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I release a new tool!

scene.bin editors are not always nice with us
No, I will not announce a new full-GUI editor, because I don't have time for a new big project. Sorry...
BUT! In my old programs I have several tools never released to the public, created for the honorable french retranslation project (Néo-Midgar)

So I removed dust from this first tool to be released: Rufus
This is a command-line tool to export/import all the texts from the scene.bin. It can also update the battle section of the kernel.bin if needed.
It can be useful if you want to translate the battle module of FF7.

Download here
Examples here


(upscale by MCINDUS)

Original MIDIs from PS1, a light alternative to Roses And Wine.


For FFNx 1.8.x+: (only 14.1 MB!)
For FFNx 1.7.x: (only 11.8 MB!)

Installation (FFNx 1.8.x+)

1. You need to install FFNx 1.8.x+ first.
2. Copy the psf directory next to ff8.exe
3. Open FFNx.toml with a text editor
4. Set use_external_music to true (remove the # from the beginning of the line if any)
5. Set external_music_path to 'psf' (remove the # from the beginning of the line if any)
6. Set external_music_ext to 'minipsf' (remove the # from the beginning of the line if any)
7. Set he_bios_path to 'psf/hebios.bin' (remove the # from the beginning of the line if any)

Spoiler: Obsolete FFNx 1.7.x • show
Installation (FFNx 1.7.x Obsolete!)

1. You need to install FFNx 1.7.0 first.
2. Copy the psf directory next to ff8.exe
3. Open FFNx.cfg with a text editor
4. Set use_external_music to yes (remove the # from the beginning of the line if any)
5. Set external_music_path to psf (remove the # from the beginning of the line if any)
6. Set external_music_ext to minipsf (remove the # from the beginning of the line if any)
7. Set winamp_in_plugin to psf/in_psf.dll (remove the # from the beginning of the line if any)


Packed by myst6re.
FFNx uses the OpenPSF project to play PSF files.
Thanks to Neil Corlett for in_psf.dll and PSF files.
Thanks to Christopher Snowhill for its implementation of foo_psf.
concert-* tracks were created and converted to minipsf by myst6re from Neil Corlett PSFs.

Notable improvements (thanks to FFNx)

  • A music is now paused before a battle (or a Triple Triad card game) and resumed after to the right time
  • Music pause/resume is also implemented in field maps
  • Music intro is skipped the second time
  • Better volume changes

Known issues

  • [Fixed in FFNx 1.11.x] The intro of the landing is playing on GGU battle
  • [Fixed in FFNx 1.11.x] Horizon Concert does not work properly, remove "concert-" prefix from "concert-*.minipsf" files to fix this
  • [Fixed in FFNx 1.9.x] Volume changes and music stops are sometimes a little abrupt, track the issue here
  • [Fixed in FFNx 1.9.x] FFNx 1.8.x have performances issues when external_music is on
  • FFNx 1.7.2 currently crashes when use_external_music is enabled in FF8. Use FFNx 1.8+ instead.
  • [only FFNx 1.7.x] The Landing always starts with the intro. Workaround: replace psf/joriku2.minipsf by a OGG file
  • [only FFNx 1.7.x] Instruments in the Horizon concert are currently not replaced. Native Midis will be used for all possible combination
  • [only FFNx 1.7.x] Resuming music after battle can take few seconds sometimes


  • v1.5: Removing files for FFNx 1.7.x, adding F.H. concert files, adding music skip configuration
  • v1.4: Adding required file for FFNx 1.8.x+.
  • v1.3: Renaming gargade.minipsf (Galbadia Garden University, with intro) to gargarde.minipsf.
  • v1.2: Easier installation. Adding french README.
  • v1.1: Official release
  • v1.0: Beta release


  • Roses And Wine: Original Music (OGG format). The best alternative so far, but you need to download a bigger archive
  • PlayStation Music Mod from Biggs: MIDIs recreated more closely to the original sound

See Also


Original MIDIs from PS1, a light alternative to Anxious Heart / The mod.


For FFNx 1.8.x+: (only 944 KB!)
For FFNx 1.7.x: (only 1.2 MB!)

