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This basically began as a spontaneous decision to try to remodel every main character's field model based on something Apz Freak demonstrated quite a while ago (The higher poly model with the retro shading) as I liked the look of it and I figured texturing is half the battle when modelling anyway. As it turned out, it was slightly more work than I anticipated, and so unless there's a major outcry I probably won't go any further than this.

But yeah, he works in-game (even blinks and everything!) so you can go download it if you're into things like this. Or not  8).

1. Drag Contents of Zip file into /~FF7 Directory~/Direct/Char/
2. Yeah, it's that easy.

Completely Unrelated / Shall we all just give up now?
« on: 2011-08-20 21:32:44 »

How do you process a seemingly unlimited amount of data in realtime? That's insane.

Completely Unrelated / An interesting topic
« on: 2010-07-26 23:56:51 »
This is one.

Not really deserving of a thread in itself, but I feel there's still one matter that hasn't been cleared up yet that merits at least a two or three post discussion.

Myself and Espio were saying yesterday, how could he have stolen textures (and possibly the mesh of the face) from a game that wasn't even released in japan until two months after he posted it? (Dissidia was released in japan on my birthday which is December, so I remember it well- whereas Apz posted his Cloud in October). Even if there was some sort of demo out on jap PSN that I'm unaware of, I doubt he'd go through the trouble of decompiling it all to obtain a small part of a model. it doesn't make a lot of sense. Thoughts, anyone?

Although, after typing this all up, I realise he didn't release it on his first post, and it did take him a while after posting his initial WIP to actually get it done. Regardless, I'm sure it was finished before MrAdults finished properly decoding the format. Feel free to completely disregard this thread if I've just made a huge arse of myself.

Completely Unrelated / Theme for the forums
« on: 2010-06-21 19:37:43 »
So I've been messing around with it - turns out the CSS for SMF forums are really hard to edit. So many CSS rules!
I did manage to make some progress though, but I'm giving up for today. Is it something anyone would be interested in me finishing?
That's actually running in firefox.

Oh, and yes, I did steal stuff from the TA project, but I figured it was OK  :P

General Discussion / Something I just saw
« on: 2010-06-11 21:08:45 »
I was randomly browsing the web, when I stumbled across Zack Fair's page on the FF wiki. One of the "Trivia" things says:

"Strangely enough, Zack has a menu portrait in Final Fantasy VII, meaning he may have been meant to be playable in game, as he even had an in game battle sprite."

...this isn't true, is it?

Team Avalanche / Char.lgp List
« on: 2010-05-30 10:58:35 »
This doesn't really merit it's own topic in here, but I couldn't think of anywhere else to post this really.
Anyway, while searching for Wedge's "disguise" suit for future research, I noticed that the only char.lgp list is nowhere near complete. Not only does this mean that I can't find the model I was looking for, but it means that until now, This model has been completely overlooked (unless someone's found it before). Looks like they were gonna build a properly proportioned battle model for jessie, then just stopped?

But yeah, I was thinking, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to make some sort of "Official TA LGP list databases" for every .lgp a we go along and work on them - Could definately come in handy.

Completely Unrelated / Sony = Stupid?
« on: 2010-04-26 18:45:22 »
Well, I was messing about trying to get saves off my internal PSX memorycards on my PS3, and noticed that there's the option to add an internal PS2 memory card. Since support for ps2 games has never existed in the slim version, why is it that this option still exists?

...I'm going to guess that the old PS3s that can play PS2 games still need to have updated firmware for security purposes, and so this option needs to exist anyway, exclusively for them. I'm only guessing though, does anyone actually know?

Well yeah, No more off-topicness in here. Not that it's an interesting topic of discussion, mind.
Big thanks to Bosola for pointing me in the direction of RECUVA - With this program, I'm managing to get back most of my stuff. I've already recovered Junon - In full working order, apparently. :D

Anyone recognise this file? :D

Completely Unrelated / haha
« on: 2010-03-27 12:59:51 »
Is it just me, or is seifer showing off the team avalanche patch more than he is his stupid translation thing?

