    Option to Make Field Model Weapons Match Battle Model Weapons
    Option for Customizable Soundtrack


-Some field models need resized.
-Some field models don't blink or have flashing faces.
-Various glitches in field model animations when using PRP models.
-Aeris Revival in Hardcore Mode is missing some Revival scripts.  Aeris does not appear in 3 field scenes.
-Extended play time may result in corrupted graphics and a crash especially on lower end Intel GPU's.  Avoid pausing the game during battles.
-Rarely a crash occurs during the final rescue scene at the containment chamber in the Shinra Building lab.
    The crash is related to system ram and session play time.
    Use the nearby save point to avoid frustration.
-The Fort Condor mod occasionally causes a crash in the later levels of the Fort Condor minigame.
-Inconsistent install results when using paths containing parentheses, spaces and non U.S. characters: é, è, á, à, et cetera
-Installing to a system folder results in missing mods, lost settings, lost save games and mismatched kernels on some systems.  Avoid errors by installing to a NON SYSTEM FOLDER.
-ReTranslation only installs in Normal and Hardcore Modes when Mode Switching is Enabled.
-ReTranslation is not compatible with Lost Wing.
-Translation is incomplete for some language and mode combinations.  Battle and Menu text remains in English for some languages.
-When using FacePalmer field textures: the doors in Aeris' house sometimes appear closed when open; the door in the Costa Del Sol inn has a blue outline; in the chocobo sage's house there is a small white blotch above him, dark edges outline the scenery in the ice crater maze.
-Some Magic Upscale textures are glitched and show borders: Hell Bomber, Shadow Flare.
-Selecting NO CHANGE for battle models and installing weapons models may result in missing textures if existing battle models don't already have enough texture slots.
-Selecting NO CHANGE for field models and installing hair styles may result in glitched heads if existing field models are not compatible.
-FF7Music conflicts with game controller to keyboard emulators such as Joy2Pad and Xpadder.
-Alternate Hairstyles are disabled for some models.
-Battle model animations for the Green Frog (RSAA) and Purple Frog (HBAA) are glitched.
-With Menu Overhaul all save menus that are not from an actual save point will have the pointer on the wrong line.
-With Menu Overhaul the Junon taxi-helicopter is broken: Out of Town goes to Other District, Other District crashes the game.
-With Menu Overhaul some Yes/No menu options are reversed.
-When Installing on Re-Release version, features such as achievements, cloud saves and the trainer are lost.