FFNx FF7Music is also available in the Satsuki Yatoshi Mod (SYW)
And in the catalog for 7th Heaven 2.4+
And for 7th Heaven 2.3.3+: FFNx-FF7Music-v1.3.1.iro (please read the readme to set up the hebios file on 7th Heaven version below 2.4)

Installation (FFNx 1.8.x+)

1. You need to install FFNx 1.8.x+ first.
2. Copy the psf directory next to ff7*.exe
3. Open FFNx.toml with a text editor
4. Set use_external_music to true (remove the # from the beginning of the line if any)
5. Set external_music_path to 'psf' (remove the # from the beginning of the line if any)
6. Set external_music_ext to 'minipsf' (remove the # from the beginning of the line if any)
7. Set he_bios_path to 'psf/hebios.bin' (remove the # from the beginning of the line if any)

Installation (FFNx 1.7.x)

1. You need to install FFNx 1.7.x first.
2. Copy the psf directory next to ff7*.exe
3. Open FFNx.cfg with a text editor
4. Set use_external_music to yes (remove the # from the beginning of the line if any)
5. Set external_music_path to psf (remove the # from the beginning of the line if any)
6. Set external_music_ext to minipsf (remove the # from the beginning of the line if any)
7. Set winamp_in_plugin to psf/in_psf.dll (remove the # from the beginning of the line if any)


Packed by myst6re.
FFNx uses the OpenPSF project to play PSF files.
Thanks to Neil Corlett for in_psf.dll and PSF files.
Thanks to Christopher Snowhill for its implementation of foo_psf.
comical, cintro, mogu, tb and wind PSF files were generated by myst6re using Makou Reactor 1.8.

Notable improvements (aka changes I made to FFNx)

  • On the original PC version, sometimes the game lost the music lock condition. This means that you can hear the music stop and restart later. But not anymore! (Examples: Reno first appearance; after the battle against Rufus; after the movie with nibelheim moutains, when Cloud enters the Reactor).
  • A music is now paused before a battle and resumed after to the right time
  • A music is now paused before the "good night" music, and resumed after to the right time

I added few missing files to the PSF collection made by Neil Corlett:
  • comical: unused (and unreleased!) music found in a deleted map of the Honey Bee Inn
  • cintro: Sephiroth intro only, looped for the heavy atmosphere in Nibelheim Manor
  • mogu: Moggle victory (yeah!), the introduction of the Highwind theme
  • tb: Main theme alternative (Cloud and Tifa flashback in the lifestream)
  • wind: Ambient wind (used by FFNx to replace wind.wav)

Known issues

  • Resuming music after battle can take few seconds sometimes (with FFNx 1.7.x only)


  • v1.3.1: Renaming mural.minipsf to mura1.minipsf
  • v1.3: Dropping support for FFNx 1.7.x (v1.2 will be still available). Updating README for FFNx 1.8.x+.
  • v1.2: Adding required files for FFNx 1.8.x+.
  • v1.1: Easier installation. Adding a README in french.
  • v1.0.1: directory name change (from music/vgmstream to music/psf)
  • v1.0: initial release


  • Anxious Heart / The mod (Mirror): Original Music (OGG format). The best alternative so far, but you need to download a bigger archive
  • FF7Music: Old alternative, by Ficedula, kept for posterity. This archive is already configured correctly for the original game, you need more configuration with the Aali's OpenGL driver, and this is not compatible with FFNx.
  • SXG2Ogg audio mod: MIDI XG Sound using SXG2006LE softsynth
  • Deet's XG Pack: MIDI XG Sound using Yamaha S-YXG50 softsynth

See Also

I completed the wiki page about worldmap encounters:
To summary my changes, I identified rates sections and "after Lunar Cry" special encounters.

Encounters after Lunar Cry (Sections 5 & 6) seems not linked to Section 1 or another section, I guess this is hardcoded somewhere.

By the way I found occurrences of UFO, PuPu and scripted Thrustaevis battle in section 37, I think this section contains scripts. And its format looks like sections 8, 10 and 12.
I haven't found Pampa Sr battle.

