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actually i've tried. But kernel.bin didn't allow for something like that. I think all the percentage calculation for renzokuken finisher is hardcoded in the .exe. But you can do something like this:
For each Renzokuken Finisher such as Rough Divide, Fated Circle and Blasting Zone, change the magic id to Lion Heart, but don't forget to change the Hit Count, Target Info and Attack Flag parameters box to match the original Lion Heart Finisher. So when your getting Renzokuken Finisher in game, it should be Lion Heart for all the finisher except that maybe the old finisher names still not change.

And in kernel.bin you can't put Invincibility into Abilities Junction. But you can edit Mad Rush abilities to trigger Invincibility/Aura. So solved.

true, it can be a good solution to solve the problem of the finishers , as for the invincibility effect, it is just another positive status like the others so it has to be possible to do that, but if it isn't possible to change the auto-magics with the kernel.bin then it mean that the data of the auto-magics are writed somewere else, so what file contain those datas ? also i hope that by telling that i want to set invincibility as something permanent i am not hitting anyone's sensibility lol

and what are the controls to actually change the color of the highlited regions ?

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« on: 2019-09-14 02:37:13 »
it would be nice if the posts don't die after some little chats, i am sure that the objective of this project isn't fully reached yet, right ?

@Maki i was mad , and thanks for the explanation :D ,  this mod solve many problems , but if the region ID is the second on the left in that colum , what are the ID on the left, for example , in case of the island closest to hell that have 15 as region is , what is the meaning of that ID 576 ? also this procedure will also make the monsters fightable over and over again like normal monsters ? in any case i am testing it just now , it works perfectly , i can finally stop to create countless save blocks only to fight again a certain monster or a boss that normally allow only one fight , thanks again :D , this also solve the problem of the missing debug mode in the pc version since the possibility to fight any monster wherever you want was something that you could do with it , but this is even better because you can decide were to place the monsters

rick, i'm no staff member, but i think that if you continue with that behaviour, your future here is not exactly bright...

oh don't worry , as long as everyone reply to each other even only to say that they don't have an answer i won't have any need to repeat myself

Have you considered that maybe there's a reason why no one is replying to you? No one owes you a response.
What you have been posting about isn't easily doable. There doesn't appear to be a program that you can just open, edit encounters with 2 clicks, save and done. You're going to have to do proper research if you want to get that done this badly.

what you said mean literally nothing, and whatever you say it already have an answer in my previous comment

@miruss89 @Sebanisu so maybe as long as there are at least two finishers the game shouldn't crash, but if those percentages are written in the kernel, they they could be manipulated in order to give for example 1% for the first three finishers and 97% to the lion heart, also what about the positive statuses, is there something in the kernel file that could allow to modify the auto-abilities? for example: we have auto-reflect, so i would modify that and substitute the effect of reflex with the invincibility effect (you know, when you become transparent and fully invincible)

just in case i will explain myself better: if in the kernel.bin there are the datas about the auto-abilities such as auto-reflex , then i would like to change the equipped magic in that auto ability , and substitute the effect of reflex with the effect of invincibility (when the character become transparent)

the invincibility effect is also called peerless

if none even care to reply then i have no choice but to write another message,  and it isn't double posting because is not the same message, it is a new one, instead of expect ignored people to just suck it up, care to give an answer to what people say or ask , it would solve the problem , unlike what would do an edited previous message that would be ignored

Yeah- that's why it's archived and no longer developed. I answered on e-mail. I'll record video tutorial for you later this day.

even if my email can send messages, you can still send me the link for that  video from there

@Maki hi , so you publisced the video tutorial somewere ? did you read my private messages ?

but i am curious about something: none forced you to create such a complicate program that forced you to forget about it, then why you make it so complicate ? it would be better for you and everyone else if you make it simple to use

Yeah- that's why it's archived and no longer developed. I answered on e-mail. I'll record video tutorial for you later this day.