Completely Unrelated / Is anyone else
« on: 2010-03-21 20:38:09 »
bored to death of this hermoor sh*t now? What has it been, like 6 months?
Fair enough, it's funny but... still. It's just the same, incoherent posts where he fails to make us "see beyond the matrix" every bloody day. This, and the fact that I find it quite distasteful when images of chubby naked men are forced upon my eyes. I'm now officially bored of it.


Team Avalanche / Team Avalanche Boss Project
« on: 2010-03-20 02:22:37 »
Right, Timu said I should make this thread since I started modelling a new enemy recently, and I guess this'll pick up as time progresses. Though, there are a lot more bosses than there are Main characters, so this could take considerably longer.
So yeah, Bosses are a lot funner to make than regular enemies. Also, it seems I've found my speciality in robot -type characters, since the only model I've ever actually completed was sweeper, and I've been making fast-ish progress on this model.

So, yeah, screenshot time:   <------ while editing   <------ skylight render

Not many screenshots right now, but can you guess what it's supposed to be yet? (I wouldn't be able to guess)

Completely Unrelated / Final Fantasy VI
« on: 2010-03-03 20:58:00 »
I've never played this game, and to be honest, I don't really want to. But I do have a question about it, and it's one I think nobody will be able to answer.

So, Let me tell you all a pretty long story I don't think anyone will bother to read. Back about a year ago, Some guy added me on MSN. Clueless, I added him, and we talked about how he knew me for a few minutes. He said it was "some kingdom hearts website", which I assumed to be here. Anyway, long story slightly shortened, turned out he hacked my MSN and he proceeded to change the passwords to all my accounts, this one included. Before I was logged out, and my passwords were all changed to impossible to guess, random letters, he said something along the lines of "Go and be a Hero". Then he proceeded to spam each of my contacts with insults, and forwarded multiple racist emails to all my contacts.

As you can probably tell, I wasn't too happy with this at all. How I regained my accounts was a miracle that not even I really understand. I obviously immediately apologised to all my contacts, and blocked and deleted the person in question and cut myself off from ever hearing from him again, but I never forgot his name.

So, the other day, I was reminded of this person, and decided to go and speak with him.

If you're still following this, Let's see if you can come to the same conclusion I did.

Quote from: Me
I posted this on your youtube page, but it seems to have been deleted twice. Anyway, here we are.

Hello there, M0rtanius. Remember me?

...No, can't recall? Well, here's a little hint;
I'm a Hero.

Just remembered you earlier, and thought I'd pop in to express my disgust towards you.

That is all.

Perhaps you'll ignore this, too. To be honest, I don't even want a reply. Just know that I haven't forgotten what you tried to do to me. You make me sick.

Quote from: Him
Oh yea, you're the msn guy! Whats up?
Quote from: Me
Well, at least it seems I'm the only one you did it to, thank f***.

Are you proud of what you did? Seriously, that was really, really harsh.

Quote from: Him
No problem!

Thank god you remember me, I was under the impression that the whole internet is a bunch of soulless apathetic robots. Anyway, whats up?

Quote from: Me
Wow, you are a complete dick, I hope for your sake you aren't this way to friends or family.

But yeah, I didn't decide to message you for a friendly chat. But if you really want to chat, perhaps we could discuss the reasons behind why you felt the need to do what you did to me?

Granted, my password at the time was laughable at best, but that doesn't make your actions right.

Quote from: Him
Yea, I'm like Sephiroth. I ruin people's lives for seemingly no reason.

Right, Cut there. Now examine His youtube account for a few seconds, and then note my "Cloud Strife" alias, then see if you come to the same conclusion as me as to his real reasons behind this malicious attack. (Think Hermoor)

So my point is, and am I or am I not right in saying this, that any amount of Obsession with the game Final Fantasy VI dislike for fanboys has a strong positive correlation to Complete and utter Insanity? Personally, I don't even get what's wrong with being a fan of something.