Hi, file formats in FF8 Remaster have changed a little. First step: open *.zzz archives wich contains data and movies.
For that I already coded a tool

Next step, try to open field.fs/fl/fi with Deling. Unfortunately it does not work, because now files are compressed.
Example: bccent12.fl should contains a list of filenames, like this:

Code: [Select]

On remastered version:

Filenames are still present, but several times, it seems that the file is now with multiple sections (starting with the size of the section). And each section is compressed.
The compression format always start with the magic code 4ZL_, followed by an unknown 32-bit integer, and followed by compressed data.

Is someone know about this 4ZL format?

FF8 Tools / [PC Remaster] ZZZ extractor - qt-zzz (0.1.0)
« on: 2019-09-03 20:42:56 »
Hello, I looked at FF8 Remaster files today, and it looks like all data is packed in strange *.zzz archives.

Okay, Deling can't open that, it's time to be back!

I wrote a tiny tool to extract/pack files from theses archives. This is the first step to make the game moddable again.

Here it is:


When we worked on the french retranslation project, we were annoyed about the kernel2 size limitation. After I detroyed the file format with a hammer, every texts have been inserted successfully in the file.

What I share you today is a stand-alone program that reproduce my magical compression. The file is always readable by the game after changes (except if you exceed size limitation), but few kernel editors may have troubles after that.

Download link:

Note: there is a console version in addition to the GUI version, let me know if you have a trouble to use it.

Néo-Midgar is a Final Fantasy VII retranslation project in French, whose started on 30 January 2008. After six years of hard work, Acro, the creator of this project, managed with his team to produce the patch that will make you rediscover this masterpiece from a completely different angle.

The project is completely finished, it is a simple installer that will patch your game; it works on every PC versions and on the french PS version.

The installer is available for free on the official website (in french). It is also possible to pay us a cup of coffee with a donation here.

I was one of the contributors of this project, mainly as the programmer of the installer. It is time to post it here in the Qhimm forum.

Hello everyone! I need your help this time: In dat files, monster stats are represented by 4 numbers, which are used in an equation with monster level. Does anyone know the right equation for each monster attribute?

What we know (from Ifrit editor):

Code: [Select]
HP = Math.floor(number_0 * level * level / 20) + number_1 * level + number_2
EXP = number_0 * (5 * (level - level_party_avg)/level_party_avg + 4))
EXP_LAST = Math.floor(number_1 * (5 * (level - level_party_last)/level_party_last + 4))
# If the result > 255, STR = 255
STR = level * number_0 / 10 + level / number_1 - level / number_3 + number_2) / 4
MAG = Math.floor(level * number_0) + Math.floor(level/number_1) - Math.floor(Math.floor(Math.floor(level*level/2)/number_2)/4))
VIT = level * number_0 + Math.floor(level/number_1) + number_2 - Math.floor(level/number_3)
SPR = level * number_0 + Math.floor(level/number_1) + number_2 - Math.floor(level/number_3)
SPD = level * number_0 + Math.floor(level/number_1) + number_2 - Math.floor(level/number_3)
EVA = level * number_0 + Math.floor(level/number_1) + number_2 - Math.floor(level/number_3)

I think HP and EXP are good. For the rest...

So like qt-lzs, I publish my own tool to work with tim and tex formats.

Download on GitHub

The main purpose of this command-line tool is to export and reimport a texture image to be able to modify this texture with an image editor.
But it is also possible to convert tim <=> tex, and to search and extract tim files from a file.

For a long time I used homemade tools that I will now share. The first one, qt-lzs, is a simple command-line tool to compress/uncompress lzs files.
My implementation is based on Haruhiko Okumura code, which is really fast. But it is also not designed for large files.

I provide the source code on GitHub, and I hope that some people will help.
Contribute on GitHub
Download it on GitHub

Some time ago, I found bugs in the field data, in the music section. Some of you have mentioned that some fields don't load the right music on the PC version of Final Fantasy VII. That's true!

