Author Topic: FF8 - G.F. NPC and Terrain/City Models  (Read 5066 times)


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FF8 - G.F. NPC and Terrain/City Models
« on: 2012-10-22 16:21:26 »
I'm not sure about this but FF8 still keeps some secrets models hidden somewhere and i hope that what I'm about to post can be usefull somehow..

G.F. Models (Siren Shiva Eden Carbuncle.. etc) NPC and Terrain / City Models still can't be viewed or extracted whith any tool (but if i missed it plz tell me!) so I tried to extract them whith another method but my success was only 66,66666666% v.v

Here some screens:


Quezacotl (in different poses during animation):

I used 3d ripper DX  epsx and 3ds max for this but the problem is that the what you see is just flat (there is no depth at all..)

If anyone think these flat 3D screens can be helpful to understand any still mysterious file format of the game just ask me and I'll be happy to help!

Just 1 more thing..

Whith same tool i extracted some textures from the Balamb Garden ground model (i'm quite sure) and other from battle 3d enviroments..

here some examples:

I extracted lot of things whith other tool but i'm quite sure i'd never seen these textures before..


I found a similar post here:


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Re: FF8 - G.F. NPC and Terrain/City Models
« Reply #1 on: 2012-10-23 18:59:00 »
Perhaps you already know this, but some NPC models are sometimes drawn in the background itself (I noticed this when playing the PC version, these 'models' get really pixelated while the normal models are ok).
I know this is the case on at least Deling City (when the general is explaining the mission), and during the Balamb vs Galbadia event (at the main hall in Balamb G).


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Re: FF8 - G.F. NPC and Terrain/City Models
« Reply #2 on: 2012-10-25 14:55:19 »
Yes i know..especially during the Sorceress' Parade..

Anyway I find out where are city textures..

after some days of research this is what i was able to find out :

The World textures are contained in the world/dat/wmsetit.obj and textl.obj files.. here some samples:

in textl.obj i found 20 textures file containing world/city textures like these:

and nothing else

In wmsetit there were a lot of textures :
many smaller versions of textl file textures like this:

the world map:

All(not sure) vehicles textures (included, gardens, airship, cars, trains and ships) like these:

In same folder there is a file which seems not containing textures and maybe containing 3d models:
-wmx.obj (30.060 kb)

If anyone has info about it please let me know.


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Re: FF8 - G.F. NPC and Terrain/City Models
« Reply #3 on: 2012-11-25 00:50:05 »
A few notes.. you mentioned the models are flat. They aren't actually however they are rendered that way.

A different way of saying it is because of the system FF8 was targeted for was the PS1. It had 2 stages for rendering 3d data. The first stage was the GTE (Geometry Transform Engine) the second stage was the GPU. The GPU only understood 2d ploygons. Thus when the data was sent to the GPU it was 'flat' as you noticed. It is very likely the PC FF8 does the same thing as the Playstation FF8 did.

That being said. The data you are looking for in the world is part of the world map. So I would look in the world map data if you know where it is.

GF Hmm I think Qhimm might have a better clue about that I don't know if the gentleman is around but irregardless you may check the wiki to see if someone acidentally left information in there. :D