Version History
    Added New APZ Cloud Battle Model in Normal, Dark and Uniform: apzcloud_FINAL.rar, apzcloud_DLC.rar
    Added New APZ Cloud Field Model with and without Sword in Normal, Dark and Black: APZ Cloud Field V4.2.rar,
    Added New APZ Chibi Cloud Field Model in Normal, Dark and Black: Chibi APZ Cloud Beta.rar
    Added BlitzNCS New Chibi Cloud Field Model:
    Added Save Point Model with Balls: Save Point FFX Edit Multicoloured Balls.7z
    Added Support for Team Avalanche Cloud Battle Model: Battle Model.rar
    Added Support for Team Avalanche Chibi Cloud Field Model: Chibi Cloud.rar
    Added Support for Team Avalanche Guard Scorpion Battle Model: Guard Scorpion.rar
    Added Support for Team Avalanche Sweeper Battle Model with Bombing Mission Fix: Sweeper.rar
    Added Support for Team Avalanche Save Point Model: Save Point.7z
    Added Support for Team Avalanche Materia Models: materia.rar
    Added ComplexMultiShader:
    Added Omzy's FacePalmer Fixes: Omzy's FF7 Field, FixedLightingTextures PART1.rar, FixedLightingTextures PART2.rar, FixedMissing Files.rar, FixedSpecialCases.rar,,
    Added Minmin's Transparent Avatars:
    Added Zendar's Coin Skill Textures: qsvyig.png, zeni_h_00.rar, zeni_h_00.rar, mj0dq1.png, amz5z5.png, Coin.rar
    Added Zendar's Blue Counter Numbers Texture: 2itfspt.png
    Added Missing PSF Music: ff7 missing
    Added Cait Sith Weapons: cait sith weapons.7z
    Added Cloud Weapon Options-- No Change, Dragon Murasame, APZ Buster, APZ Ragnarok, OmniBuster, Oblivion Lovelace, Oblivion Ultima:, external mods
    Added Individual Customization for Cloud Weapons: slayernexts with compiled
    Added FMV Cutscene option: No Change
    Added Support of Re-Release Version: FF7 PC New to Old Converter By Kranmer FULL.exe
    Added New Track to Bootleg Soundtrack: 4-18 - Staff Roll (End Credits)-rev5-ff7music.ogg
    Added FeliX Leonhart's World Map Ocean Textures: world.exe
    Added Chibi Reconstruction Models: Chibi Reconstruction 1.5.exe, Mxsters Chibi Reconstruction V1.6.exe, CHIBICON.rar, Cloud.rar, clouddress.rar, Jessie Version 2.rar, Red13 Release.rar
    Added NameSpoofer's Cloud Strife ReModel: CloudRemodel.rar
    Added Whiteraven's AC Barret Battle Model: Whiteraven AC Barret Battle.rar
    Added Whiteraven's AC Tifa Models: Whiteraven Tifa Battle.rar, White Raven Tifa Mod.rar
    Added Whiteraven's Vincent Re-ReModel Battle Model: Whiteraven Vincent Battle.rar
    Added Whiteraven's AC Yuffie Battle Model and Fixed Transparent Hair: Whiteraven Yufie Battle fixed.rar
    Added Whiteraven's HQ Aerith Battle Model: Whiteraven Aerith Battle.rar
    Added Whiteraven's Mature APZ Cloud Battle Model: Whiteraven Apzcloud Mature-Rev.rar
    Added Whiteraven's Mature APZ Cloud Battle Model Converted by Buster Swd: Whiteraven Apz Cloud revision for field(adjusted).rar
    Added Weemus' FMV Style Models: Weeemus FMV Mod Beta 2.0d.rar
    Added E1sunz's Cait Sith - Cat Only Battle Model: Battle - Cait Sith Cat Only.rar
    Added JLOUTLAW's Hypersonic Limit Texture: Hyper Sonic Limit Texture.rar
    Added Bloodshot's Re-Animations: FF7 Re-animated.rar
    Added Recko's Gold Hilt Buster Sword Menu Background: buster_00.png
    Added Recko's Transparent Avatars:
    Added Missing Hairstyles for High-us Minigame: Cloud and Tifa
    Added JLOUTLAW's Ruby Weapon Retexture: Ruby WEAPON Retexture.rar, Ruby Weapon Retexture, Modified Ruby WEAPON Retexture.rar
    Added Bootloader Option to Disable Forced Refresh Rate
    Added Kuugen's Nightmare Conversion: Nightmare Files 1.rar, Nightmare flevel slim.rar, Nightmare OST.part1.rar
    Added PRP, Rebuilded, Chibi Construction and Dahfa's Chibi Field Model Options for Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aeris, Yuffie, Cid, Red XIII, Vincent and Sephiroth
    Added Bootloader Option to Mount/Unmount a Virtual FF7DISC1
    Added Bootloader Option to Automatically Set the Data Drive
    Added Bootloader Ability to Save Last Run Options
    Added Support for the Standalone OCRemix Soundtrack Pack: ffviiremix mp3's part1.rar, ffviiremix mp3's part2.rar
    Added Support for Anxious Heart Soundtrack Compilation by DLPB
    Restored Missing Materia Animations
    Restored Missing Menu Background-- Zendar's AC Buster Sword at Midgar
    Restored MinMin's Missing Avatars
    Restored Missing Dahfa Barret Navy Uniform Field Model (AYFB)
    Revised Bootleg.log
    Revised Avalanche and Remix Model Installation
    Revised Base Model Installation to Recognize NO CHANGE Option for Player Models
    Revised Hairstyles to Accommodate New Models
    Removed Glitched Field Textures: colne_6
    Removed Dependence on The Remix - Bootleg Only Requires The Remix for the Original APZ Cloud and The Remix FMV's
    Updated German Conversion Thanks to Kompass63:
    Updated Gjoerulv's Hardcore Mod to 1.0.6: Gjoerulv-1.0.6.rar
    Updated Kranmer's Trainer: FF7 Trainer 0.7.1v4 By Kranmer.exe
    +Fixed Files Missing From LGP Archives Due to Ulgp Bug: ulgp_v0.7.7z
    +Fixed Translation of DISC_US.LGP
    +Fixed Broken Grimmy's AC Yuffie Battle Model
    +Fixed Grimmy's AC Yuffie always Installs with Grimmy's AC Tifa
    +Fixed Missing Weapon Textures for Grimmy's AC Cloud
    +Fixed Mismatched Enemy Lookup Table when Using Menu Overhaul ReTranslation with some mods: New Spell Names, Aeris Revival, Items Easy, Items Normal and Items Difficult
    +Fixed Crash due to Bootleg Setting Incorrect Sound Device
    +Fixed Crash After Remix When Using APZ Cloud or Timu Sumisu Barret
    +Fixed Missing/Broken Hairstyles for Cloud
    +Fixed Missing Cloud Wields Masamune Models
    +Fixed Broken Timu Barret+Kleyon Field Installation
    +Fixed Missing Summon Menu Command with Menu Overhaul:
    +Fixed Missing Romeo 14 Materia Texture in Normal Mode
    +Fixed Alpha Blending for High-us Models: Cloud, Tifa, Aeris, Red XIII and Barret
    +Fixed Missing Sailor Moon Tifa Weapon
    +Fixed Missing Weapon Textures when No Change Selected for Battle Models
    +Fixed Missing Texture Errors
    +Fixed Hair Style Compatibility
    +Fixed Crash Due to Missing Condor.lgp when Not Using Stayoff's Condor Minigame Mod
    +Fixed Mismatched Lookup Table in Remix Remastered Mode
    +Fixed Blinking Head for Megaten's Pimped Barret; Jinkazama2k7's Assault Biggs, Jessie and Wedge, Rebuilded GFDF Hang Man
    +Fixed Bug When Creating FF7 Image
    Integrated Mods:, ulgp_v0.7.7z,, qsvyig.png, 2itfspt.png, zeni_h_00.rar, zeni_h_00.rar, ff7 missing, cait sith weapons.7z, dragon buster.7z,, Coin.rar, FF7 PC New to Old Converter By Kranmer,,, 4-18 - Staff Roll (End Credits)-rev5-ff7music.ogg,,, slayernexts with compiled, world.exe, Chibi Reconstruction 1.5.exe, Mxsters Chibi Reconstruction V1.6.exe, CHIBICON.rar, Cloud.rar, clouddress.rar, Jessie Version 2.rar, Red13 Release.rar, Whiteraven AC Barret Battle.rar, Whiteraven Tifa Battle.rar, White Raven Tifa Mod.rar, Whiteraven Vincent Battle.rar, Whiteraven Yufie Battle fixed.rar, Weeemus FMV Mod Beta 2.0d.rar, CloudRemodel.rar, Hyper Sonic Limit Texture.rar, FF7 Re-animated.rar, Whiteraven Aerith Battle.rar, apzcloud_FINAL.rar, apzcloud_DLC.rar, APZ Cloud Field V4.2.rar,, Chibi APZ Cloud Beta.rar,, Whiteraven Apzcloud Mature-Rev.rar,,, Ruby WEAPON Retexture.rar, Ruby Weapon Retexture, Modified Ruby WEAPON Retexture.rar, external mods, Whiteraven Apz Cloud revision for field(adjusted).rar, FF7 Trainer 0.7.1v4 By Kranmer.exe, Battle - Cait Sith Cat Only.rar, innounp037.rar, Save Point FFX Edit Multicoloured Balls.7z

