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Requiem in Peace (my rpg)
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Hello. I have been working on this game for a few days now. And decided it was a bit much to handle on my lonesome. So I decided to make a posting here, so I might get a team together.* My old thread was getting crowded with foolish ideas so i decided to make a new one.*
Well here are the details on my game, which is being made in RPG Maker VX.

Twenty years ago there was a civil war, a resistance group was formed in hopes of toppling the throne.
This resistance was put down by four heros. However, secretly Christopher Karne one of the four heros,
was behind the uprising. He wished to induce a state of chaos, from which he could claim power.
Failing in his attempt, he is trying again now, twenty years later, having accepted the aid of Morthos
God of death and pain.

Causing yet another war, the demonic hordes of Morthos wreck havoc among the civilian population, turning them into
demons as well. With this force the demons wipe out Larr's main army.
Making it necessary for king Darius to issue a draft...

Clive is a country boy, turned soldier, then later named knight.
He quickly ascends the ranks, through pure will power alone. Does not wish to be pushed around the board,
he wants to make his own choices.

Through out the game, you are struggling as the pawn, trying to reach your way across the board, in order to make that
final decision. So you can have the right to choose.
Though in the end your destiny is set in stone. You are the one who will bring the ultimate end to Morthos. The obvious
puppet master in this whole mess.

Name: Clive (Main Character)
Age: 19
Sex: Male

Country boy, who is drafted into the kings army. Is treated like a pawn all his life,
wants to make it across the board so he can take his destiny into his own hands.
He wants the ability to choose.

Name: Jeremiah
Age: 23
Sex: Male

Is the cross bow wielding hunter from the north. Is very blunt, and hard headed. But, in a pinch,
there is no other man you would rather have by your side. Is drafted into the king's services.

Name: Carim
Age: 19

Carim is a descendant of a long line of Larrsian warriors
who use a special form of combat.. they call it art... to fight.
This diverse and highly complex form of fighting involves using
needles and and using these needles to target enemy pressure points,
thus rendering them in a state of paralysis. She is traveling the world
in search for the ultimate truth... whatever that may be, she never actually

Name: Malachi
Age: 26
Sex: male

 Mal is overall a 'silly' person that can be serious when the time calls for it. He cares somewhat for those around him, but has battle lust and spends most of his time training.
He is an avaricious person, only in it for the thrill of the fight. Though he is a slightly comical character, as in he says the most outrageous things. A powerful warrior, the Larrsian military hired him into their ranks. Later, he dominates the training grounds, and offers aid to the whelps.

Name: Leceris
Age: 17
Sex: Female

Leceris is a young girl, with few friends, but many talents. She
can render her opponents into a deep state of unconsciousness with
a quick blow to the gut. Her temper is sharp.. be warned.

Name: Tempest
Age: 16
Sex: Female

Tempest is the known as the goddess of the wind, for her, uncanny
ability to play the flute. She has the ability to calm even the most
savage of beasts.

Name: Tireth
Age: 15
Sex: Female

The goddess of Rose pedals. She normally takes the guise of a young girl
in a red and black dress. She can induce love in any man with
a simple look in the eyes. Appears from time to time in the games
overall plot.

Name: Zared Paine
Age: 45
Sex: Male

One of the Four. The four are a group of heros that first ended
the Civil War 20 years ago.

Name: Zoharu
Age: 16
Sex: Male

A dark man, with a mysterious past, loves to dabble in the
dark arts. Mostly, for his own amusement.

Name: Christopher Karne
Age: ?

One of the four heros. Sub villain of the game. Is the cliche' over ruler, who wants ultimate power.

Name: Morthos (Big Baddie)
Age: ?
Sex: Male

Supposed "God" of the new world, is manipulative, cunning, and just overall very dark.
Is pulling all the strings. Is bored, and for amusement he pits humans against eachother
like a game of chess. If he were truly serious, he could very well destroy the earth, or
take over every last living thing.