At least, in my experience, I deem this to be the case. Is it just me, or am I right? I mean seriously. Completely insane, both of 'em. Yeah, It's only 2, but still...

General Discussion / So
« on: 2010-02-04 21:33:08 »
FFVIII Came out in the PAL Playstation Store today, and I bought it.

That is all.

[/pointless thread]

So like did anyone else download the PSN version? PAL seemed to get it AGES after the other two regions, we're totally unloved.

Completely Unrelated / Wow.
« on: 2010-01-31 21:19:43 »
I don't want to start any OS wars or anything, but here's the thing...

All my life I've been using various versions of windows, in fact the only time I've ever touched mac was using the school iMacs during music lessons, which don't last very long and you can't mess with them. So anyway, recently I completely reinstalled vista onto my laptop. My hard drive is automatically partitioned into two - ACER and DATA. So anyway, wanting to experiment a little, I found myself installing mac on DATA while vista is still installed on ACER - a dual-boot situation. And I tell you what, I am VERY impressed with OSX.

For starters, it boots up 100 times quicker. I'm in before I realise it. Then there's the speed of the system in general. It's just amazingly quick. I install firefox expecting to have to install all these plugins - no. Everything just works. When recording in windows, I get so much latency (recording delay) that I can't produce anything good. In OSX, it's almost instant. It sounds like I'm trying to sell OSX here, but I'm just really impressed. The only downside is that it's a little TOO user friendly (that and the fact that my wireless network card and built in speakers have no Mac drivers :|) Oh yeah, and most programs don't have a Mac counterpart.

So what do you guys think of mac?
Any similar experiences?

Oh, and would someone explain to me what linux actually does that Mac and Windows can't? I've never looked into it. All i know is that it's more code-y and develop-y.

Espio showed me this, and i'm more excited about it than anything else for a long time. Bad thing is, this is probably eventually gonna end most of the activity in this place.

So yeah, Tetsuya nomura got interviewed recently, and he said something like this:

"I can just say that, indeed, although I'm still working on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Agito XIII, and, a little later on, The 3rd Birthday (this year), we will announce other games this year, one of which is very highly anticipated by everyone, and often requested by fans - and even by the press crews that I meet all over the world."

Take your own meaning from this, but i know what i'll be expecting this year  :wink:

Article here:

Probably debunked - read below :P

Months of research, and here i am, i finally figured it out. Just a little project i've been working on, but i managed to do it. I know PSP modding is essentially banned from this board, but i'm not gonna show anyone any more than i'm about to. Just take a look :P

(I planned to get more pictures, but the game got less and less stable to the point where i couldn't load a battle that involved cloud, and i'm not gonna sit here all night and screw around, it's now Christmas day!)

I haven't quite worked out those animated textures yet, and since i modified one in an experiment, for some reason it's shown itself all over the mesh, and the whole thing is quite unstable now.

So yeah, turns out theres an extra "Crisis Core" costume for cloud in dissidia :wink:

Oh, and Merry Christmas, everyone!

Team Avalanche / New Field backgrounds/CG Cutscenes thread
« on: 2009-11-14 22:45:42 »
Right, i figured the earlier discussions about this kinda stuff were kinda just in other threads, and it was a topicless topic of discussion. Now it has its own thread  :lol:

So yeah, at any rate, i've been playing around with it a little bit, and i can get perfect camera angles, and accurate models.

The only problem is, unless somebody has an autodesk 3DS Max subscription, UV maps will have to be entirely custom mapped, if we're to export into 3Ds Max. i'm not sure about blender, but i dont think its possible in that either. You do, however, get seperate textures for each face you create in sketchup. so anyway, Here's a screenshot of a really rough taster of the things we'll end up being able to do when this is done.

EDIT: I just noticed Photoshop snapped the original picture way too high, and threw the new/old sync out a bit, that's why it looks way too high.

to be honest, we don't even need perfect precision with geometric-unfriendly areas. even if we just model things based around what we see, we can just change the walkmesh so it lines up decently. it's not like you can interact with the scenery anyway.

