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Troubleshooting / Some issues with FF7 on Windows 7
« on: 2011-07-22 00:53:09 »
Hi there, havent posted in a long time(2009) as there I finished editing MyFF7. 3 days ago I decided to play it again noticing Red XIII's Blood Fang to be way too harmless in my hardcore mod so I wanted to simply boost it a bit. However when i try to open Wall market it simply says: Wall market doesnt work anymore and needs to be closed. Redownloaded it, same issue. Since I'm pretty experienced in hex editing anything of ff7(thx to gjoerulv in 2007) I wanted to simply decompile the kernel with ff7dec and the command prompt but that won't work either. After creating file kernel.bin0 it says command prompt doesnt work anymore and needs to be closed lol.

Also I have the No-sound problem during the cutscenes but only sometimes, sometimes they work(sometimes they don't in the middle of the game)

Since I haven't got my windows XP pc anymore(where I used to do all the editing and playing) I was wondering if this occurs due to windows 7(Never tried it on Win7 before and never had those issues)

Kinda strange coincidence. Is there another kernel.bin editor? or another method of decompiling kernel.bin? I'd be thankful if you could help me out with the sound problem either.

If any1 wants to know my tech data:

Windows 7 32bit
Model: Terra PC Dual Core
2GB Ram
2x 2.50GH processor

Mods installed: FF7PRP, aalis custom graphics driver, patch 1.02 and chocobo patch ofc;
Edited files: scene.bin(most of it by hex, slight changes by Hojo/Scenester, only AI's by Proud Clod),
kernel.bin(by ff7dec+hex in 2008), kernel2.bin(by Teioh),
gflevel.lgp(Loveless), world_us.lgp(PRP) and char.lgp(PRP)

Just in case that's somehow relevant to any of the problems. I don't have ff7music on this pc so it can't have anything to do with the sound issue.
Hoping for support,
greetings, TBCM

Hello there,

First, yes I'm finally back lol. After one year break from FF7 the game caught me again(what a suprise^^). In 2007 I talked a lot to gjoerulv who step-by step instructed me into Hex Editing FF7 enemies, including interchanging attacks, adding brand new attacks to scenes, tedious AI-editing, updating pointers etc. Today I use WallMarket, ProudClot, Hojo, Loveless, Meteor and Hex Editing(for the most time as I hate to rely on programs, if they should fack smth up(not criticizing anyones ability to write those programs) I would have no idea where to look at and if I myself fack it up I know exactly which bytes it must be). Nowadays I can do pretty much anything I ever wanted. Afai can see theres no major troubles with the programs up to now.

Why I'm posting this thread:
I got 2 questions: Number one: Is there ANY possible way to mirror a final-attack frog spell? Because
all final attacks can be mirrored just properly with the exception of frog(and probably small, didnt try that). Even if I set it to no re-target(so it should be able to target dead ppl) it still won't mirror it, yet it won't even mirror it on alive characters(The mirror I inflicted on the enemy before isnt even displayed). So I'd be glad if anyone could help me out here(Though I know this seems very unimportant its UNVALUABLE to me!^^).

Q 2:
I've been having trouble with inflicting status ailments lately. No matter what I set the value, the status is always inflicted 100%. I have an enemy(won't tell the name as I might release a hardcore mod with a walkthrough(trust me, you NEED it:D) with a multiple hit attack(attacks 15x) and even when the value is 01(4%) every single hit inflicts the ailments I attached to it for 100%. Is anyone familiar with that? Haven't found anything about that in the forum yet....