Code: [Select]
Frequently Asked Questions

Q:I downloaded the re-release and installed Bootleg.  Now when I start the game is asks for Disk 1!
A:In Bootloader click CONFIGURE.
  Click the MOUNT button.
  Click Write CFG.
  Play FF7.
  NOTE: The system may take a moment to recognize the new disk.  If the game fails to start the first time, try again.
  Install Kranmer's AnyCD patch.
  Rename a USB drive or Harddrive to "FF7DISC1"
  Run Bootloader and select CONFIGURE.
  In the Data Drive dropdown list, select the drive letter for the drive named "FF7DISC1"

Q:I'm experiencing black screens, tearing, stuttering and out of memory errors.
A:Bootleg is not compatible with Intel graphics cards.  If you are using a laptop with a Radeon/NVidia card and an Intel CPU, the Intel GPU is most likely the default video card.
  The game uses the default video card which is most likely the Intel GPU.
  Check in the app.log to identify which GPU FF7 is using.
  To force FF7 to run on the Radeon/NVidia GPU, go into the graphics settings and "add" the file/app, "FF7.exe," to run on the improved performance processor.

Q:What is an FF7 image file?
A:It is a optional .ZIP file containing the files and folders from inside the Final Fantasy VII installation folder.
  When using an image, you no longer have to do a vanilla install before Bootleg.
  It simplifies installing FF7 to almost any folder.

Q:How do I create an FF7 image file?
A:First, do a full install of FF7.
  Browse to inside the FF7 install folder.
  CTR+A to Select all.
  Right click and Send To compressed file.

Q:How do I use an FF7 image file?
A:Be very careful.  Use of an invalid image will result in an unplayable game.
  Follow the procedure to create an FF7 image file for use with Bootleg.
  Now run Bootleg Front End (BFE.exe) and in the text box labeled 'FF7 Image' select the .ZIP image file.

Q:Why does the Menu Overhaul Installer run twice?
A:You enabled mode switching with the Hardcore Mod.
  The Menu Overhaul Installs first for Normal mode.
  Then it installs a second time for Hardcore mode.
  You can configure cheat, game and graphics settings separately for each mode.
  Possibilities include enabling all of the cheats in Hardcore Mode and none in Normal Mode.

Q:How do I use the Avatars and Prelude Credits included with Menu Overhaul and Avalanche?
A:Select NO CHANGE for those items in Bootleg.  Otherwise Bootleg overrides other mods.

Q:Why is APP.LOG full of 'ERROR: failed to find file battle/???? (LGP) (path: FF7/DATA/BATTLE/EFFECT/HITMARK)' and similar errors?
A:These errors are harmless.  They are related to weapon modifications.  The errors do not affect the game negatively.

Q:Why is there a bar across the battle scenes?
A:This is an issue with Aali's OpenGL Driver 0.7.11B and should be corrected soon.

Q:What is the 'Temporary Files' folder?
A:Bootleg creates a working folder names 'Bootleg_Setup' in the 'Temporary Files' path.
  This folder contains the extracted mods and patch folders while Bootleg is running.
  Bootleg requires 16GB of free space on the 'Temporary Files' drive.

