Author Topic: [FF7PSX NTSC-U PAL-G] MASAMUNE for Cloud (2014-03-03)  (Read 5553 times)


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Hi guys it's me again!
This mod will replace the Ragnarok by a weapon called "Masamune V2". Description : "Recreation of a legend, piercing". And that it is, it uses the same model as Sephiroth masamune but has 8 slots, some better stats and the property to break through the enemies defense. I thought about how to make this weapon useful without surpassing the Ultima Weapon totally and thought of this to make both weapons different but equally potent. The Ultima Weapon can deal alot more damage thanks to the damage multiplier of up to 3 but agains enemies like Ruby weapon there is no real equivalent to Bahamut/Kotr or overpowered Vincent/Barret attacks.

Now there is: the Masamune V2 deals standard damage, is NOT always critical like Sephs(so luck is still there for something) but will ignore the enemy defense unlike any other weapon. So fighting against Ruby weapon this is a good alternative to the cheap attacks we're used to.

The model of the Ragnarok will live on though, the Apocalypse enherites it (I needed a BIG slot) while the Ragnarok itself will vanish. Means the red christmas tree is gone and the Masamune is added. The weapon is obtained the same way as usual, storywise beating Proud Clod. Imagine it storywise like Shinra reforged the ultimate weapon and supplied their highest rank weapon development staff with it. (Remember we beat Scarlett and Heidegger in this battle).

If you're planning to use this along with my “Better Models“ patch and you chose the version that modifies Cloud as well make sure you download the corresponding version of this patch and apply it to an ISO that has the most current version of “Better Models“ already installed!
Make sure when you update ppf patches that you start over with a fresh ISO.

The supplied ppfs can be applied to all 3 discs.

Download PPF here:
[PAL German]

“Better Models“ version:
[PAL German]


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