*The graphic style will have mostly RTP, and some Mack Tile set's. Maybe even some custom tile-sets, a bit hard in VX though.
*I plan on having custom sprites.
*Side view battle system and ATB.
*Possibly a few mini games.
*Overall feel, style and priority of the game is to have a med-evil feel.
*With flowing scenes, and powerful plot.
*Several Puzzles

Side view battle system
Many subplots and secret areas
Deep and gripping plot
Solo party rpg, with the occasional guest party member

None at the moment. It's a work in progress. ;).







Demo Coming Soon!

If you are interested in the project, either post here, or PM me.

Thank you for your time,
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Re: Requiem in Peace (my rpg)
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wewt first post, I'm afraid i didnt really read up on the story, but yer layout skills are getting a lot better. The scenes are quite interesting, though i'd invest in a few more tiles to add lil bits of interest (at wall tile with a scratch on it for example). My only beef is that maybe the well should be on the other side of the path, closer to the water o.o

Re: Requiem in Peace (my rpg)
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Thanks for the compliments. ^.^.
I am looking into new tile sets at the moment, really difficult with the engine I am using.
And you are right, the well seems on the wrong side of the village. o.o.
Thanks! :D.

*first post edit, more screen shots added*
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Re: Requiem in Peace (my rpg)
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looks very promising, my only gripe is some of the tile sets. I would see if you can find any that have slanted roofs, the current tilesset makes all of your roofs flat. The towns are interesting but all of the flat roofs makes they very unappealing in appearance. A minor gripe, but custom tile sets would be a major boon for this project, especially if you could get an artist involved. I would love to help you, but i am stretched wayyyyyy too thin as it is between HL:source mapping, the WMRP, college, work, and anything else that takes up my time.

Re: Requiem in Peace (my rpg)
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Thanks!  :lol:
I am getting Mack's tile-sets to work. lol.
They have everything you just described, and it makes it look less squarish.

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Re: Requiem in Peace (my rpg)
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My greatest concern here is that the castle doesn't have a main entrance >=|

Re: Requiem in Peace (my rpg)
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My greatest concern here is that the castle doesn't have a main entrance >=|

Main entrance added.
lol.  :-P

I added some wear and tear to the castle as well.

*screen shots added to first post*
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Re: Requiem in Peace (my rpg)
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A new concept to add to my game, The Gatekeeper.
To first explain the Gatekeeper one would have to first explain the Nether Gate. Simply put, the Nether Gate is the conduit between this world and the Nexus. The Nexus is quite literally the center of everything. From the Gateways within the Nexus the Gatekeeper could very well go to any world, time, or parallel universe.

Only one “single chosen” Gatekeeper can exist in any time, world, or parallel universe. The Gatekeeper has the divine gift of being able to safely activate the Nether Gate. Anyone who is not the Gatekeeper and passes through the Nether Gate is torn apart and reassembled on the opposite end as a monstrosity. A Nether Beast.

The Nether Gates are not openly known about. So it is not known that the Nether Beasts are “corrupted” humans. In many ways the Gatekeeper in the keeper of balance, they have the ability to “purify” or return a Nether Beast to its original state, given it is within the first twenty-four hours of contracting the “Nether Disease” as it is called among the local populace. Or else it consumes the human’s soul and the Nether Beast is nothing more than just that, a beast, a being of pure instinct.

Upon the Gatekeeper’s death, whatever “higher powers” are in the workings chooses the next Gatekeeper in line. The Gatekeeper is then born. When that chosen Gatekeeper reaches his or her twelfth birthday their “powers” are awakened.

Magic in Arathia is an ancient art, one that is mostly limited to the elfin(elves) populace. Only a hand full of humans can tap into the mysterious powers of the Arcana. The most notable one is the Gatekeeper. No elfin Gatekeepers are known of in recorded Arathian history.

The Arcana: The essence of all magic. The arcana is a symbol, or crest used by arcanists to tap into their somewhat mystical and natural powers. However, the Arcanists treat this study of symbols and phenomenal events purely as a science.