Q:Why does Bootleg exit without displaying 'Bootleg_Readme.txt'?
A:Bootleg has crashed.
  Disable UAC and turn off virus scanning software.
  Close any open programs.
  Avoid using spaces and non U.S. characters in the mod path.
  Run 'BFE.exe' and start Bootleg with the 'Run Bootleg' button.
Q:Why does BFE.exe fail to run with the error "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)"?
A:You need to install the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 from:
  Or the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 from:

Q:Why is there a pause while battle scenes load?
A:The game engine is slow when loading the battle scenes from a very large battle.lgp.
  To significantly shorten load times, uncheck the box next to 'Battle Scenes as LGP' during Bootleg configuration.
  In 'FF7_OpenGL.cfg' set 'use_pbo = yes' to further improve load times.  This setting might cause anomalies on ATI graphics cards.

Q:Is FF7anyCDv2.dll a virus?
A:No, it's a false positive.  It's a non essential convenience that enables the game to run without the need to switch discs.

Q:Do I have to disable my virus scanner?
A:Bootleg runs fine with virus software enabled.
  The authors of some of the supported mods-- FF7Music and Menu Overhaul-- suggest disabling virus scanning software before installation.

Q:How do I change the soundtrack?
A:Select the soundtrack during setup.
  Alternately, change the soundtrack after installation:
  Run .\FF7Music\FF7Music.exe
  Click on Configure
  Select the Files tab
  In the Profile Box, select the desired soundtrack

Q:What are the soundtrack options?
A:Available soundtracks include:
      PSF - Original MIDI
      FileNamesOnly - FinalFanTim's original MP3s
      OSTRemastered - FinalFanTim's looped OGGs
      mp3 (remixed) - All OCRemixes MP3s
      Custom - a combination of OCRemix and FinalFanTim's MP3s
      Bootleg - a combination of FinalFanTim's OGGs; OCRemix MP3s; NetHead's tracks 3-06 - The Nightmare's Beginning-rev8.ogg, 3-16 - Interrupted by Fireworks-rev18.ogg, 3-20 - Buried in the Snow-v.2.ogg and Symphonic's track JenovaRemix.ogg

Q:Why is there no sound in the game?  Why is the music playing from a different sound device than the game sounds?
A:You need to configure the sound and/or MIDI device.
  Run .\FF7Config.exe as Administrator
  In the SOUND tab, select the 'Sound Driver'
  In the MIDI tab, select the 'MIDI Driver' and the 'MIDI Data'
  Click OK to save the settings
  Open the Volume Mixer
  Adjust the volume for the playback device, applications and FF7 executable

Q:What is mode switching?
A:Mode switching allows you to easily switch between difficulty mods when starting Final Fantasy VII.
  Switch between modes of play by running BootLoader.exe from the game folder or using the FFVII Bootloader shortcut.
  To start Final Fantasy VII in the last mode played, run 'Run FFVII-Bootleg.bat' from the game folder or using the
  Final Fantasy VII shortcut.  Shortcuts are located on the desktop and in the start menu.

Q:How do I start the game in Hardcore Mode?
A:Install Mode Switching with Hardcore Mod support.  Switch to Hardcore mode by starting BootLoader and selecting Hardcore Mod in the mode list.
  If you installed the Hardcore Mod without enabling Mode Switching, Final Fantasy VII will always start in Hardcore mode.
  To start Final Fantasy VII in the last mode played, run 'Run FFVII-Bootleg.bat' from the game folder or use the 'Final Fantasy VII' shortcut.

Q:How do I start the game in Normal mode?
A:Once Hardcore mode is enabled, it stays enabled until you start BootLoader and switch to Normal mode.
  To start Final Fantasy VII in the last mode played, run 'Run FFVII-Bootleg.bat' from the game folder or use the 'Final Fantasy VII' shortcut.

Q:What is BootLoader?
A:BootLoader allows you to easily switch between difficulty mods and change other option before starting Final Fantasy VII.
  Start BootLoader with the "FFVII BootLoader' shortcut or by running BootLoader.exe from the game folder.
  Use the 'Final Fantasy VII' shortcut to quickly start the game in the last mode played.

Q:How do I change the drive that FF7 checks for the game CD-ROM?
A:Run 'FF7_CD.exe' in the game folder to change the data drive.

Q:Do I really need to close all programs before running Bootleg?
  If any FF7 game files or folders are open during installation, Bootleg will fail to update the game.
  Close all folders and files related to the FF7 installation destination.

Q:HELP! Hardcore Mode is way too difficult.
A:There is a Hardcore Mode guide included in the Original_Readmes_Bootleg folder: Hardcore_Guide.txt.

Q:Where should I install Final Fantasy VII?
A:I recommend NOT using a system folder like 'Program Files' or 'Desktop' or 'Users' or any other system folder as the installation destination.
  Instead, install to a folder such as 'C:\Games\Final Fantasy VII\' or a new folder of your choice.
  Installing the game to a system folder sometimes results in missing mods and the inability to save or edit game files.

Q:How can I contact PitBrat or VGR?
A:We frequent the #VGR channel on the IRC Espernet servers.
  In BFE select Brat Chat from the Help menu to connect directly to the live chat.