In fact, some fields have their first AKAO broken, here is the list:
  • sinin3
  • sininb1
  • junair
  • junone6
  • blue_1

But if we look closer, some other fields are buggy, but differently: their first AKAO is OK, except the "Music ID" which has a strange value, always the same (=42752).
Here is the list:
  • sininb1
  • sininb2
  • junair2
  • junone7
  • blue_2

Even more disturbing, the second list follows the first: sininb1 is just after sinin3, junair2 is just after junair1, ...

One last thing: this bug is still present in the rerelease version!
I am ready to create a patch... maybe :P

Releases / [FF8PC] Restore the debug room (2013-03-11)
« on: 2012-07-19 15:06:57 »
On Final Fantasy VIII PC, the field called start is broken. I rebuilt this field from the PlayStation version, here is how to integrate it in the game:

  • Download this archive (other mirror)
  • Open the "start.fl" file (in the zipped archive) with a text editor to adjust the file language (see this post)
  • Open "Path\to\your\Final Fantasy VIII\Data\field.fs" with Deling
  • Go to "Import/Export" tab
  • Go to "c:\ff8\data\eng\field\mapdata\st\" path
  • Replace, start.fl and start.fs by my files in the zipped archive

  • FF8 must be completely installed
  • Create a backup of your field archive (field.fs, and field.fl) before the operation!
  • With Deling, you can replace files one by one, or delete the three files together, then add my files

FF8 Tools / [PSX/PC] Field editor - Deling (0.12.0b)
« on: 2012-04-27 22:31:32 »
Since I created Makou Reactor, I always wanted to do the same for Final Fantasy VIII. There is much less documentation than Final Fantasy VII, but finally I did. It will soon be two years that I develop it, here: Deling!


Warning: The software is currently in beta.

  • Field Text Editor with windows editor
  • Field Script Editor
  • Field Background Viewer
  • Encounter editor
  • Field Walkmesh Editor
  • Field Camera Editor
  • Sound id editor
  • Additional text characters editor
  • Field Doors/Gates Editor
  • Archive manager (only for fs/fl/fi archives)
  • Support fs/fl/fi archive (read/write) and PlayStation image disc (read only)
  • Custom font support
  • Translated into english, french, japanese and basque

GitHub page:
SourceForge page (legacy):

An old presentation:

General Discussion / Toriyama's cut scene in video !
« on: 2011-01-26 21:28:01 »
I have finally recorded the biggest cut scene I've ever seen! It was hard to unlock, but I've made it!
So, now the video:
Now in english! (french version)

For Francophones, here are the explanations:

I currently working on the dat files of Final Fantasy VIII. So I put everything on the wiki I found on theses files: (thanks to JWP and Mirex)
But... the model animation section is hard to understand, and without it, my 3d models are... incomplete:

Anyone know how to interpret this section? help...

FF8 Tools / [PSX/PC] Save editor - Hyne (1.11.2)
« on: 2010-04-25 23:30:51 »
Hyne is a save file editor for Final Fantasy VIII.

  • Open PC/PS save format
  • Save as many PS & PC save format
  • Edit GF/Character/Triple Triad/Items/Battle/Shops/Worldmap/Game Progression/Chocobo World/Config/Party informations (75% of savemap)
  • Very nice Qt GUI
  • Available in French, English and Japanese!

Known bugs (v1.8.x)
  • Crash on save: remove the "codecs" folder to fix it

Download: Hyne on GitHub

Thanks to sithlord48 to provide Linux and mac versions.

How to use Hyne with PSP or PS3
About Steam version support


 - Position editor (worldmap)
 - field editor (more than just current progression)
 - characters & gf exportation/importation