Thx for help,
The Black-caped Man

Alright i got a couple of problems I'd like to discuss with you guys. First: Recently I learned how to improve the stats of enemies in FF8. Though its easy once you get used to it, I decided to boost only the bosses because I don't have too much time, maybe Ill do the enemies someday as well. However I now edited every boss up to the Lunatic Pandora and everything worked well. The only ones left on CD3 are Fu-Jin, Rai-Jin and Cifer(Mobile type 8 and Adell are finished already). As you can see from my list theyre on c0m128.dat(Cifer), c0m136.dat and c0m137.dat. When I tried to replace c0m128.dat I accidently wrote to search for c0m128dat to replace instead of c0m128.dat(the dot was missing) and Archive Commander told me it can't find the file. I realized the dot was missing and tried it again and it said:"Cannot open file because it's used by another process". Although I know there was no process which used the data I thought just turn off FF8 AC and try it again. Same thing. I saw nothing else but to reboot PC. When I tried to replace the c0m128.dat again it said:"Stream Read Error". After trying it again I got the same thing as earlier, with the other process using this file.

So I thought I just use Garden to extract my backed up battle.fs into another folder and replace the files with the originals. Well Garden says:"Positioning Error on an unknown file" which ends up in all files having no content lol(They are still there though, all empty). I have no Idea what Garden could mean by that lol. However if someone tells me how to repair FF8 AC it won't be a problem since then I do not actually need Garden.

Somebody a tip?

Archive / How far are we with FF8 enemy editing?
« on: 2009-05-20 20:29:08 »
first: big sorry if there are already threads with explanations to this question but i now searched days through this forum and didnt find ANY answers to my desires.

Alright i wondered how much our progress in enemy editing of FF8 is today cause i havent been on very often the last half year since i was pretty buisy with my work and so on. 3 days ago i played my already completely edited FF7(with enemies boosted, high res patch of course, kernel1&2 changed, and so on) and i suddenly got the bad need to play FF8 again. however since the difficulty of FF8 is next to nothing I wanted to ask if any1 has figured out how to edit the scenes or the kernel like in FF7. Are there any programs to make this easy?

Since I completely hex edited my FF7 I could also hex edit FF8 if someone would explain me where which section is and which byte stands for what and what I have to change to get the desired effect and so on, that would be enough as well.

if this takes long, i also have msn: [email protected]
or email me: [email protected]
Appreciate your business, The Black-caped Man

Archive / Old one: Enemies in wrong places
« on: 2008-05-09 22:22:28 »
I know we've had this a lot of times and I already searched it multiple times in these forums but I don't seem to get a clear answer. Ive been using Scenester, Hojo, Teioh and a Hex Editor for over a half year and up to now everything worked perfectly. However, now the enemies of the sunken plane seem to appear on the corel train where the smoggers and the red Iron Giant should be encountered.

Everytime I found something that was related to this problem, I only found someone writing: Bugs fixed two posts below. Can someone tell me exactly why this happens? Can it occur because of hex editing or because of Scenester/Hojo? Is there any hint on how to fix it? I please need clear instructions since I boosted my WHOLE game up to this moment(including every single enemy, weapon, armor or boss) with hex and thats been a blast and I can't just undo what I did last cause it could be everything from the 1st reactor up to Jenova Death. I would HATE :evil: to delete my whole changings just for that. Thx for your advices :-)

General Discussion / Sephiroth - Left or Right handed?
« on: 2008-01-02 09:07:13 »
I would say hes right handed. In original VII he ALWAYS holds Masamune in his right hand. I dont see squares point in changing this. If it were only in Advent Children, Id say its because in the final battle of VII his right hand became an angel wing which Cloud and the others may have injured^^ but unfortunately its also in Crisis Core. Maybe some of you can tell me why

Completely Unrelated / For Ski Jumping Fans
« on: 2008-01-02 07:03:59 »

First I have to note that Im from austria, where everyone, I dunno why :?, has the image to become skier or at least ski jumper.
Well this also counts for me :-D
In my younger days(from 10-16) I was a Ski Jumper so Im BIG BIG fan of that sports. Id like to talk to someone about the current saison^^


As for me look at my avatar :evil:

I think 80% of you will agree or not?