Q:Who is VGR?
A:VGR is a valuable member of the Bootleg team.  Without his skills, support and encouragement, this project would fail.
  He has detailed knowledge of Final Fantasy VII, Bootleg and all of the supported mods.  His input helps direct the development
  of Bootleg.  He is also in charge of bug testing and has devoted many hours to making Bootleg better.  For tech support, requests and general chat,
  contact VGR in the forums or visit the official Bootleg IRC channel-- #VGR on Espernet.

Q:Who is PitBrat?
A:PitBrat is a mystery.

Q:How do I change the Menu Overhaul menu style?
A:Install Kranmer's Menu Overhaul Menu Style Switcher.
  While FF7 is running, use these hot keys to switch styles:
  STYLE . . . . . . HOT KEY
  FFIX  . . . . . . CTRL+F5
  FFX   . . . . . . CTRL+F6
  FFIX w/9999 . . . CTRL+F7
  FFX w/9999  . . . CTRL+F8
  Do NOT switch to the 9999 menu unless you enabled this feature during the Menu Overhaul installation or in Aali's OpenGL driver.
  If the display becomes misaligned, simply switch modes again to correct the alignment.

Q:Help, I installed Always Run and now Aerith always catches me!
A:Don't hold down the RUN key to make Cloud walk.  The game thinks he's running even though it looks like he is walking.
  Use only the direction keys as normal to run out of the house.  Even though Cloud is running, the game thinks he is walking.

Q:How do I toggle always run?
A:Install Kranmer's always run toggle dll
  While FF7 is running, use these hot keys to enable/disable always run:
  Always Run ON . . . CTRL+F3
  Always Run OFF  . . CTRL+F4

Q:How do I use Load Anywhere?
A:Install Kranmer's Load Anywhere mod
  While FF7 is running move Cloud to a field screen.
  Press CTRL+L to bring up the menu.  Press CTRL+L again to load a save game.
  WARNING:Loading games from the world map produces unexpected results.

Q:Why does FF7 crash every time I try to start a game?
A:Disable Compatibility mode for FF7.exe and launch the game.
  Disable DEP if nothing else works.
  Warning: Do not use this option if you are not an administrator. Make sure that you fully understand what you are doing.
  From the Start menu, select All Programs, then go to Accessories and then finally right-click on Command Prompt and click Run as Administrator.
  Once the command prompt is open, you can now disable the DEP by entering the following command line.
      bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff
  Keep the Command Prompt open and run the executable file that DEP was preventing from running before.
  After you are done with the installation, simply type this command line to enable DEP back on again.
      bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOn
  If you want to completely disable DEP then you will have to remove “{current}” from the command line.

Q:Why does the game run so slowly after Bootleg?
A:These mods push the FF7 engine to its limits and require a much more powerful system than did the original game.
  Aali's OpenGL driver provides some additional options to help improve performance.
  Enable PBO either with the Bootloader Configure button or by manually editing FF7_OpenGL.cfg:
    use_pbo = yes

Q:The game crashes when I use Cyd's Hyper Jump limit break.
A:Don't select anything else while Cyd performs Hyper Jump; let the limit break animation play out before taking any further action.

Q:Using Print Scrn to grab frames results in an all image.
A:Disable Fullscreen mode: fullscreen=no

Q:My controls stopped working when I restarted the game.
A:Make a backup of ff7input.cfg before you encounter the error.  Replace the original file with the backup.
  If you don't have a backup, delete ff7input.cfg to revert to the standard numpad controls.

Q:Why are the battle text, ATB, HP, and Mana bars all messed up during battles?
A:9999 Limit Breaker is enabled in Aali's driver configuration. Disable it in FF7_Opengl.cfg.
  break_9999limit = no

Q:The game crashes during battles after I load a save game.
A:Don't mix and match save games.  Saves created in modes like Hardcore or Normal won't work in any other mode.

Q:What is the BootlegCustomModels folder?
A:Place your custom models in the appropriate folders before running Bootleg.  Enable the custom models option and Bootleg will install these models.

Q:Using the Trainer to add Sephiroth to the party cause the cure to hurt.
A:Sephiroth only works in party slot 3.  Only add Sephiroth to the party in slot 3.

Q:My virus scanning software identified these files as potential risks: FF7 Trainer 0.7.1v3 By Kranmer.exe and FF7anyCDv2.dll
A:The virus scanning software is wrong.  These files are not a risk.  This is a misidentification.

Q:I want to reinstall Bootleg without changing any of the models I already have installed.
A:Select NO CHANGE for each of the main models.  Select NO CHANGE for the Base Models.  Deselect all additional models.

Q:When using Grimmy's AC Cloud with Slayersnext's weapons, Millenia's buster sword is installed.
A:Slayersnext's Cloud weapons are not entirely compatible with Grimmy's AC Cloud.  Millenia's weapons are used for Cloud's first two swords.

Q:The game worked but now it crashes at startup!
A:Uninstall the game, delete all the game folders, delete the Bootleg files (BFE.exe, bootleg.exe, BFE.ini), reinstall FF7 (or specify an image), extract the Bootleg files again and re-run BFE.exe.

