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Dismantled (Nomura)
Q: Unlike with previous Final Fantasy games, the interpretation of this game’s ending seems to vary from person to person.
A: That was deliberate. Some people might think that the Northern Crater is the Promised Land, while others might say that every place rooted to the earth is its own Promised Land. Personally, I’m of the opinion that Midgar is the Promised Land, based on the fact that it’s full of vegetation at the end, and it’s the place where Aerith—an Ancient—directed all those currents of Lifestream. But I don’t know how Nojima, the lead scenario writer, would respond to that [laughs].

Ultimania Omega
[Image caption:] Below them lies what used to be Midgar, the city of mako, now buried beneath lush vegetation and surrounded by flowing rivers.
[Image caption:] Mixed in among the chirping of birds and the gurgling of rivers, we can make out the sound of merry laughter….

What about the kids laughing? Sign of non-extinction, new hope?

Releases / Re: FF7 create new fields
« on: 2022-03-27 21:14:49 »
Fast-travel to Sector 1 to 4 coming? Ahah

Great indeed, unbelieavable amount of work

Releases / Re: [FF7 PC]Mod Des-Enlace
« on: 2022-03-27 20:53:58 » gonna continue with my things  ;D
Working in the next expansion of the mod : On the way to a smile - Episode Yuffie

Spoiler: show


Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2022-03-27 19:36:34 »
Thanks for the kind words; I'm glad to announce that I've found slightly better sources for Barret, Aerith and Cloud avatars and will work on it very soon, improvements will be minor but I'm a perfectionist. ;D
Hey Aavock any updates on this?

Releases / Re: [FF7 PC]Mod Des-Enlace
« on: 2022-02-21 18:14:47 »
I think each individual is free to create what they want, as far as it's not against the rules.
"The world is beautiful because is big and various"

Also if the person is interested in sharing the mod for others to enjoy the play I don't see any issue. Not everything should be taken on a serious level, it's a game. If you don't like the mod you don't play it.
Did this person ask to shut down your mod? Or came to judge your work?

There are many ways of expressing an opinion, also you could send him a PM, what's the point of bringing this into the thread?

General Discussion / Re: FF Pixel Remaster
« on: 2022-02-19 16:41:26 »
97 hours left for FFVI PR

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2022-02-12 15:29:47 »
Thanks for the kind words; I'm glad to announce that I've found slightly better sources for Barret, Aerith and Cloud avatars and will work on it very soon, improvements will be minor but I'm a perfectionist. ;D
Just the truth. I'm not sure if it can be helpful, I found these artworks: this here (n.127) which seems more vivid and here but coudn't find a better source.

Hey Reiletuag,

Great job! Looks really slick.

Could I request that you do the same with the OG avatars? Or the ones from the Minmin pack in the catalogue (which seem to be cleaned-up versions of the OG avatars)?
For OG avatars there is already the masterpiece Aavock's upscale work included in Satsuki's package here

What a great improvement! Fantastic.
Cait Sith transparency/border is perfect now. I also linked on my previous post the original rip from G-Bike if you need it.

-Tifa isn't "strong" comparing with the others (opaque and borders not that "bold" like the others)
-Alternative Young Cloud looks perfect, only issue is the light source at the bottom (another LQ picture if can help)

Thanks a ton for this mod!

General Discussion / Re: FF7 - True Honey Bee Inn
« on: 2022-02-08 16:00:58 »
Hope to get some news on this bugless amazing work. :(

An iro for 7th Heaven would be great!

Hello, with the release of the 60 Fps mod, I took the opportunity to rework my alternative version.

Changes :
- Rectangular and thinner frames for a better coherence with the modern UI.
- No resizing of the original work of Wictoriously, just a slight cut because of the frame.
- The background is no longer 100% transparent but a white with 10% opacity, to create a slight contrast with the menu.
- Better cutting of portraits outlines.
- New Chocobo avatar (vanilla), for more homogeneity.
- I applied on some portraits a slight noise reduction and adjusted the colorimetry (more by personal taste than by necessity).

The archive contains files in PNG and DDS formats.
Hey Reiletuag, great alternative and update indeed.

A constructive feedback: would be possible to have the same crisp pictures for all avatars?
-Aerith, Tifa, Yuffie blurry comparing with others.
-Vincent, Choco should be slightly sharper (specifically the borders.)