  • v1.0: initial release
  • v1.1:
    • Memory card header editor
    • Open psv format
    • Fix a bug that prevents the opening of saves
    • Tool for restores deleted saves (if possible)
    • Fix a bug with the game time > 100 hours
  • v1.2:
    • Add "Hidden" option in Miscellaneous > Party > Party Order
    • Fix a bug with "character available" option
    • Removing dlls (windows only)
    • Edit memory card header and restores deleted saves now work
  • v1.3:
    • Added "Items/Battle order" section
    • Added "Miscellaneous/Tutorial" section
    • Added "Triple Triad/Rules" section
    • 60% of savemap is now editable
    • Convert PC to PS
    • Many improvements and fixes
    • And more...
  • v1.4:
    • Properties>memory card header now really editable for non-ff8 saves
    • Adding buttons to save icons in Properties>slot header
    • the FPS is detected automatically
    • The main window is resizable
    • Crash in battle order
    • Available checkbox (in characters>status) is splitting into several widgets (locked in 'switch' menu option)
    • Buttons to fill automaticaly the lists (fill all items...) & to sort
    • New Triple Triad/Rules page with more editable fields
    • New Chocobo World page, empty for now ^^'
    • New HexEditor page... (advanced mode only)
  • v1.5:
    • Full support of japanese characters
    • G-F capacities are no longer learned automatically, users can choose
    • Reload file function (F5)
    • Improvements and minor fixes
  • v1.5.1:
    • Three fixes for japanese encoding
    • Editor launch faster
    • Added several translations
  • v1.6:
    • New sub-section! Magazines (Weapons and Timber Maniacs)
    • New section! Shops
    • New section! Draw Points
    • New section! Battle (Stats + Magic known + Enemy Scanned Once)
    • New section! Worldmap (with obel + PuPu quests)
    • New section! Field (game moment + disk number)
    • New information can be edited in Chocobo World section (ID, level, weapons, HP...)
    • 75% of savemap is now editable
    • Adding save icons in select saves dialog
    • "Launch Final Fantasy VIII", "Fullscreen mode" and "Modify the order of saves" new functions
    • New application icon !
    • Hex editor widget updated
    • Some display improvements
  • v1.6.1:
    • Add VM1 support
    • Can export in PSV format (but like VMP, without breaking the protection)
    • Can open a save from raw data
    • Can replace a save icon by another from FF8
    • Can create a new file and create a "new game" save
    • New editor section: "party" with some data from the misc editor and a model position editor
    • Introduction menu
    • Can open a save state from ePSXe (*.000, *.001...) and from pSX (*.psv)
    • It is now possible to Drag & Drop a save to modify the save order or export a save into another instance of Hyne
    • If the language is not detected on your machine, a dialog will allow you to choose your language
    • The save mechanism is modified: the file is saved only if you choose "save" in the menu (or by pressing Ctrl+S, etc...)
    • Fix a bug when convert a save to PlayStation memory card (*.mcr file for example)
    • Some improvements to the ergonomics of the GUI
  • v1.7:
    • [Editor] Adding Duel Auto option for Zell's limit break
    • [Editor] New page editor: Preview editor
    • [Header Editor] Fixed crash when enter to the properties menu
    • [Header Editor] The short description of a save is now editable
    • [Header Editor] Using the current save ID in the identifier list
    • Some changes related to multi-slots saves
    • Hyne uses less of memory
    • [Windows 7+] The current save icon is displayed in overlay of the application icon
    • Doesn't ask for language if there is just one available
    • Hacks for Mac OS version
    • Some internal changes
    • The "new game" save contains character and gf names in french, there are replaced by the translated names
  • v1.8.1:
    • FF8 Steam support
    • Adding "New window" option
    • [Battle Editor] Monster kills value is computed automatically by default
    • Bug: removed ff8 PC save files was not correctly deleted on disk
    • Japanese translation updated
    • Minor changes
  • v1.8.2:
    • [FF8 rerelease] Metadata.xml (Cloud saves) can be updated manually (File > Sign saves for the Cloud...).
    • [FF8 rerelease] Adding error messages when there are errors with metadata.xml (Cloud saves)
    • [FF8 rerelease] Fixing bug: when saving a *.ff8 file, the metadata file is not saved if the selected ff8 installation is not a Steam installation.
    • [FF8 rerelease] Fixing bug: Steam version can be not detected when there are several FF8 installation on the computer.
    • [FF8 rerelease] Hyne now update the metadata file even it is not in an "user_*" directory. Please let me know if it isn't work.
    • Fixing bug: last save path is not saved when exporting a selected save to PC.
    • Change spell count limit to 100 in standard mode.
    • Fixing (old) regression: animate multi-frame icons in save list view (PS memorycard)
  • v1.9.0:
    • [Draw point editor] Adding indication if located in field or worldmap
    • Fixing keyboard shortcut conflicts if more than one main windows was instanciated
    • Improving detection of user's documents directory on Windows
    • Reencode source files to UTF-8
    • Migrate to Qt 5 library
  • v1.10.0:
    • Fixing slot detection on modern Windows (2000 version)
    • Adding uncompressed save format
    • Fixing GF forget ability
    • Adding Queen trade rule, CC quest and BGU TT victory count
    • Adding worldmap position presets
  • v1.11.0:
    • Adding compatibility with Switch saves
    • Improve detection of PC 2013 and PC Remaster editions
    • Fixing format detection algorithm (for PC like saves)
    • Adding VMP (PSP) and PSV (PS3/PSVita) signatures
    • Adding the end of the CC quest
    • Fixing Chocobo World Icon saving