Q:I use the Chrome browser and FF7Config and FF7 crash when starting.
A:The Chrome browser causes problems with FF7.  Close Chrome and all associated services.

Very Special Thanks to:
VGR, DLPB, Covarr, Aali, SL1982, Nikfrozty, Kela51, NetHead, Costa07, Squallff8, Salk, JordieBo, Jinkazamam2k7, Strayoff, Kranmer, Milo Leonhart, Megaten, Dahfa, Masa-Buster, Exsoldier, Zero88, xLostWingx, Aaiki14, Ugerstl, SymphoniC, Darkfang, Bloodshot, Daniish, Angebleu, Luksy, Zendar, Kleyon, Singular One, Grimmy, Cloud, KG, Armorvil, Nero, Kula Wende, Romeo14, Asmodean, Hay, Minmin, Omzy, Bosola, Mike, Millenia, Aff7iction, Vehek, Squall8Cloud7, Weemus, Whiteraven, NameSpoofer, Recko, JLOUTLAW, BlitzNCS, omega res novae, Buster Swd, EQ2Alyza, Mxster, Romeo14, Kyo13, E1sunz, Timu Sumisu, all Final Fantasy Modders and the entire Community.
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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Configurator
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Bootleg Configurator 040

Download mods separately!
The Big List of Final Fantasy VII Mods, Docs & Tools

Tifa's Bootleg - Installation Tutorial

Tifa's Package - Bootleg Mods with Previews

Read the Bootleg_Readme.txt

Set Bootleg.exe to run as Administrator:
    Right Click on Bootleg.exe
    Select Properties
    Go to the Compatibility Tab
    Check Run this program as an administrator

Run BFE.exe to start Bootleg.

File names are very important and must match the list exactly.