Also I want to suggest this:
-Young Cloud which is visually closer to the Nibelheim sprite in-game, with pauldrons (Before Crisis version):

Also here original avatar rip from FFVII G-Bike (.png):
Cloud, Tifa, Cid:

Yuffie's G-Bike avatar (not original rip unfortunately):

What do you think?

You are legend. This was something never achieved and today for the FFVII 25th Anniversary you did provide the entire fandom an incredible treat, we don't deserve it.

Thank you for this monstrous masterpiece Cosmos which you meticulously worked out. Respect.

PS: Cosmos = Magic. I dunno what to expect next...

One more to the list, Staff Room in Gold Saucer has animation and it's accessible if tweaked:

Releases / Re: [FF7 PC]Mod Des-Enlace
« on: 2021-12-25 20:30:44 »
Great indeed! Really grateful

Hey Markul, do you have that video where you showcase the On the Way to a Smile scene at the Water Altar?

Looking forward to the new end content!

Releases / Re: FF7 create new fields
« on: 2021-12-13 07:32:39 »
Hey Shampignon, in case you will have some new ideas, here I will link the topic about Midgar and what can offer, both as lore and locations, for example there are Sector 1 to 4 never visited and each Slum as per the last novel Trace of Two Pasts would have a different "Don", more info here:

Releases / Re: [FF7 PC]Mod Des-Enlace 0.5
« on: 2021-11-14 20:00:38 »
What a great effort. So creative!

I'm glad to see your release, and people that keep doing more on FF7 OG. That's just super!
Thanks a lot Markul!

General Discussion / Re: FF7 - True Honey Bee Inn
« on: 2021-11-13 20:57:44 »
Hey Cloudiar, any good news? Looking forward to this new implementation

Reserve this post.


    This is a meaningful list of several data collected through the web. This list will catapult you in several websites, the idea is to gather as many info as much in terms to have a precise idea what was this prequel about (also please look forward to the new fan project WIP aiming to replicate the now lost game.)

    As follow, information about the network-based action RPG, the first of its kind, developed exclusively for mobile phones and published by Square Enix in 2004 (released on NTT DoCoMo's FOMA 900i line on a monthly subscription basis with "multiplayer" experience.) On May 2006 it was released the last episode. On March 31, 2018 the service to fully play the game was shut down.

    One day would be interesting to have a word document trying to highlight all the aspects of the game system & story.



    more on discord #story

    • Last Order Names (in brackets there are the Before Crisis original names, named after their weapon): Alvis[Rod], Emma[Gun], Ruluf[Two Guns], Freyra[Shotgun], Maur[Martial Arts], Juget[Martial Arts], Balto[Katana], Cissnei[Shuriken], Nunchaku[=], Knife[=], Legend[=].
    • Reminiscence of Compilation FFVII: Alvis[Rod]=Crisis, Katana=Balto.

    Spoiler: show
    1) Original Before Crisis game: for the main BC Turks cast we got only the various "weapon" names which are given after their weapon, as following:
    Rod, Gun, Two Guns, Shotgun, Martial Arts M, Martial Arts F, Katana, Shuriken, Nunchaku, Knife, Legend etc.
    referred to the actual weapon they are equipping and in the original Before Crisis you could actually rename the characters as you preferred.

    2) Last Order Sketches (video animation by Madhouse): we get several names of the main BC Turks written for the first time on development sketches, such as:
    Alvis, Emma, Ruluf, Freyra, Maur, Juget, Balto(that's in Reminiscence see below), Cissnei

    3) Reminiscence of FFVII Compilation (a bonus video from ACC): in this official video we got for Alvis[Rod]: "Crisis" (クライシス) and for Katana instead they use: "Balto" (バルト)

    4) About Following Character Names: Veld[Verdot], Shears[Sears], Diné[ディネ], see below:
    • The FFVII Advent Children Reunion Files, a rare book released in 2006 which feature both japanese and english language (page 96) has both Veld/Verdot and Shears/Sears depicted on the same page
    • The FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania, a book released in Japan only in 2007 has Verdot and Sears only
    -As per a Japanese source: "The Japanese has very precise and inviolable rules on phonetics, for example every consonant (except n) must necessarily have a vowel behind it. So when a Japanese creates a non-Japanese name in katakana, it will often be approximate. "Shears" and "Sears", pronounced in English, share the same result - シ ア ー ズ, so without more info from who created the name it becomes impossible to trace the original name with certainty. Ditto for "Veld" and "Verdot", although Veld *perhaps* could be written differently in Katakana."
    -For Nanaki's companion, as per Japanese source ( ディネ ): "It's Dìne or Dinè (or Deeneh in phonetic English) but impossibile to guess where the accent should be going." Following english FF Wikia: Diné is the name of the Navajo people in their native language. So ultimately I would say it's Diné.