Arcanist- an arcanist is someone who closely studies the arcana and can tap into its secrets to perform seemingly phenomenal events. Arcanists are usually in the service of the king; else they are considered rouge.

Acolyte- One, who studies the arcana, but cannot venture into its well-defined secrets. Only a handful of mortals can innately access the arcana.

A God- Through out known history humanity has believed in higher deity. One who defines a higher authority. In truth a god was originally a mortal. One who has merged his living flesh with the arcana. The skill necessary to perform this feat is even more phenomenal than the arcana itself.

The Divine Venture- A predicted event in the earth's future, when the gods' presence will disappear from the earth and all life will end. With the gods' presence overwhelming the earth's "natural barrier" if the gods were to suddenly vanish, the earth would suddenly become unstable. Natural disasters
would plague the lands and all life would come to a swift and sudden end.

Krioss- God of darkness, fire, and pain. Thieves and outcasts tend to flock beneath his name. He originated in ancient Taérian society. Mostly as a fable to get children to sleep at night. In later years, his name became feared across all the southern nations, as a cult formed an uprising under his name.

Tirrus- God of storm and sky. Through his influence the rains fall and lightning fills the skies. He was one of the original father gods, and it is claimed that he witnessed the birth of the planet.

Terra- Goddess of the earth and nature, through her influences the earth shifts, and plants grow. Those from Taér also know her as mother Gaia. She originated in early human mythos, and has yet to fade from the mind’s of man.

Mar- God of the ocean. Supposedly the most powerful of the five gods. Though his origins are unknown. Sailors overtly fear his name, and his wrath.

Multar- God of steel and magma. The least known of the five gods, but his powers are legend to match that of Mar’s. He originated in the same era as Krioss, but his influence was not as vastly known, so for the most part he has faded into the distant pages of history. Though, there are still a hand full of cults who still worship his name.

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Re: Requiem in Peace (my rpg)
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At the moment I am just making the world. I have a new concept... and after I read what i wrote, my mind said, "life stream." and I burst out laughing. Cause i didn't think about FF7 once while writing this.

Life Concept in Arathia: From the Journals of Lloyd Dalnarus.

   Gaia, Mother Earth, Terra, whichever you choose to call it, is not what we, as in mankind, have first believed. When we die our bodies return to the planet. Not just our physical beings but our mental states as well. Our physical beings return the planet’s surface enriching it, allowing it to live forever more. Our minds however, return to the planet’s core. Allowing it to grow, to prosper, and to be taken away from; like any other living thing.
   When a new mind is born a small fragment of the planet’s core goes with it, and that mind dies that fragment is returned. However, it is returned in a new state; a grown and completed state. The core absorbs this completed mind allowing it’s to live longer and healthier.
   A mind dying can be both a good and bad thing for the planet. For when a mind dies, it is broken down, and a new mind is born, allowing the cycle to continue. However, if that mind if an incomplete mind dies it returns to the core in a worse state than it had left. In the example of war you are not only cutting countless human lives short but are also strangling the planets core, bringing about the planet’s destruction. By slowly chipping away at the core that sustains all life.
   Although it is needless to say, that mankind has been fighting since the birth of its race. Territory, resources, petty arguments. Humanity is truly a selfish existence. Which in the end will ultimately mean not only the death of the its people will occur, but very planet itself will die as well. As it is foretold.

And here is the Prophecy that will be shown at the beginning of the Game.

The Chains of Fate: “The Prophecy”

From simple origins he will appear in history,
Rising swiftly among the people; a seemingly broad future in sight.
Tremendous heights he will reach; only to be stifled.
His death will mark the end. And the beginning.
The two souls eternally bound in the chains of fate,
In encirclement. For only when one decides to sever these chains,
Will this cycle be broken.
Forgoing the ultimate price of death…
To spend an eternity intertwined,
Forever in the heavens, but never reaching the final abyss.
Never reaching the point of renewal.

- From the book of Dalnarus

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