Just wanted to know why the programmers of Final Fantasy IV, V and VI changed the hair colours of some chars in cutscenes? Best example: Terra. In game her hair is green, in cutscenes its always blond. Or Butz from FFV, who has brown hair but in the cutscenes he has white! :?
What did the programmers think when they did that? Changing all the characteristics of our beautiful 2D chars?

General Discussion / Real Life believes
« on: 2007-12-31 16:58:45 »
Since this is the greatest Final Fantasy forum on earth(or at least the greatest I found :-P) I am sure Final Fantasy VII is more than a game in your eyes. As for me, it changed my way of thinkin in real life. Yes I do have the belief of Final Fantasy VII. I believe that everything consists of a combination of Life stream particles(or as the christ would say: the "soul") and I do believe that our spiritual energy returns to the planet when were gone, as does our body(=decay). Then our consciousness joins the main Life Stream so that the particles are somehow shuffled and then somewhere else we are reborn. We are no longer WE but I'm sure that sometimes certain particles are the same than in our previous lifes. We are combinations of Life Stream particles and human DNA.

This is my belief.

Now I wanted to ask what you guys think? whats your believe? And did Final Fantasy VII also affect your way of life like in my case?

Ok: We know that people in Final Fantasy return to the planet, which means they are reborn. We know that Sephiroth prevented Aerith from returning so that she cant use Holy. When Sephiroth died Aerith could completely return to the planet, use Holy and prevent Meteor from destroying the planet.
However, in Advent Children we see the spirits of Zack and Aerith watching over Cloud and his friends and Aerith even uses Great Gospel to heal Cloud from Geostigma!!!! Thats somehow a contradiction: Either they return to the planet or they come to heaven but they cant just say people are reborn and then make Aerith a living ghost in advent children that is never reborn! And why the f*** is Zack there too?!?!?! He died so why is he not reborn? The only person that can prevent people from returning is Sephiroth and why the hell should he prevent Zack? Zacks no danger for him anyway? What did the producers of Advent Children smoke?!?!? :evil: They should have thought before they act

Archive / Rude bug in the sunken plane
« on: 2007-12-30 16:39:43 »
As you might already know when Rude uses Magic once in the fight at the sunken plane, he is somehow not able to continue fighting.
He just stands there as if he was guarding all the time.

My new Prob: I exchanged Rudes -ra Magic with -ga Magic(for example, Fira with Firga) via Hex editing and powered up Renos attacks.

The only result is that the stupid bug also affects RENO!!!!! In the whole battle, they do NOTHING. Theyre just standing and waiting.

I know how to exchange attacks btw. I replaced the whole attack in the attack data, changed ID in enemy data, after the attack data and in the AI so it should work. Any ideas whats wrong?

General Discussion / Ultimate Equipment in Final Fantasy X
« on: 2007-12-26 23:30:37 »
After a long time of playing(180 hours) Final Fantasy X I finally figured out what the ultimate armor is:

I always thought I could only beat the black Aeons, Deus and Penance if I got strong enough to survive their attacks.
Now I finally created the ultimate armor:
3)Auto-Phoenix(makes HP expand needless)
4)And I always thought HP expand is the ultimate fourth ability but HA! its not!
The way of  winning against the super bosses is nothing special its just a simple fourth ability: Curse Wall.
With Curse Wall, all your limit breaks can be used all the time and that beats all the bad guys up so easily.
I always got in trouble when Penance put the Curse effect on me and I always thought theres no protection from it.

Now I wanted to ask you guys

What do you think are the ultimate armors?