ok then , i can't reply directly though the email because the fucking outlook don't even let me veryfy my account , and since i can't verify it , i can't reply from there , so i can tell you from here that i am waiting for that video tutorial so everyone will be able to solve that problem

that toolset are only for the graphical modding , it doesn't have nothing that allow to change the location of the enemies in the worldmap , but if i am wrong then please elaborate more the explanation because that program is anything but not intuitive

also just in case i will explain again what i want to do: you noticed when you walk in the world map and at some point you start a random battle ? well my interest is to make sure that for example in the island of balamb , instead of meet the lesmazor , i meet the wendigo

not only that , rinoa's toolset seem only meant to let you watch the textures and the pieces of world map , but you can't actually do anything

also i found the wmset.obj in the "world" archivie , but rinoa's tool set can't open it , it look for the wmx obj , are you really sure that the data of the enemies locations in the world map are in the file you mentioned? and more i watch the options , more that rinoa's toolset don't look like it can do what i want , that program is to mod the textures, not the location of the monsters in the world map , so if i understood correctly please tell me so i will wait untill this new program is ready

That's.. not what it means
Anyway, to answer your question- various battle formations are called 'encounters'. There are about 1500 encounters. That means that there are 1500 data entries where you set battle ground (background), where you set active enemies you fight, additional stuff. Now everything uses that ~1500 entries. No matter if you are on worldmap and get into battle or you are on field and get into battle or you run into script battle- it always plays a battle with given index to the 'encounter' data.
The encounters data- the core battle information is in file "scene.out" file in battle.fs

You have to grab archive unpacking tool- if it's remaster, then you would need zzzTool + Deling for unpacking battle.fs- then you would need to use a tool called "Ifrit". If you have steam or PC version from 2000/2013 then skip the 'zzz' part.


that is for editing the core encounter. If you want to edit which exactly encounter index is played at given worldmap segment, then use Rinoa's toolset:
from there unpack wmset.obj, edit the encounters on worldmap, repack, and then again put into battle.fs and zzz if remaster

i think rinoa's toolset is what i may need, but are you sure that with this i can for example , put omega weapon in the island closest to hell and so encounter it while i walk there? in any case now i will try this procedure , thanks

also , the kernel.bin contain the data that don't allow us to directly control odin and ghilgamesh ? or those data are in the exe along with the percentage data that don't allow us to decide what finisher squall should use ?

It's not injection. This is a whole new engine. And there is a chart on the GitHub page. But alot is not done. I've been working on menus for a while.

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yes i noticed that list of elements contained in the various archivies and the percentage of discoveries about them

You could d/l the source code and poke around maybe the answer you seek is in there somewhere. But *shrugs*. Maki's been working on this a long time and I started working on it like 6 months ago. And it's a long process :P Who knows how much longer things will take.

i see, but the fact that there is already the possibility to inject the program in to the game is already a great step foward, what else is remaining to do ?

What exactly you want to do, Rick? Change world map encounters, change field encounters, change monster to fight, change how many monsters you fight?

i will explain for good now: like what you can do with hadesworkshop (a general editor for final fantasy 9 created by trilititi), i want to put all the bosses and the other kind of "one time only-fight" monsters in a piece of the worldmap , for example , i would place all the bosses in the island closest to hell , so with that modification , you will meet only the bosses in that island, and you will encounter them again and again like they are normal monsters

good things come to those who wait, it is an exciting project

yes, like i said i hope it is released soon, final fantasy 9 already have that mod to change the location and so the spawn condition of the monsters , this chapter really waited too much for this , with the possibiltiy to change the location of the bosses we can finally avoid to create thousand saves in order to be able to fight again and again a specific monster like we have to do now

O-VIII is nowhere near ready for that.  Right now, it's not much more than a way to view the world map, battle scenes, and menus.  Long ways off before it's something people can actually play the game with, or create mods for.

ok, so it is still a prototype, i hope it will be solved as soon as possible

I mean that a little bit of searching (which you did after I posted) would have yielded your answer.


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