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Aeroga (and Supernova) both use effect 00163, which, as Cicciolo pointed out, is wrong in PC original. This is an error in audio.dat.  163 is accidentally the same as 162. This means there will be a totally wrong effect in Supernova too lol and other places.  But since I worked entirely off the PSX version, this effect has been fixed.

I'll add these to the database when I get time.  Right now... got bigger fish to fry by fixing them all!

I'll have a look at it and make sure.  Either way, I will make sure Tifa can't just repeat the same dialogue.  NPCs aren't a problem.  It's much worse when it's main character in a scene like that.

Presently in R05c Tifa's dialogue ends after she reacts to your choice, and you can no longer interact with her at all. She will declare her intention to go only after you talk to Barrett since she was unable to say it earlier.

Then it's definitely on purpose. Having a character keep repeating that line is a little silly, since she repeats it again during main exposition. Additionally, in R05, she will turn to face you at all times.

I didn't know it changed pitch - that's something I am so far not emulating - but when it gets added, it shouldn't cause this issue.  It uses a completely different channel.  I bet this didn't happen in PSX.

Audio Mods / Re: Final Fantasy VII - Omnislash sound fix
« on: 2017-06-25 22:08:11 »
The Omnislash sound effect is also used in Meteor Rain. Prob many other places.

The entire audio module has been replaced in R06 and now also uses psx effects. So those issues you raised are all fixed too. They aren't listed there. Nearly all will be caused by the faulty module which has been replaced.  But I'll add the ones you noted.  The aero one may be a scene.bin battle problem if it isn't the audio module.
Please check Anxious Heart for me and make sure that the Mansion music is fixed. I'm sure I went through this question 2 years ago.

If you made a choice in those dialogues then that is a fix - to stop you answering differently.  Once you've had a dialogue, you aren't meant to get another chance to answer. See The Reunion Database.

The mansion theme should be fixed with Anxious Heart.  I'm sure I've had this convo at least 5 times. Please check for me. We definitely discussed the other bugs. They are fixed.  :)

You've got a ff7en exe in your folder. Ff7 1998 doesn't use that, its s steam exe

Yeah, R05 is a different revision and will definitely require totally clean files.  The option of which game version to install to is removed because it finds the version automatically.

Always do it on a new install.  Pretty sure the readme tells you to as well.  Also, the mother issue is solved, and  I'm definitely not using birth mother.  It breaks flow and sounds weird.

One day I think we'll also get round to the debug menu.

Huh? You’re not thinking of…
stepping on me are you?{NEW}
I may be a floor but that
don’t give you the right!!

When it's done.

740-743 are called, as it turns out.  The PSX version uses some of the other effects to create some variations for this attack.  Since PC can only use streamed data, the porting team have created the 4 effects as streamed files. Clever of them to realize.

Audio Mods / Re: Final Fantasy VII - Omnislash sound fix
« on: 2017-06-23 01:36:54 »
Oh yeah, it's always important that you get into modding yourself.  It doesn't matter if someone has ended up doing it. That way, you'll always be able to fix any issues you need fixing that aren't done and no-one will do.  8)

We've needed your fix for 10 years.  It's just unlucky you came along when I had finally lost patience.


Charlie put me onto this.  Check sininb2.  Cid's feet are wrong because he is using Cloud's animations.  What is he supposed to be using for those?

I agree.  It does look a little bloody silly, though. Haha.

Audio Mods / Re: AKAO converter for sound effects - FFIX
« on: 2017-06-22 20:19:06 »
The above is how I coded in the replacement audio functions. How else would FF7 play the effects I made?  The actual effects I recorded manually (ogg format) with Adobe Audition from Mednafen using a sound test I created with Makou.

If FF9 already has the effects outside in a format you can use, all you'll need to do is record the effects somehow by creating your own sound test for FF9 PSX.  I have no idea how you'd do that.

Well, that's better than nothing JBedford.  8) It's at least some evidence that they wanted an L and R - and it wasn't just a localization choice...  So I'll use that with amendment - as they've done in FF7.

Yeah - the original localization of ff4 has decided to use l and r.  I think that's stupid, since the only thing that needed changing was the o and a. They should have called them palom polom or parom porom.   The L for both was probably best here - but as they are proper nouns, leaving them with R is fine.

I will amend the database.  I think it's highly likely that you are correct.

Audio Mods / Re: AKAO converter for sound effects - FFIX
« on: 2017-06-22 20:09:09 »
I used my own dll and diverted functions to my own functions that call bass.dll functions :P

In other words, the sound in ff7 is completely replaced by bass functions - volume, balance, and so on.  It's not a "sfx player" - it's an audio dll called bass.dll (search online) being called from my own dll that has diverted the game's functions. My dll is called "ddraw.dll"  - which is loaded automatically when inside the root folder - after I have finished loading my own stuff, the real ddraw.dll and its functions are called, so the game doesn't crash.  In other words, my dll is a proxy dll.

Nice!  And no, havent seen that scene like that I don't think. 

Audio Mods / Re: Final Fantasy VII - Omnislash sound fix
« on: 2017-06-22 17:03:01 »
I've already fixed this issue with a total overall of all SFX and the sound engine - which will be released soon. The problem is not the effects, but the hard coding that leads to the effect not being played.  See the database.

Battle tab, entry 51.

It very likely will be the case though (numerous others don't have anything to do with nuts or greens).  Gysahl was named after a town, after all.  But what I mean is... is porom and palom correct.  Or was FF4 mistranslated also.  What is the etymology of these names? I mean "paLom" and "poRom" already looks like a mistake to me. Is there any verified spelling - why are they spelled like this?

Porom may be named after Porrima. Porrima is a binary star system in the Virgo constellation.

Is what the Wiki gives. Sounds like a stretch to me.

these are much more likely to be references to Porom (ポロム) and Palom (パロム) from Final Fantasy 4

Yes, but are the ff4 words correct too?  Wtf is porom and palom anyway?

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