Author Topic: Snowboard minigame models  (Read 2535 times)


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Snowboard minigame models
« on: 2015-08-30 19:15:20 »
I did ask MaKiPL to help us with the Snowboard minigame models which we currently can't replace with higher res ones.
I ripped both TMD's, but they appear to be different from PlayStation TMD format.

Problem is- I don't have FF7.

The models can be easily replaced. At the header the file has filenames list with uint32 of offsets in file (global). At the given file offset again a name appears and next is uint32 of filesize. If someone is going to replace the models, then he needs to re-edit offsets of next items.
*btw you guys are awesome what you are currently doing with FFVIII*

I assume that the files are identical to the usual file system (hrc,rsd,p and a). The thing is I need a tool which can extract and repack them.