    5) Original Avalanche BC, CC and Remake costume comparison

    more on discord #characters

    Spoiler: show


    more on discord #minigames

    Spoiler: show
    The Before Crisis and Last Order Original Soundtrack was released on December 19, 2007. The CD contains 27 tracks, of which 12 are extended versions of the music featured in Before Crisis.

    -BC OST:
    -LO OST:

    01 - "Theme of Turks" (BC-FFVII-Version)
    02 - "Mission"
    03 - "Survive"
    04 - "Secret action"
    05 - "Theme of Elfe"
    06 - "Black Beat"
    07 - "Desperate Crisis"
    08 - "Last Labyrinth"
    09 - "Rebirth"

    - Bonus Track -
    10 - "Theme of Elfe" (Angel)
    11 - "Theme of Elfe" (Devil)
    12 - "Rebirth" (Edit)

    Theme of Elfe - Lyrics

    "The sky is falling, the stars are unclear
    Sometimes I wonder where I belong
    Please take me back to when the stars all aligned and shined
    I try to keep myself alive
    Please don't predict my future

    Be strong enough to live your life
    Don't look back
    Keep your eyes wide open and see
    Cast aside all doubts

    Fly me to the sky
    No time to waste
    Fly into your dream and future
    I need to go on and on
    Never runaway from the true
    Fly me in the sky
    I need to go on and on

    How can you see me, inside of my heart?
    Sometimes I'm afraid to realize
    Someone is dying, someone is killing
    How can be build a peaceful world?

    Be strong enough to live your life
    Don't look back
    Keep your eyes wide open and see
    Cast aside all doubts"

    The CD is still available from Sony Music Shop and Amazon.




    Spoiler: show
    Regarding the 1920x1080 youtube link I'm not sure if that is being modified anyhow.
    1) There is the niconico video n.1 (512x384) which source as mentioned in the description might come from a specific DVD from magazine "Young Gangan"(ヤングガンガン創刊号付録)。The niconico video n.1 is matching with the resolution of Grimoire's uploaded version (512x384).
    2) The niconico video n.2 (1920x1080) it's mentioning another source in the description which is the SQUARE ENIX DVD PRESS 2014 WINTER. The only issue with niconico video n.2 it's the audio which is totally different.
    3) It is possible to download any niconico video from website

    more on discord #characters, #story





    *Please note*
    If anybody is will into support, sharing their knowledge or have more information please add your post below.
    - If you have any information about the original game or demo long gone please write here.
    - If you have any information about the several game mode scripts.
    - If you have any HQ arts to share.[/list]

    Hey Cosmos, do you have any Dev Log updates to be added or the last one it's exactly the 05/2021?

    Are you doing anything else under radar?

    WIP / Re: Before Crisis Remake
    « on: 2021-09-08 21:15:57 »
    FYI news soon.

    Note from OB:
    "I abandoned Gigapixel because I got better results just using Photoshop. Per my notes:
    Sharpen Edges.
    Reduce Noise: strength 2, color noise 40%, sharpen 40%, remove jpeg, upscale: smoother"

    General Discussion / Re: FF7 - True Honey Bee Inn
    « on: 2021-08-20 06:05:58 »
    Any updates on this mod release Cloudiar?

    Catalogs / Re: [FF7] Qhimm Catalog 3.0 Reports / Requests
    « on: 2021-08-18 09:44:33 »
    Hi everyone. It has been a long time since I have been active and I am sorry for that. I am just now getting back into things and I have found this NinoStyle thing and I love it. I want to know how to contact him because I would like to work on a small project making WereXIII fit the NinoStyle art. Who can help me with this??
    You can find him on qhimm discord: NiNoStyle#6838

    Or else, his mod page.

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