Bootleg searches for these files in the mods folder:
Code: [Select]                                               Grimmy            HQ AC Style FMV's
    640sharp.part1.rar - 640sharp.part3.rar             Rumbah            All Movies, 640 Sharp Filter
    640smooth.part1.rar - 640smooth.part3.rar           Rumbah            All Movies, 640 Smooth Filter
    1280sharp.part1.rar - 1280sharp.part9.rar           Rumbah            All Movies, 1280 Sharp Filter
    1280smooth.part1.rar - 1280smooth.part6.rar         Rumbah            All Movies, 1280 Smooth Filter
    Aeris_Patch_23_March_2011.rar                       Ultima Espio      Aeris Revival Patch                   Qhimm Forum->
    AH.exe                                              DLPB              Anxious Heart Soundtrack Compilation
    Avalanche GUI v2.0.8.exe
    Avalanche High Res.exe
    Battle Model.rar                                    Team Avalanche    Avalanche Cloud Battle Model
    Battle Scene enhacement lgp
    Chibi Cloud.rar                                     Team Avalanche    Avalanche Chibi Cloud Field Model
    cloud.7z                                            Grimmy            AC Style Cloud Models
    corel prison and bonus.rar
    data.7z.001                                         Grimmy            Upscaled Magic Graphics Part 1 of 6
    data.7z.002                                         Grimmy            Upscaled Magic Graphics Part 2 of 6
    data.7z.003                                         Grimmy            Upscaled Magic Graphics Part 3 of 6
    data.7z.004                                         Grimmy            Upscaled Magic Graphics Part 4 of 6
    data.7z.005                                         Grimmy            Upscaled Magic Graphics Part 5 of 6
    data.7z.006                                         Grimmy            Upscaled Magic Graphics Part 6 of 6
    ending2.avi                                         Grimmy            HQ AC Style Ending FMV                                      Omzy              Hi Res Field Textures                 Qhimm Forum->
    FacePalmer.Part01.rar - FacePalmer.Part.20.rar                           Trojak            Enhances Movies 1
    ff7_enhanced_movies_1.part1.rar                     Trojak            Enhanced Movies 1 in Parts
    ff7_enhanced_movies_1.part2.rar                     Trojak            Enhanced Movies 1 in Parts
    ff7_enhanced_movies_1.part3.rar                     Trojak            Enhanced Movies 1 in Parts                           Trojak            Enhanced Movies 2
    ff7_enhanced_movies_2.part1.rar                     Trojak            Enhanced Movies 2 in Parts
    ff7_enhanced_movies_2.part2.rar                     Trojak            Enhanced Movies 2 in Parts
    ff7_enhanced_movies_2.part3.rar                     Trojak            Enhanced Movies 2 in Parts
    ff7_enhanced_movies_2.part4.rar                     Trojak            Enhanced Movies 2 in Parts
    ff7music_install_15112.exe                          Covarr            FF7Music with Looped OGG Soundtrack
    ff7music_install_15113.exe                          Covarr            FF7Music Installer (Needs OSTRe.7z)   Qhimm Forum->
    ffviiremix mp3's part1.rar                          OCRemix           OCRemix Soundtrack from The Remix
    ffviiremix mp3's part2.rar                          OCRemix           OCRemix Soundtrack from The Remix
    Field Files Pack 1.rar
    Field Files Pack 2.rar
    Field Files Pack 3.rar
    Field Files Pack 4.rar
    Field Files Pack 5.rar
                                           - part13.rar
    FixedLightingTextures PART1.rar                     Omzy              FacePalmer Fixes
    FixedLightingTextures PART2.rar                     Omzy              FacePalmer Fixes
    FixedMissing Files.rar                              Omzy              FacePalmer Fixes
    FixedSpecialCases.rar                               Omzy              FacePalmer Fixes
    FL-BSE v0.1.1
    FL-WME Beta.exe
    flevel.rar                                          Tenko Kuugen      Nightmare Overhaul Full Flevel
    funeral&nibelheim-reworked.rar                      PH03N1XFURY       Reworked Funeral and Nibelheim FMV's
    Gjoerulv-1.0.6.rar                                  Gjoerulv          Hardcore Mod
    Guard Scorpion.rar                                  Team Avalanche    Avalanche Guard Scorpion Battle Model                              Grimmy            FMV's                                 Qhimm Forum->
    hq_vids_2.7z                                        Grimmy            FMV's                                 Qhimm Forum->
    JKA Tifa.7z                                         Grimmy            AC Style Tifa Model
    JKA Yuffie.7z                                       Grimmy            AC Style Yuffie Model
    Magochocobo Battle Scenes (lgp use).rar             FeliX Leonhart    Battle art enhancement for LGP
    Magochocobo ff7 battle pack 2.rar                   Magochocobo       Battle art enhancement as PNG Pack 2
    Magochocobo png battle files.rar                    Magochocobo       Battle art enhancement as PNG Pack 1
    magochocobo_ff7pack3.rar                            Magochocobo       Battle art enhancement as PNG Pack 3
    materia.rar                                         Team Avalanche    Team Avalanche Materia Models                                      Grimmy            FMV's                                 Qhimm Forum->
    MO.exe                                              DLPB & Kranmer    Menu Overhaul m005c                   Qhimm Forum->                                           Grimmy            FMV's                                 Qhimm Forum->
    movies.part1.rar                                    Leonhart7413      Alternate AC Style Intro FMV's
    movies.part2.rar                                    Leonhart7413      Alternate AC Style Intro FMV's
    movies.part3.rar                                    Leonhart7413      Alternate AC Style Intro FMV's
    movies.part4.rar                                    Leonhart7413      Alternate AC Style Intro FMV's
    New_opening.7z                                      Grimmy            FMV's                                 Qhimm Forum->
    Nightmare 1.01 core files.rar                       Tenko Kuugen      Nightmare Overhaul
    Nightmare 7 flevel slim 1-01.rar                    Tenko Kuugen      Nightmare Overhaul
    Nightmare OST.part1.rar                             Tenko Kuugen      Nightmare Overhaul
    NoCaitFMV.exe                                       DLPB              FMV's without Cait Sith
    opening.rar                                         Leonhart7413      Alternate HD AC Style Opening
    OSTRe.7z                                            Covarr            Remastered Soundtrack for FF7Music
    RetFMV.exe                                          DLPB              FMV's with ReTranslation
    Save Point.7z                                       Team Avalanche    Team Avalanche Save Point Model
    sqlogo.AVI                                          Grimmy            HQ AC Style Intro FMV
    sqlogo.part1.rar                                    Leonhart7413      Alternate HD AC Style Intro
    sqlogo.part2.rar                                    Leonhart7413      Alternate HD AC Style Intro
    sqlogo.part3.rar                                    Leonhart7413      Alternate HD AC Style Intro
    Sweeper.rar                                         Team Avalanche    Sweeper Battle Model                            kuroda masahiro   Tank and Pirate Ship Models
    Trish(aka Mike)'s custom model pack.7z              Mike              Models                                Qhimm Forum->
    yarLson Field Upscale Project             yarLson           Hi Res Field Textures                 Qhimm Forum->
There are two versions of FacePalmer: and the 20 FacePalmer.part??.rar files.
You do not need both versions.

Always allow Bootleg.exe to run as Administrator

Use the MOD LIST function in BFE to identify and download required mod files.

Download all Bootleg supported mods.
And, as always, read the Bootleg_Readme.txt . . .

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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Edit for the FFVII Remix 2.5.1
« Reply #40 on: 2011-07-24 00:06:31 »


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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Edit for the FFVII Remix 2.5.1
« Reply #41 on: 2011-07-24 01:30:47 »
just got everything downloaded, iam about to run it.

1 thing, i was unable to locate

and i had to rename Avalanche High Res.exe

i downloaded EVERYTHING took me about an hour

and it worked!


1 small problem or its something iam not doing right.

It keeps running the hardcore installer even when i choose no.

am i supposed  to x out of or do i run the patch?

Also read me file needs to update, but other than that, iam playing on my main saved game and i see no problems.