Archive / Advanced Hex Editing Scene.bin
« on: 2007-12-25 16:06:51 »
He guys,

I would like to know if anyone(and Im pretty sure there is someone) knows how to add attacks to enemies via hex editing and how to set up special conditions for that attack(for example that an enemy uses an attack right before he dies or as a counter)
I already know the basics of adding an attack to an enemy:
-You gotta overwrite the first 28 bytes after the last attack of the enemy
-You gotta create an ID for that attack and add it in the attack ID list of the enemy data and in the attack ID list right after the attack data
-You gotta add a body animation after the last body animation byte in the body animation section(right before the attack ID list in the enemy data)
-You gotta add the attack in the AI and thats pretty difficult cause you could accidentally mess up the AI for all other enemies or actions.
I know that attacks you share with the enemy always have only one byte, which can be found in the kernel(or at another enemy who has this attack),
so the code in the AI would be 60 XX 92, in the attack ID lists of the enemy data and after the attack data it would be XX 00.
For attacks that you do not share with the enemy, in the AI its: 61 XX XX 92, in the ID lists of the enemy data and right after the attack data its of course XX XX.

My question: Where do I add the 60 XX 92 or the 61 XX XX 92 in the AI exactly? And how do I set up a special condition for that attack(counter, etc)?
I appreciate your advices :-D

Archive / Problem Report with GZIP and Kernel.bin
« on: 2007-12-24 21:13:44 »
Hi there

I used Gzip just as it was written in some thread and wrote ff7dec d kernel.bin in my command line and voila it worked perfectly.

I changed things to my likings and then I wanted to compress files again with "ff7dec e kernel.bin" and I got this:

Operation in 0x0040342c  refers on memory in "0x0000000c". The operation "read" could not be executed!(sorry if its not exactly word for word like the computer says cause I speak german and translated it)

What The F*** does that mean? what can I do? Is there another kernel.bin compiling program? Pls help me out

I have been working with Scenester and Scene Reader to update my FF7 a bit(I wanted to create my own hardcore mode) but somethings weird:
1) Bizarro Sephiroth's HP CANT be edited. I guess this is cause scenester says he got 60.000 points. This comes out when adding all Hp of the parts together(Torso: 40k, Core 10k, Right/Left Element 4k each and Headpart 2k=60k). I wanted to ask if someone knows how to boost his Hp massively.
2) Why the hell cant Seraph Sephiroth's HP be boosted up? He has 80k from the start but no matter what i try it stays at 80k. I know that you can boost him by defeating Jenova Synthesis with KOTR(+80k) and by leveling up to Lvl 99(+30k for each char at lvl 99) which ends up in 400k. That would be enough but at Lvl 99 he is FAR too easy even if I boost ALL of hist stats to 255. Pls someone tell me how to boost Bizarro and Seraph with Scenester(or by hex editing if you give me a tutorial)
3) I noticed that attacks like Ultima Beam, Stigma and Deen cant be boosted much with Scenester: For example the Mg of my Bizarro Sephiroth is at 255 and Stigma only does about 2,4k dmg(which is an improvement of 800 points). I guess I will have to hex edit to further boost them so could someone pls explain me what exactly I should hex edit cause I'm quite a noob in hex editing.
4) Further I wanted to know how I can change the status effects that some attacks bring along: For example Super Nova CAN inflict confusion and silence but at a low rate. I wanted to know what I must do to make it inflict more status effects(like poison, blind, berserk) at a rate of 100%.
5) Further I wanted to know how I can change the effects and stats of weapons and armors(I know I have to edit the kernel.bin files and I even know that kernel5 is for weapons, 6 is for armors and 7 for materia or so, cant remember exactly but i will check it at qhimm wikipedia)
6) Also pls tell me how to make certain attacks target all party members(For example I want Pale Horse to be an all-target spell like in Saint Dragons video on youtube)
7) At last it would be so kind if someone tells me how to exchange entire attacks. I'd like to eradicate Seraph Sephiroths stupid fly up and fly down abilities and give some bosses some other attacks(like Ultima Weapon should have Ultima!)

So if I have to hex edit to achieve my goals pls tell me what and where I must change values.
THX for responding (I know i posted this in technical related too but i didnt know where it fits sry for that)

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