General Discussion / Trap - a mysterious field background
« on: 2010-04-19 09:56:02 »
For some weeks, I dig Final Fantasy VII jp in search of novelty. And I found the TRAP background. It is partially removed, but there is a file "TRAP.MIM"!

Unfortunately, TRAP.DAT is invalid, it is necessary to replace the tiles manually. I just started:

Hello ! I found a difference between the PC version and the PS version, it's about four screens (kuro7, cosmo2, jtempl and trnad_1). In each sprites, one word coding for transparency can take four values: 0, 1, 2 or 3. This word is at offset 32 in PC sprites, and in "SpriteTP_Blend" (or Section 3) for the PS version:

On PC version

Code: [Select]
struct spriteInfos {
uint16 zz0; //Always 0
int16 destX;
int16 destY;
uint16 zz1; //Inused
uint16 zz2; //Inused
uint16 srcX_1;
uint16 srcY_1;
uint16 srcX_2;
uint16 srcY_2;
uint16 width; //Inused: 16,32 or invalid value
uint16 height; //Inused: 16,32 or invalid value
uint16 paletteID;
uint16 ID; //Maybe used for Z value
uint8 parameter;
uint8 state; //flag
uint8 blending; //Boolean
uint8 zz3; //Boolean
uint16 blendingType; <----- HERE
uint16 pageID1;
uint16 pageID2; //If pageID2 > 0, use srcX_2 and srcY_2
uint16 deph;
uint32 Z;
uint32 X; //Proportionnal to srcXs
uint32 Y; //Proportionnal to srcYs
uint16 zz4; //Always 0

On PS version (based on Cyb page)

Code: [Select]
struct spritePageInfos{
unsigned page_x:4; // LSB
unsigned page_y:1;
unsigned blendingType:2; <----- HERE
unsigned deph:2;
unsigned ZZ:7; // MSB

In the four screens, value of blendingType word is sometimes 2. In this case, there is no transparency by addition...

  • 0: average ((colorImg+colorNew)/2)
  • 1: additive blending (colorImg+colorNew)
  • 2: subtractive blending (colorNew-colorImg)
  • 3: 25% additive blending (colorImg+0.25*colorNew) [colne_3 -tv-|fship_5 -water-|min71 -tv-|nmkin_1 -buttons-|prisila -lamp-|ujunon4 & 5 -shine ocean-]

On PC, "blendingType=2" is always transparency by addition, but not on PS (left) :

Someone knows how to use blendingType?

FF7 Tools / [PSX/PC] Field Editor - Makou Reactor (2.1.0)
« on: 2010-04-09 22:36:36 »

Hi all! Here is my best program: Makou Reactor!
It allows you to edit ff7 field map easily (scripts, texts, walkmesh, encounters, musics and models used...).
You don't need to be a programmer to modify the story of the game!

Just open a flevel.lgp archive (or the ISO of the PlayStation game) and start exploring!

(Use Deling for Final Fantasy VIII)


  • French
  • English
  • Japanese (outdated)

Known bugs (v1.7.1)
  • Crash on start: maybe your graphic driver is not correctly installed. Workaround: modify/create the file Makou_Reactor.ini and add the line "OpenGL=false", this will disable field model and walkmesh viewers.
  • Issues

See also:
Deleted scenes, unlocked with Makou Reactor.


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