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FF7 Plus (PSX)
« on: 2019-04-27 03:48:29 »
Ok hello people of qhimm i have been working on a better vanilla version of FF7 for the psx.
Any way i have made a Pretty decent mod unlike my other mod FF7 endgame Its more polished/Tested its the same concept
but better. (going to delete the FF7 endgame thread soon)

Now for the Mod heres some features (README has everything you want to know about it)
Sega chief's FF7NT Cutscene Skips ported to psx
Sega chief's FF7NT Change party leader ported to psx
Missable Man (README ha info on this)
and a little more then this but yea this is just so you can understand the mod.

Im going to add more to this mod and also going to make separate Patches for some of these features to add in a regular FF7
Just incase you dont like some of the stuff i did here.

Also big shout out to Sega Chief for letting me use alot of his stuff and helping me out with info Mod would not be here without this guy so thank you.

Enough talk i guess heres the link:

Edit: I added the first Addon patch Its Sega Chief's Innate abilities
(its an addon just incase people dont want to use it because its too OP)
well i now have a base for the Mod i want to create im going to ad more addons
as i figure more things out.

Edit: Fixed something with the addon patch i missed something in yuffies pre battle script should be good now though.

NFITC1 (Proud Clod/Wall market Tools)
myst6re (Makou Reactor Tool)
Sega Chief (party leader change idea/Cutscene Skips/and advice information etc..)
meesbaker (sephiroth sword model Patch)
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