Iam about to make this topic famous on

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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Edit for the FFVII Remix 2.5.1
« Reply #42 on: 2011-07-24 04:56:33 »
If the Remix is installed, the Hardcore installer automatically runs to update the hardcore component of the Remix.  The switch is ignored.  An old version of the Hardcore mod is already integrated in the Remix and requires updating.
You basically have two modes for FF7... There are two shortcuts, Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Hardcore.  Also, in the Final Fantasy VII folder, there are two .bat files, 'Run FFVII-Remix.bat' and 'Run FFVII-Remix-Hardcore.bat'.  Always run as administrator or the mode won't change.
This allows you to easily switch between Normal and Hardcore Modes.  Also, the Menu Overhaul installs twice with the Remix-- once for each mode.  The cheat settings can be configured differently for Normal and Hardcore Modes.
You could enable all the cheats for Hardcore and none for Normal.
For now, both modes share the same Menu Overhaul graphics.



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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Edit for the FFVII Remix 2.5.1
« Reply #43 on: 2011-07-24 07:35:06 »
Awesome, that means no problems what so ever than. 
It just threw me off with the read me and the popup.

I figured that much tho.

Anyway this is better than sex.

Ive been using the default ff7 launcher on the desktop, is that ok?

Or do i run the remix.bat file just like the remix edition.

Not that i seen any difference between them.

Everyone should install this, so they can get a better idea of other textures etc need to be redone XD!

The even newer world map graphics were jaw dropping.

Same with the new Phoenix

And levels being smoothed out XD

and i could keep going...

even the high wind map has a smoother look to it. 
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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Edit for the FFVII Remix 2.5.1
« Reply #44 on: 2011-07-24 17:49:39 »
I check out the two issues you mentioned. is a test file I was using.  I removed it from the list.  It's already in Bootleg.exe.

Avalanche High Res.exe vs Avalanche High Res b9.exe was my bad.  Naughty me renamed the file.  I fixed it so now both names work.
But, when I was fixing that, I realized that I wasn't actually including the Barret and Diamond Sword models from the Avalanche installer.  It doesn't really make a difference because these models are also in the Remix, but I fixed it anyway.

I also removed the 'Cloud Strife' stick man Cloud model.  I had it incorrectly labeled as a save point.

I've Updated the link with the new version.

You can launch FF7 with any of the three shortcuts, either .bat file or even the .exe.  Just make sure to run as administrator.  To enable Hardcore mode, use the shortcut 'Final Fantasy VII Hardcore' or the .bat file 'Run FFVII-Remix-Hardcore.bat'.  Once Hardcore mode is enabled, it stays enabled until you run the .bat file 'Run FFVII-Remix.bat' or the 'Final Fantasy VII' shortcut located in All Programs, Final Fantasy VII.
The 'Final Fantasy VII' shortcut on the desktop launches FF7 in whichever mode it was last run--Normal or Hardcore.

I should also mention another feature.
There are now 4 soundtracks available: MIDI, OGG, MP3 and a cool Remixed version with more bass.
OGGs are the default because they loop better.

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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Edit for the FFVII Remix 2.5.1
« Reply #45 on: 2011-07-24 18:15:29 »
"Run Bootleg.exe as administrator by right clicking on Bootleg.bat and selecting Run as administrator."

I must be missing something obvious but there is no Bootleg.bat when I unzip the installer.  Running Bootleg.exe as Administrator (from folder or command prompt) only brings up a command prompt splash screen then sends me back to the root folder.


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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Edit for the FFVII Remix 2.5.1
« Reply #46 on: 2011-07-24 18:21:34 »
That was a typo.  It's Bootleg.exe.
You have to have a fresh Final Fantasy VII installed to the default location.
Alternate install paths is a feature still on my 'to do' list.
If you change the install path of FF7, it's not going to work.

Also, Bootleg.exe should be in the same folder with all the mod files.

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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Edit for the FFVII Remix 2.5.1
« Reply #47 on: 2011-07-24 18:39:28 »
Already on a fresh install into the default path for Win 7 and the Bootleg.exe is in with the mods.

Do the mod files need to be extracted or still zipped?  (tried both)
Do I need to have all the programs (kimera, wallmarket, etc) installed/unzipped?  If so, then where to?
Do all the mod files and Bootleg.exe need to be on the same drive/partition as the FF7 install?
Do I need to have the mods I don't want to install in the folder with the mods in it?  EX: Do I need the V2 of the limit break mod if I only want V3?
In the readme the programs list includes and  I'm assuming these are redundant of the 1.02 patch folder but the one in your mod.html is named do i need to change the name?
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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Edit for the FFVII Remix 2.5.1
« Reply #48 on: 2011-07-24 18:44:11 »
Keep the file names the same, straight from the downloads is all you need for the 1.02 patch
you do not unzip / unrar the files

It should look like this

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Re: [Tutorial] Bootleg Edit for the FFVII Remix 2.5.1
« Reply #49 on: 2011-07-24 19:07:07 »
At least one of the patch zips is required for Bootleg.exe to run.  Any of these files will, or

Bootleg.exe will attempt to continue running if it can't find a mod file, but there might be anomalies.
There is a warning message if something isn't found.

The Bootleg installer isn't really designed to pick and choose... it's more of a complete experience.