Oh, and i'm not the best texturer in the world, either, so, I might need a few recruits. the plan is, people with sketchup find the perspective and camera angle with the "match photo" tool, and create the necessary 3D references. The sketchup files are then uploaded somewhere, and the 3D artists go in and model a pretty high-poly scene with what they have. Texture artists collaborate, then the model and textures are rendered with the exported camera sketchup provides. At present, most of these people will probably end up being the same guy, which will obviously make this the slowest project in this forum's history (yes, even Qgears and FF7voice)

But more to the point, we need people with experience and the will to help out with this. i'll also eventually need someone to share what they know about the how the walkmesh camera is changed over time in cutscenes that include realtime rendered field models.

uhhh. i hope i've covered everything. if i forgot something, i'll edit this post with what info i missed.

Team Avalanche / NeoCloudstrife's Custom Model Thread
« on: 2009-08-07 18:35:42 »
Alright, so after the new rules were put in place, i decided to start making completely original models, instead of stealing them  :-P

so what better place to start than teaming up with timu simisu and Millenia! They'll only be guiding me, however. i'll be modelling and texturing by myself (maybe i'll get a little help :D)

Anyway, the first model i was told to create Was in fact the "Sweeper" robot, which can be seen all over the FF7 world in various forms. It was a good challenge for me actually, not to easy, yet not too difficult. i managed to create him in about 13 hours, and i'm hoping ill get faster as time goes by. anyway, here's a first "finished" WIP shot of it. note i still have a little bit to do, like the grill at its "mouth", and i need to lower the front end a little bit so his arms are recessed and not just coming out of the engine.
Texturing's going to be a REAL challenge, but its nothing i can't handle :D



Back Perspective

Probably nobody is interested, but i was hoping that somebody could help me figure these out. it would help me a lot, and enable me to make some kickass codes for this game. but since this isn't really a kingdom hearts forum at all, i'm happy for this to go ignored if it must be.

heres the link to the files;13883163;/fileinfo.html

i'm pretty sure these contain a few animations, too.

i'm not expecting a modelviewer or anything amazing to become of this, i just basically want to now how to mod bones. but if this a common file format with a modelviewer already, let me know :P

Archive / Tech Demo Replacements
« on: 2009-01-17 17:47:42 »
Ok, say i went ahead and changed the opening cutscene to the Tech demo one, which is newer, that'd be all fine and lovely. but all of a sudden, there is a massive transition from New to old, as the Background for the original is slightly old, outdated, and doesnt corespond to a lot of things that the new one has.

So, my question is, is it possible to somehow replace

With This?:

Right now, i'm not particularly interested in doing it. but say i did it, regardless of positioning and size and layering and that sort of thing, could it theoretically be done? sorry if this is rather a common question.

Archive / New Ultima Weapon for FF7
« on: 2008-12-01 19:54:46 »
Just wondering if anyone had ever considered remoddelling the ultima weapon, based on the new version, from dissidia? because I May spend some time recreating it :D

Troubleshooting / The APZ Cloud Project!!!!
« on: 2008-11-26 20:23:04 »

Hope this is as epic as your last thread dude!

Well, With a Lot of time and hard effort, i managed to create This:

Within the next couple of days, i should have some screenshots of ingame :D

However, i am ACTUALLY considering to release this as a patch to people. Granted, it's no-where near as good as what it was inspired by, but i just had to show anyone who may click onto this :D I'm pretty sure it would make people happy  :wink:

Anyway, feedback is appreciated :D and comments on whether to release it or not..?

The thread which started my project:

Thanks a LOT apz freak! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Archive / New cloud Model Being imported!
« on: 2008-11-03 16:51:12 »
Ok, so without much help from this community, i FINALLY got clouds head ino FF7. although i think for some reason the UVW map got messed up, or maybe its just the textures didnt import properly. either way, this happens when the "RTAC" or the texture file is in .tex. when it has no file ending, no textures are applied



so, a little help here?

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